When is Friendship Day 2020? Surprising Ideas and History of Friendship Day

Friendship day

When is Friendship Day 2020? Surprising Ideas and History of Friendship Day

The unbreakable and irreplaceable bond in the world!

when is friendship day 2020

When is Friendship Day? When we talk about the friendship we talk about the bond that we share with our buddies! The only bond in the world that stands that second in the world for its strength after water. Friends are the world’s most uncouth and cynical morons. They are a bundle of joy and a box full of surprises and the most troublesome people that we could ever come across in our lifetime. You understand that Friendship’s Day is around the corner when you see every stationary and web page exhibiting friendship days gifts. Monsoon brings in a lot of rain just like every friendship brings in the rain of happiness, excitement, craziness and lots and lots of stupidity. The commence of monsoon also announces that the arrival of Friendship Day. Wondering when is Friendship Day 2020?

When is Friendship Day 2020?

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of August. And this year it falls on August 2, 2020. This day is celebrated in order to cherish the bond between two friends. Friendship is the only bond that gives everything it has and expects nothing in return. It is very easy to find a friend but it is really very difficult to find a true friend. The world international Friendship Day was first proposed in the year 1958 and is celebrated throughout the world since then. There are many countries that celebrate friendship at various days and dates.

Every country has its own day and own version of celebrating Friendship Day just like every friendship bond is different.

friendship day
Now that you know when is friendship day 2020! Do you know the actual reason behind us celebrating Friendship Day? I am pretty sure you will be astonished by how smart a person could be. The concept of Friendship Day was invented by the founder of a greeting card company. Where he just chose a random public holiday and named it as Friendship Day. He actually thought about his economic benefit, but then this turned out to be a phenomenal celebration. Can you imagine, we are the reasons behind a person being a millionaire.

There is nothing more exciting than surprising your best friend on this friendship day with the help of BookTheSurprise Team.

World Friendship Day 2020:

world friendship day 2020
There many people around the world who are eagerly waiting for this day just as many others wait for their birthdays. World Friendship Day is celebrated on the 30 July as declared by The United Nations. If it the UN that has declared it then there definitely be a reason behind it. The main reason was to promote world peace and also endorse the message of peace and love between every country and nation. It was a way to maintain the world peace.

Who could have imagined that this day could have such peculiar and contrasting meanings? The same sensational day is considered as a great day and has a compelling meaning.

*Did you know?

The United Nations Declared Winnie-the Pooh as the international ambassador of friendship.

How is Friendship Day celebrated throughout the world?

Always do I keep wondering how is this day celebrated throughout the world? I am sure such a thought should have passed your mind at least once. Let’s find out about this:

Foreign countries:

friendship day in foreign
The spirit of friendship is celebrated with great enthusiasm and holds a lot of charisma among the young lot! There are a few who restrict this celebration to the minimalistic way by just having a small and sober way of celebration. And then there are the others who like everything to be very loud and smashing. They do everything that they planned for, most of them end up hosting themed parties at their place. They chose from a wide variety of themes and then put a great show with all return gifts as cards and various other things. It eventually turns out to be a great fest and a mark of jollification.

India :

Friendship day in India is celebrated very differently.  The same air that circulates the oxygen also brings the same wave of spirit to the Friendship Day to India. Here, in India friendship isn’t treated any differently. It is also celebrated with great passion and has the same charm over the people here. Here the celebration isn’t that loud but then they are celebrated with a uniqueness of friendship bands and friendship day cards. These cards have many different and appealing friendship day quotes.

Wondering what could a Friendship Day band be? How does it look like?

They are regular bands like your bracelets but these have things printed like “Happy Friendship Day” or “ Best Friend”, etc.

They are quite popular in the Indian markets and among the kids as well. They are usually bought from stores, but they are very simple to make and also are a very easy DIY.

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

friendship day 2020 gift ideas
It is not always necessary for you to gift your friend on every friendship day, but if you haven’t gifted him/her anything so far then you could do that right away. Creative friendship days gifts could include a variety of things. They need not always be store-bought but could also be made at home.

DIY Friendship Day Bands:

friendship day 2020 gifts
The things that you will need for this making these friendship day bands are:

  • Different colour embroidery strings( the more colours the better)
  • Scissors
  • A button of any shaped.


Step 1: Cut the strings as long as you want them. Like depending on if you want to wind them around your wrist only once or twice.

Step 2: Now tie the strings at one end making a loop so that you could pass a button later through that

Step 3: Start braiding those strings and you will see that the string is just started to take shape and is thick.

Step 4: Braid it as long as you want and then once you  think the length could be enough then secure the end of your band  with the help of a knot

Step 5: Take a button and pass on a string through the holes of the button and then secure it with the help of a knot.

Step  6: Cut down all the extra strings.

That is all about it. You have your very own DIY friendship day band.

These days you find many different kinds of friendship day rings, cards, artifacts, etc. So find out when is Friendship Day 2020 celebrated by your fellow mates and start your gift hunt.

DIY T-shirt creative prints:

Friendship Tees
To make a DIY shirt with a creative print you need not go looking for a place that does a T-shirt printing, you could do that in your room with the help of an iron.

The things that you require are A plain T-shirt (it shouldn’t have any kind of print on it), the glue sticks from the glue guns, a pair of scissors, few sparkling specs of dusts, a thick paper and an iron.


*Before starting this DIY I suggest you connect you iron box and heat it to a high temperature*

  1. The first that you will need to do is cut those glue sticks in equal sizes with the help of a scissors
  2. Then, spread out the T-shirt on a stiff flat surface with the top of the T-shirt facing you,
  3. Now place those small pieces of glues stick in the shape of your friend’s initials
  4. Place a thick sheet of paper covering the complete area where you place the glue sticks *Make sure your paper cover them completely, else they will end up sticking to your iron.*
  5. Place the already heated iron on the top of the paper and wait for a few seconds for those sticks to melt down.
  6. After they have melted, now remove that piece of paper immediately and sprinkle that sparkling dust on the melted glue and wait for them to stick and dry completely.

There you go you have your own DIY printed T-shirt.

2020 Friendship day messages:

2020 friendship day messages
Friendship Day also calls for special Friendship Day messages. You can write your own quotes if you are really good at writing, you can try and improvise few old quotes or if you are just confused then you can look for something that matches your taste on the internet. But, it is always suggestible to come up with something of your own no matter how silly that sounds, your friend is no critic!

Personal messages are the best and according to me everybody is a writer within, you just need to think through your heart and then you will be able to come up with some idea of your own.

Few sample messages for friendship day are listed below:

“They say a book could be a person’s best friend, but then you are more than just a thing that could be kept on the shelf ”

Or something that is funkier:

“If you ever find yourself in trouble then please use your brain sometime and feel absolutely free to not to disturb me”

Something emotional:

  • “ I would be completely lost without you”.
  • “ You’re the best human ever!”

Messages need not be restricted to just a line but you could write a complete book. Your friends will act like they are bored of reading that but will be definitely surprised to see your writing skills. And I bet he/she is going to guard that book with their life. You could also come up with some naughty and exciting 2020 friendship day messages of your own.

You always need not know when is friendship day 2020 celebrated, a simple message which says you really care for them and wish for their well-being shows how much does this bond means to you.

Friendship day 2020 quotes:

Few amazing friendship days quotes could be written by you or by somebody else how has already quoted them.

Likewise, say,

friendship day 2020 quotes

“Sometimes the smallest thing takes up the most room in your heart” –  Winnie the Pooh

“My best friend, the only person on earth who never gets tired of listening to my senseless talks and bearing my  meaningless tantrums.”

friendship day 2020 quotes

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

These are just a few quotes, there are many other lovely quotes out there.

Friendship day 2020 holds a lot of emotional and various passionate feelings. Wishing you all a very Happy Friendship day and hope that, the bond that you two hold deepens!

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