Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make Her Feel Special

Valentines Day Gifts That Will Make Her Feel Special

Valentine’s day is a day some of us eagerly wait for. It’s a day we can share gifts and happiness to our special someone. Putting a smile on her face makes you the happiest person alive. Happiness cannot be bought, therefore it is our duty to make our loved one happy on this beautiful day. Here are a bunch of sweet Valentine’s day gift ideas for her to make her feel truly special. 

Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas for Girl Friend

A Special Valentine Day Gift For Your Special Girl

1.My Sweet-tea Across Miles

Love has no bounds. Long-distance relationships are not hard to manage if you really love each other. Here’s a tea mug for your “sweet-tea”. This gift will be special because every morning when she drinks tea, she will see this mug and she will remember you.

Chai Kahani

 You know the two of you share something special and no matter how far away the two of you are you will always be together in each other’s hearts.

2. 5 Senses Gift:

This gift set includes a gift for each of the senses- touch, sight, taste, hearing, and smell. 


For touch, you have a heart-shaped soap that will melt her heart with its cuteness.


For sight you have 2 fridge magnets and a badge customized with a photo of the two of you, to make her remember the fun moments the two of you shared.


This gift includes the sweetest handmade chocolates for the sweetest person on earth.


A cute bell, the tinkling sound of which she will love


Scented candles to always create a romantic vibe.

This is a unique valentines day gift for her and will make her realize that you actually put a lot of thought into what you are going to gift her. All the gifts are very cute and will surely fill the air with romantic vibes. This is a unique gift for your one of a kind partner.

3.“You Are Always Mine” – Fridge Magnet:

This fridge magnet is the perfect metaphor for the two of you. You are cute and always stick together whether rain or shine. A funny fridge magnet that will surely make her laugh. She makes you smile every day, it’s only fair that you return this joy. 

Always Be Mine

This fridge magnet can be personalized with a cute photo of the two of you to make it a little more special. This is perhaps one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her in India, especially when you are on a budget. Let her know that she is yours, now and forever. 

4.Love In A Bottle:

A very romantic Valentine’s Day gift for her that will help you express your thoughts and love for her. Especially if it is your first Valentine’s Day gift for her. It will be a gift that she can treasure for years to come and remember that this is the first gift that you gave her. 

Love in the Bottle

First gifts have to be really special and thoughtful which is why this gift is one of a kind. She will have a beautiful smile on her face as she reads these cute messages you made for her.

5.Love Journal

This love journal is filled with a bunch of romantic letters for your loved one. The letters include vintage, Bollywood, foodie, gamer, legal, nerdy and Disney themed letters. Each letter expresses your love for her in a unique and romantic way.

Create a romantic atmosphere around her this valentines day with this amazing valentine’s day gift idea for her. These love letters are a quirky way of declaring your love for her.

6.Radiant Romance 3D Lamp:

A beautiful 3D lamp showing a couple with the moon in the background. This lamp radiates true love from it. Just a look at its soothing light can put anyone in a romantic mood. Fill the air with romance this Valentine’s day. Imagine your partner comes home from a stressful day at work. She will see this lamp and get lost in the thoughts of you. 

Radiate Love Lamp

It will instantly put her in a good mood. This Valentine’s Day gift for her is sure to win her heart and the best part is that it comes in different colors. So, choose a color that will suit her mood.

7.Mr and Mrs Right T- shirt:

Couple t-shirts are the cutest things to wear on Valentine’s day. It makes you and others looking at you realize what a beautiful couple the two of you make. This t-shirt will let her know that no matter what, you value her opinions. 

Mr. & Mrs. Right t shirt GiftYou might be Mr Right but she is Mrs always Right. Let’s be honest! You know that she is right most of the time! So, gift her this beautiful t-shirt and the two of you can go out in style this Valentine’s Day. 

8.Mosaic Photo Art

This is a beautiful artwork made of 30-40 photographs. All the photos are beautifully arranged together to make one big photo of the two of you. If you look closely, you can see all the other photos as well. The intricate details of this beautiful work of art is something that she will love. If you are looking for a unique as well as a romantic valentines day gifts for her in India, then this is the way to go.

Mosaic Art Frame

9.Photo In A Jar

Gift your loved one a photo that will remind her of a treasured moment in your life. It could be your a picture from your honeymoon, a birthday, etc. basically anything that holds great importance in your lives. The product has a very cute and appealing appearance, making it the perfect gift for your Valentine. Romance is in the air and in this jar too. 

Photo in Jar

10.Love Contract:

This contract will make her bound to love you for the rest of her life. It’s a beautiful and romantic thing to give her on Valentine’s day. Make your partner agree to the conditions mentioned in the contract and the two of you will have to stick together by the terms of the contract.

Love Contract


This contract lets your loved one know how much she means to you and how much you love her. This is a very unique gift to give your loved one this Valentine’s day.

11.“Will You Be My Valentine” – Boxes Filled With Love:

This is a set of five boxes that read “Will you be my valentine”. The boxes are very cute to look at. Its color and design makes it look very pretty. To make things a little more special, the boxes are filled with surprise tidbits that she will love. 

The look on her face when she opens these cute boxes is not to be missed. Keep a camera ready for this moment. Celebrate this day with your loved one with this cute Valentines Day gift for her.

12.Tick Tock Love 

A funny and romantic gift for your loved one. It includes a clock which apart from telling the time tells you the temperature and has a timer as well. There are notes involving each of the features of the device. Like for example, the timer helps you realize that you can’t even spend 20 seconds without thinking of your partner. 

Tik tok Love

If your partner lives far away from you, this gift will make her remember you. The notes are very funny because the clock is personified as someone who works for you, reminding your love about what an amazing couple the two of you make.

13.Your Name In Dictionary:

Another lovely gift that defines your partner’s name in a dictionary. This gift will help you tell her what a unique personality she has and which exactly made you fall for her. Not all of us love our names but this gift will change that. 

This gift will beautifully explain the meaning of her name and it will make her feel very special on Valentine’s day. Impress your loved one this Valentine’s day with this one of a kind gift.

14.“Chai Kahani”-Tea Set

This gift set comes with 2 tea glasses, a recipe book, a badge, and 10 tea bags. There is nothing like starting your day with a cup of steaming hot tea. The company of your loved one makes this very enjoyable. This gift is for exactly these moments. 

Chai Kahani

Spend time with your loved one drinking this tea and looking at the far off horizon. There is nothing more fun than just conversing with your loved one about random romantic things and this gift set will put the two of you in the mood for this.

15.Separated By Place United by Heart- Frame:

Long-distance relationships can be hard sometimes. It’s hard to keep the spark alive between the two of you without seeing each other in person. Here’s a gift that will put an end to those worries. No matter where the two of you are you will always be in each other’s hearts. 

Long Distance Love

This gift will help her miss you a little less than usual. She will see this gift and remember that the love of her life might not be with her and you will love her no matter where you live.


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