Best Flowers For Wedding Anniversary To Make The Occasion Unique By Each Year!

Wedding anniversary flowers by year

Best Flowers For Wedding Anniversary To Make The Occasion Unique By Each Year!

Best Flowers For Wedding Anniversary

It is a widely known fact that romance and flowers are inextricably linked to one another symbolizing different varied emotions. The harmonious blend of beautiful flowers and a glorious celebration of love brings in a different kind of delight. Select the best flowers for wedding anniversary gifts and let your loved ones enjoy a heartfelt emotion. An anniversary is a word that describes a lifetime of love and memories that a couple has been sharing. A gorgeous and charming bouquet of fresh flowers given as a gift to your spouse or to a couple who you adore can speak a lot.

Best flowers for wedding anniversary

If you are in a fix and wondering what are the best flowers for anniversary, then we are here to help you with wedding anniversary flowers by year and the association of anniversary flowers meaning for that year in particular. A fresh bouquet of anniversary blooms specific to a year gives the best answer as to what type of flowers for anniversary could be the ideal choice. If you look with your heart it is never difficult for you to find the best flowers for wedding anniversary to present your spouse with. Just bring to them a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers to signify the love that you have shared for all the years.

Gifting The Best Flowers For Wedding Anniversary:

Best flowers for wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are one of the most important facets of a marriage that celebrates the love and coming together of two people. There is no better way to celebrate your happy occasion other than with the best of best flowers for wedding anniversary. Whether you are newly wed or have been married for years together, your wedding anniversary is marked as one of the most important dates on your calendar. Flowers are said to be the most popular gifts for the occasion of an anniversary because they signify a gesture of love and speak volumes of romance without a single word being uttered. Some of the reasons for using best flowers for wedding anniversary gifts are –

Wedding anniversary flowers by year

An Immediate sense of happiness – The minute you present your spouse with a fresh blooming bouquet of flowers, there will be an instant cheer on their face. These best flowers for wedding anniversary become all the more special when they are sent in the form of a surprise.

Positivity – A floral arrangement in bright and beautiful colors is said to liven up the atmosphere by making people feel happier and positive. Gifting a bouquet with anniversary flowers meaning associated with lovely blooms gives your partner a much higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.

Intimate Connections – With your marriage being the most important meaningful relationship of your life, you can keep the intimacy level up and going by presenting your significant other with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

Best Flowers For Wedding Anniversary By Year

Each year of marriage is associated with a different kind of flower and anniversary flowers meaning changes by the year. We have for you a breakdown of the best flowers for wedding anniversary for year and the reasons for gifting those flowers in that particular year. Let us know what are the different types of wedding anniversary flowers by year.

1st Year Wedding Anniversary – Carnations:

1st Year Wedding Anniversary - Carnations

Carnations are very well known for their youthful and vibrant bloom, and so are young lovers. These beautiful carnations are the best flowers for wedding anniversary in the first year that represent young and passionate love. A bouquet of these luminous and brightly colored flowers embodies promised commitment and joy for many more years to come.

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary – Cosmos:

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary - Cosmos

With the second anniversary of a couple being an exuberant time, couples now seem to have left behind their simplistic forms of love and become slightly more mature in understanding the complex nature of marriage through their understanding of each other. This amazing transformation is represented by the cosmos flower. These wedding anniversary flowers by year signify that the second year of marriage is characterised by a feeling of devotion that comes with affection.

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary – Sunflowers:

What type of flowers for anniversary

Sunflowers that signify a ‘devout admirer’ are said to be the best flowers for wedding anniversary in the 3rd year. The third year of marriage is said to be of a strong foundation, just like the sturdy stalk of the sunflower. Just like how the sunflower stands boldly with its face towards the sun every morning, a couple who is celebrating their third anniversary also seems ready to face all the challenges that life throws at them. These anniversary flowers meaning is that they welcome cheerful times ahead.

4th Year Wedding Anniversary – Geranium:

4th Year Wedding Anniversary - Geranium

Coming together in mind, body, and spirit is what is symbolised by geraniums as the best flowers for wedding anniversary, the 4th one. It is just perfect to celebrate your lovely occasion with colorful and bright geraniums that represent a comforting beauty along with a tendency of some unexpected surprises that are yet to come. The intense radiating color of these flowers exemplifies a love that is ever expanding for the lovely couple.

5th Year Wedding Anniversary – Daisy:

5th Year Wedding Anniversary - Daisy

The symbolic structure of the Daisy flower is what makes it the best flowers for wedding anniversary in the 5th year. The outward radiating petals of daisies symbolise the intense bond that a married couple shares through their experiences together. The whimsical ways in which the love of a couple grows through the years is represented by the delicacy and strength of each petal. It is the perfect representation of love, fidelity, and hope.

6th Year Wedding Anniversary – Calla Lily:

6th Year Wedding Anniversary - Calla Lily

Calla – blooms in the shape of a trumpet that has a slender profile with graceful looks, they represent transition and growth. Perfect for a couple celebrating their 6th anniversary, these wedding anniversary flowers by year have a reflection of pride and beauty that comes from wisdom and experiences shared over time. The gift of these flowers gives a moment to reflect the illuminating love that a marriage produces.

7th Year Wedding Anniversary – Freesia:

7th Year Wedding Anniversary - Freesia

The exotic appearance of the freesia flower is with its delightful scent is said to be glorious and enchanting. The seventh year of marriage is the opportunity where you love and appreciate all the unique characteristics of your spouse. Freesias symbolize faithfulness within a couple through the seasons, reminding them of the loyal and honorable character of love.

8th Year Wedding Anniversary – Lilac:

8th Year Wedding Anniversary - Lilac

For a couple celebrating their 8th anniversary, it is a good time to look back and remember how you met first and what brought the two of you together. Reminiscence your young love and your first emotions for each other. Lilacs are said to represent a rebirth promise, giving you an opportunity to dwell upon your love shared as life got busier.

9th Year Wedding Anniversary – Bird Of Paradise:

9th Year Wedding Anniversary - Bird Of Paradise

The perfect blend of sophistication and exotic, these flowers are said to be stunning and the best flowers for wedding anniversary in the 9th year. This flower symbolises the glamorous qualities of a married couple that point toward adventures, travel, and exploration. They represent a romance of that is unexpected and filled with splendor and magnificence.

10th Year Wedding Anniversary – Daffodil:

10th Year Wedding Anniversary - Daffodil

A daffodil is said to remind us about the renewal of simple pleasures of life, and are just appropriate to represent the first decade of your marriage. These flowers bring together the little memories of your life to celebrate ten magnificent years of married bliss. Gift your spouse these beautiful flowers and let them know that you would not trade a single moment spent with them for anything in the world.

15th Year Wedding Anniversary – Roses:

15th Year Wedding Anniversary - Roses

Roses – the classic symbol of intense and passionate love. For any couple that has been through all the highs and lows of life for fifteen years, roses are the best gift of wedding anniversary flowers by year to tell that no matter what happens in life, the love that he/she shares with their spouse is just as strong as passionate as their first year. Remind your spouse that your 15th anniversary is to be celebrated in grand style and luxury.

20th Year Wedding Anniversary – Aster:

20th Year Wedding Anniversary - Aster

The word Aster is said to have come from the Greek word for ‘Star’; an elegant aster is just the best flower to celebrate the brightest spots of your marriage in the form of a milestone of your 20th anniversary. Delicate and sophisticated, these flowers are the best to communicate your appreciation for each other as a couple that has gained you two decades of a glorious marriage.

25th Year Wedding Anniversary – Iris:

25th Year Wedding Anniversary - Iris

The iris flowers are said to beautifully embody and honour your spirit of love and companionship through your quarter of a century together. These flowers that stand tall and are vibrant in their appearance signify the futility and strength of your relationship with your spouse. Presenting these flowers to your spouse means that you hold him/her in high regard and royalty.

30th Year Wedding Anniversary – Lily:

30th Year Wedding Anniversary - Lily

Celebrating 30 years of a happy marriage is a majestic milestone that can be celebrated with lilies as the best flowers for wedding anniversary. The sweet fragrance of these star-shaped blooms is said to reflect pride, beauty, passion, and devotion. Your 30th anniversary is the best time for you to step back and watch through all the things that you have achieved together in the past 30 years.

40th Year Wedding Anniversary – Gladiolus:

Anniversary flowers meaning

Derived from the Latin word ‘Gladius’ meaning ‘Sword’, these flowers presented to your spouse on your anniversary means that he/she still pierces your heart. The stately elegance of fresh gladioli symbolize accumulation of the best memories that you have gathered together as a couple and that you are undoubtedly proud of the love that you share as a couple.

50th Year Wedding Anniversary – Yellow Roses and Violets:

50th anniversary flower ideas

Celebrate half a century together and raise a toast to many more years of happiness with the very beautiful yellow roses and violets. Honor this feat of completing 50 years of marriage with two flowers that represent support and complement to each other just like two people coming together in marriage. Your 50th anniversary flower ideas can just become grander with the sun-kissed yellow roses are said to signify a long and prosperous marriage, and the violets represent the combination of commitment and humility that is very much required to sustain this enduring union.

So, whatever year of anniversary you might be celebrating with your significant other, make it special and unique with the best flowers for wedding anniversary flowers by year. Enjoy the uniqueness of each year with some blooming floral arrangements from BookTheSurprise.


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