Engagement Surprise Party Ideas Are Best To Create Moments For Lifetime

Engagement surprise party

Engagement Surprise Party Ideas Are Best To Create Moments For Lifetime

Journey Of Love Begins-Engagement Surprise Party Ideas

After your loved one has said yes to your proposal, the next thing is the Engagement party. A lot of preparation is required in arranging any party. Engagement surprise party ideas should be kept in mind while planning an engagement party.

Engagement surprise party Ideas

Surprises make the relationship beautiful and awesome, there are a lot of Engagement parties ideas. Planning a surprise engagement party, surprises make the relationship beautiful and for planning a surprise some of the points have to be kept in mind, here are engagement surprise party ideas.

Points To Keep While Planning Surprise Party Of Engagement

Create A Guest List:

Create A Guest List For Engagement party surprise

Don’t invite each and every person of your life, this is a very special moment that is to be shared with special people. Just invite the close members of both the sides of your family to share the happiness on your new journey.

Mode Of Communication:

Planning Surprise Party Of Engagement

The invitation to the engagement can be just on phones, you can invite your close-ups by saying that it is just a get-together, and once everyone comes you can reveal the happy news. It is really exciting when no one gets an idea about what is the party about. You can keeper a planner that takes care of all your arrangement.

Prepare Your Dress, Decide The Ring:

Prepare your dress for Engagement surprise party

One must have the thought of what to wear on that special day, whom to invite, and many other kinds of stuff are to be taken care of. And the most important thing to be taken care of is the Engagement Ring.

The girls are in habit of dreaming of their wedding since their childhood, an engagement with their loved one has to be a perfect and deciding a wedding ring is not at all an easy task.

Selection Of Ring Is Not A Piece Of Cake:

select a ring for Engagement surprise

Make sure, you know the size of the wedding ring. It would be a better idea if you can take the ring with you. Jewellery is generally adorned by girls, go for an elegant diamond ring for your girl and make her feel special. Budget is the most important factor while deciding any type of ring. Think of what she would love to wear whole of his lifetime.

Indian Engagement Party

Indian Engagement party ideas

It is a very big day and then getting engaged is a very good news. It is a heartwarming gathering with your near and dear ones who add happiness to your special moments by giving blessing and gifts.

The engagement party has amazing decorations of flowers, and have some engagement party food ideas for your loved ones to enjoy your celebration of a new journey. Here is the list of Engagement party ideas food.


Engagement party ideas food

A salad of freshly cut cucumbers with the pieces of onions and coriander, with cut pieces of tomatoes with the lemon and salt and pepper, is the best start. Some more decorations can be done on a salad like some mayonnaise for getting a different texture.

Have a tempting fruit salad in the dishes of Pineapple:

Engagement party food ideas

People love to have the salad with grapes, apples, strawberries, papaya, and pineapple. When these are served in the cut open pineapple base it looks really delicious and mouthwatering.

Chips and Fish:

Engagement surprise party ideas food

It is a best delicious starter in the engagement party, It is the best dish for non-veg lovers to have a plate of chips and fish with the onions and hot sauce on it and last but not the least have a green dressing.

Delicious Sandwiches Of Different Variety:

Engagement dinner ideas

Arrange a variety of sandwiches like cheese, veg, ham, nonveg or any other stuffing that will be loved by people.

Chaat-Loved by every Indian:

Surprise Engagement dinner ideas

Every Indian loves to have pani puri, kachori and dahi chaats, samosas with sauces or Hari mirch. The list is endless., if you have these items on the engagement it will make your engagement party look like a desi party. These starters cannot be resisted by anyone.

Classy Lemonade:

best Engagement dinner ideas

When you decide for the starters of the party, think about venue also, if you are having the outdoor engagement party in the sunny morning or sultry evening, a nice lemonade or an ice-tea stand is a good option. You can make your party look like tropical engagement party by adding a cinnamon stick or umbrella.

Cute Cupcakes:

Engagement party food ideas cute cupcakes

Although small in size, they are the best starters for people. The fresh and delicious cupcakes are loved by one and all.

Shots of milkshake:

shots of milkshake for Engagement party

Just like chocolate shots, the milkshake can add the thrill in your party, the milkshake has the sugary zing effect, it is simply a shot filled with smooth strawberry popped or chocolate.

Just add some imagination and twist to the starters and make your party look different.

Engagement surprise party Ideas

Decide the venue for your Engagement:

Engagement surprise party Ideas

The decision of the venue depends on many things such as the theme of the party, budget, from where everyone would be coming.

Decide the theme for the party:

Engagement Party Theme ideas

Set your theme as per your liking and what suits you both. You can decide the theme to make a party fun and memorable moments.

Decorations of the party:

Engagement surprise party Decorations

The theme should be decided beforehand decorations. The decorations should be done in such a manner that it suits the venue. A romantic feel can be gotten by flowers decorated in such a manner that makes you feel delighted.


Engagement surprise party Ideas with music

Music is the life of celebration, have a playlist of songs that add meaning to the relationship of the newly engaged couple, or you can say a music that fits the theme. You can hire aDJ and tell your favorite songs, a mix of romantic and fast track songs will be just a perfect choice.

Engagement Dinner Ideas

Engagement Dinner Ideas

Some of the most affordable meals like spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers and munchies or cornbread can be prepared for the engagement. You can also have south Indian dishes such as dosa, idli and another speciality of south Indian if you and your guests are from that side.


Engagement Dinner Ideas with drinks

The special drink has the arrangements of drinks that are your favorites. But make sure that it is allowed in the venue. Arrange juices, for younger ones. Keep champagne of your choice and make the party rocking.

Gifts for Engagement Party Ideas

Gifts for Engagement Party Ideas

The couple is going to start a new journey, like them the gifts through which they can relate it. They are going to start a new chapter of their life, surprise them with the beautiful gifts.

Mr and Mrs Wedding Frame:

 Planning an engagement party

This is a very unique gift item that can be given to the would-be a couple.

Personalized Cutting Board:

 Planning an engagement party

Gift them a wooden board in which you mention their engagement as well as their wedding date. A unique gift that will be remembered by them for a lifetime. It is perfect to create memories for a lifetime

The Cook Book for newlywed couples:

 Engagement party ideas food

Even gifting a book is a great choice, you can help a lot by gifting them a book which will help them out in starting the new journey of their life.

Silver Plated Engagement PhotoFrame:

 Indian Engagement party gift ideas

A photo frame on which your special day is being captured is a very special gift to have. Personalize it by writing a beautiful message on starting the new phase of their life.



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