Open When Letters – Unique Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships.

Open When Letters

Open When Letters – Unique Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships.

Letters Filled To The Brim With Pure Love For Your Sweetheart!

As cheesy as it may sound, for couples who live halfway around the world from each other, these letters can make a sour day to be utterly sweet.

The Idea Behind Open When Letters

The most adorable gift you can present your loved one with, each of these Open When Letters come with a set of instructions that they have to open and read in different moods and circumstances. These letters can get as creative and quirky as you want them to be. For couples in a long-distance relationship, a gift of these Open When Letters is the sweetest gesture. Bridge the gap in your love story with this exclusive and creative gift.

This little stack of letters that brings in some creativity and forethought is something that your partner will value the most. Keep the fire burning, especially in long-distance relationships with these letters that substitute the love and support of your partner in different moods and situations of day to day life. It is the most heartfelt way of making your presence felt in the life of your sweetheart in times when they really need you.

Romantic Open When Letter Ideas

It is no hidden secret about how difficult long-distance relationships can be. The longing that one has to see their partner in front of them, or to just touch them, and get a warm hug during difficult times. Open When Letters are unique gift ideas that help such couples to feel extra connected to their good and bad days.

And if you are wondering how to go about your Open When Letters then it is really simple. These letters contain all those situations and circumstances where you might need your partner to be there by your side. Coming along with these letters are also cute gifts, stickers, love notes, greetings, letters, and much more. The gifts that come with these Open When Letters are unique personalized gifts that commemorate all your lovely memories of togetherness.

The Open When Letters that are some of the most popular scenarios are –

When You Receive This:

The letter stack comes with all that you’ve got to do get a cheer and a smile as and when you need one. Here comes the list of thoughts that are created for the very purpose. Get on the flow of such cute thoughts now.

Open When You Are Happy

Open When You Are Happy
On all their happy days to let them know that you are just by their side and happy to see them smile.

Open When You Need To Know I Love You

Open When You Need To Know I Love You
Give them reasons for why you love them and strengthen your bond of love.

Open When You Need Hugs And Kisses


Open When You Need Hugs And Kisses
Shower the love of your life with some warm hugs and a lot many sweet kisses.

Open When You Feel Like Giving Up On Us

Open When You Feel Like Giving Up On Us
Don’t let time and distance bother you. Reaffirm the partner of your love with this romantic idea.

Open When You Can’t Sleep

Open When You Can't Sleep
Hush the random thoughts in your partner’s mind, give them something sweet to think of so that they can sleep happily.

Open When You Miss Me

Open When You Miss Me
Let your partner know that no matter the distance, your hearts will always be connected in love with this beautiful letter.

And few are below, the ideas that bring your beloved one even more close to you with some heartful yet naughty thoughts.

Open When You Are Having A Bad Day

For all those gloomy days. Show them your love by being by their side virtually.

Open When You Need A Cheer

Remove moments of dullness from their lives through this little letter of love and happiness.

Open When I Am Mad At You

For all those times when you let anything come in the way of your love and remove your anger on your partner.

When you just can’t seem to find the right tools to express your love, these Open When Letters are just the perfect ideas put on paper that will bring a beautiful smile to face of your special someone. Present your sweetheart with this unique romantic gift idea that will be worth a whole year’s worth of love notes from you so that they miss you a little less.

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