10 Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend with Flowers

surprise your girlfriend with flowers

10 Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend with Flowers

Surprises and flowers are two inseparable words. When one thinks of a surprise, flowers are the first thing that crosses your mind. Surprise with flowers will never go out of fashion as they can always be improvised with time. Flowers express a lot that sometimes words can’t. Flowers symbolise love and warmth. Flowers are not just adorable but make great photographs.

surprise with flowers
The first thing you need to do is to know her favourite flower. This is very important. Also, make sure that she is not allergic to any specific flower. Plan where and when you want to surprise her. If you’re planning for a venue, book it in advance so that you don’t mess at the last moment. Surprises are not gifts, it’s emotions and joy.[1]

Other than the surprise with flowers and gifts, you need to dress well too. Plan out your outfit, try wearing something that she would like, maybe her favourite colour or her favourite suit.

Surprising with flowers can be common. But we can make it interesting. Here is a list of how to surprise your girlfriend.

10 ways to surprise with roses

Chocolate Flower Bouquet

surprise her with flowers quotesDon’t get worried, we’re not going to make you bake or cook anything. You need some Ferrero Rochers, depending on how many flowers you plan to put in the bouquet. Get your bouquet done first, plan which flowers you want to surprise her with. Take a toothpick, insert it through the Ferrero Rocher and now insert the other half of the toothpick in the middle of the flower.[2]

A Room Full Of Flowers

how to surprise your girlfriend
Every girl has once dreamed of walking into her house, with a room full of flowers.  All you need to do is find her favourite flowers. Take out its petals, and scatter them all over the room and completely covering the floor. You can also lay down the petals on the bed in the shape of a heart to make it more romantic.

Flower Shower

surprise ideas for girlfriend
surprise with flowers never gets old, walking into a room and having flower petals falling from the top. Buy or book roses or any other flower of your choice, around 50 or more than that. Take a bedsheet or long piece of cloth, gather all the petal into it and stick on top of the door in such a way, that when the door is opened, the petals fall.   

Box of roses

cute surprises for your girlfriend
surprising idea for a girlfriend is easy that you can do it at home or ask your local florist to make. Buy a box of cardboard or metal. Buy two different colours of flowers, use one to create the background and the other to write the initial letter of your girlfriend’s name. Cut the rose from its stem and begin placing them. First, create the background and then the initial letter, prefer using a dark colour box to help the flowers pop out.

A rose and A message

surprise with flowers
All you need is 50 things you want to tell your girlfriend. It could be memories or how you feel about her. List these down these messages on a paper and write each message in a different envelope; use colour envelopes if possible. Stick a rose to each envelope with the help of a glue. These
cute surprises for your girlfriend will make her cry out of joy.

Cake with flowers

surprise her with flowers quotes
Order a cake. Now buy flowers of your choice or your girlfriend’s. Take the flowers and stick them into the cake. This is a very cute surprise, with real flowers on a cake. This
surprise ideas for girlfriend is extremely adorable.

I love You Petals

Take as many roses as you like. Take out its petals, and write I love you on them. Now arrange these petals in a way that it spells ‘I LOVE YOU’ on the bed. When observed closely you can read I Love You on the bed as well as on the petals. This surprising idea for girlfriend is precise and girls love the effort.

Remember Me

how to surprise your girlfriendThis can be very dramatic but it is beautiful. Buy a huge bouquet and write a note saying, I will love you till these flowers die. Insert a plastic flower in between, after two days, when all flowers die, the plastic one would still look fresh as it can’t die. Meaning you will love her forever. It’s filmy I know.

Roses and diamond

surprise with rose
How to surprise your girlfriend with a diamond ring? Don’t just go on your knee with a ring box in hand, that’s too mainstream. If you’re planning to gift your girlfriend a diamond. This can be the best way to do it. Take your diamond ring and place in the middle of the rose. Be very careful, you don’t wanna lose it. Ask her to smell it first and then ask her to take a good look at the rose, she’ll eventually notice the shiny ring and will be filled with joy.

Deliver Roses

cute surprises for your girlfriend
Go to her workplace and ask her friends to help with this. Buy as many roses you like just make sure the number of roses is equal to the number of people. Ask each person to hand her a rose as she enters the office, when she handed the last rose, you can come up to her with a box of chocolates.

Roses and dates

surprise her with flowers quotes
How to surprise your girlfriend with dates? Don’t worry it’s simple list down all the special dates, you both have been together on. Like the first time you both met or the first time you both kissed. Take and cut thin stripes and write down the date. Roll the paper and place it in the middle of the rose. This is amazing because girls never forget dates.

Dress and dinner

how to surprise your girlfriend
This may be old school but it works well. Go out and shop for beautiful, get some matching accessories as well to go along with the dress. Buy pretty flowers of choice, lay this on the bed with a side note saying get ready for a candlelight dinner at 8 pm or anytime you’d want to write. This
surprise with flowers, dress, and dinner will leave her shocked.


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