The Best Of Both The Worlds – Ideas For Birthday Surprise For Best Friend!

birthday surprise for best friend

The Best Of Both The Worlds – Ideas For Birthday Surprise For Best Friend!

Colossal Birthday Surprises!

Birthday gifts and birthday treats are the most awaited moments of a birthday. But the best thing that one does not expect on this day is a birthday surprise. They are just magical! I, especially, love birthday surprises. You cannot imagine how I wait impatiently for birthday surprises.

birthday surprise for best friend

I just go crazy thinking and planning how I would react to their surprise. I know it is a little crazy, but this is what I do a night before my birthday, I spend all my time thinking how would they surprise me, I go in this “ it would be in their place…” phase and just fly thinking the sky’s my limit.

So let me take you to a small tour of my imagination and I it could be like a small clue for my poor friends if they are just going head to heels over the internet to find a lovely gift for me (LOL).

Okay, so here I have a list of all my crazy thoughts in front of you. This could suit the best if

  1. You are as crazy as I am,
  2. If you really want to surprise the hell out of your best friend.

So let’s hop on and go on a ride:

This article would highlight a few lovely ideas on birthday surprise for best friend, you can categorize them in any way that you want, but I liked them in this way so I just did them this way. But the world has many alternatives and so do you. So it is completely your choice!

The order goes like:

  1. The midnight surprise ideas,
  2. The broad daylight enigma of surprises, and
  3. Ideas for the evening.

No more talking…..ideas on their way!

The Midnight Surprise ideas:

ideas for surprise birthday party for best friend

I named them as the midnight ideas because these ideas work the best at the midnight instead of in the early morning.

  • The Polaroid wall of insane: This is a very simple DIY and I always imagine my friends to surprise me this way. Like on the night of my birthday, I just walk into my room and the wall above my bed just struck with these Polaroid pictures and all dazzled up with fairy lights.[1]

Okay, it is pretty simple to make this, keep reading to know the procedure.


  • Coloured and black and white pictures of the same count(say like 20 coloured and 20 just black and white pictures),
  • A strong tape or adhesive glue
  • Fairy lights

Get started:

  • Start sticking all the pictures along the fairy lights with the help of a tape or a glue
  • Now, carefully lift the free end and start sticking it to the wall.
  • Here, you can show your creativity with a pattern of any type
  • Now another thing that you should take care of is the socket. Make sure you have a proper socket to connect the fairy lights.
  • Check whether everything is working properly
  • Now what, just wait for it to get dark and wait for your friend to end the room. It’s that simple. Put all the dead crazy, funny, and insane pictures.

The hanging album:birthday surprise ideas for best friend

This is a fun idea but at the same time a very delicate one. For this ideas, you will need 200-250 balloons of your friends favourite colour, a balloon air blower, ribbons, 100 coloured photographs of your friend, a paper hole punching machine, and of course your besties bedroom.

  • First things first, start punching holes on the top edge of the photographs and then tie them to one end of the synthetic ribbon.
  • Now, with the help of a balloon air blowing machine start filling the air into the balloons.
  • Knot them up normally and then tie the other end of the synthetic ribbons to the balloons and then let them rise up!

Just like that! She is going to wake up in the early morning and just freak out with happiness.

  • Knot it! :  This my favourite kind of birthday surprise for best friend. I’m so pretty sure that your bestie is just going to adore you so much. You do not need many additives to do this surprise, but you will need a lot of planning. All that you need is a woollen yarn.

Planning part:

ideas for surprise birthday party for best friend

  • Start placing all the different places in the all the gifts that you’ve planned in all the different locations within your house.
  • Now tie one of the yarn to the last location of his/her search, tie the other end of the yarn to the to their little finger.
  • Now just wait for them to wake and let them follow the navigation that you already set of them and explore their surprise on their way down.  

A Surprise ride:

birthday surprise gift ideas for best friend

 This is an adventurous kind of birthday surprise for best friend. Leave a message on the bedside table “saying the ride starts in five”. Now, wait for your friend to wake up and read your message. Organize an amazing morning breakfast with all the things that he or she like. You could create their favourite breakfast menu. This could be one hell of a ride!

  • The colourful blast: If you want to create some every morning fun and call it the beginning of the day then here we go, I have another crazy birthday surprise for best friend. All you will need for this surprise is a few balloons, colours, water and a basket.


  • Take three buckets with the same amount of water in each bucket. Add three different colours in each of the buckets and stir it well.
  • Strat filling this coloured water into the balloons and secure them into a knot.
  • Divide these balloon among the two of you and put your friends share in a basket and drop the basket at his doorstep.
  • Be ready with your set of balloons.

Ping you friend asking him to meet you at the door. The moment he/she appears at the door strat your balloon attack make sure you are hidden and let them join the game.[2]

Isn’t this colourful!

The broad daylight enigma of surprises

These surprise ideas are best suited for the daytime, when usually the basic thing do is have a birthday lunch. You can just change this usual routine with some interesting surprise ideas.

The tasty home treat:

 birthday surprise ideas for best friend

Surprise your friend with by asking her to join in the cooking. This could be a nice time bonding and could be a lot of fun. Basically, I need not tell you how much could you guys have fun when you pair up together.[3]

So let the birthday boy or girl decide the menu and you both do the cooking. You could look on for recipes online and you could have the fun in the world. Set up a nice table, play his/her favourite music in the background and that is all about it.

A cake in the jar:

birthday surprise for best friend
This is just one crazy kind of radial and growing idea of a birthday surprise. You need not be a chef to do all of this. These days the growing status of the cookie cake is very successful. These cakes are a great DIY and you need not be a professional to make this cake.

This cake jar made for you could just be a lovely birthday surprise for best friend. Who knows if this goes a big hit, then your friends might as well become a fan of your cake and they simply love your cooking.

One day one message:

birthday surprise gift ideas for best friend

Another interesting birthday surprise for best friend is this one day one message jar. Jot down all these silly thoughts, quotes, words and messages for your friend. Now use some colourful papers and coloured pens, start writing all these messages and fold them.[4]

  • Use a clean jar, add little sparkle dust in the empty jar and a few thermocol balls, now add few chits in the jar.
  • Repeat this process in a similar manner and, then seal the jar with a cling wrap
  • Now close the lid and decorate the jar with a few ribbons and an “open me” note on that.

There you go, you another interesting way to give an afternoon birthday surprise for best friend.

Scrap and Stick your way:  

ideas for surprise birthday party for best friend
Just as the name, the idea of this DIY surprise is also very fancy. Now, this idea is basically a scrapbook idea just like the yearbooks or the memory book. All you will need to make this amazing book of memories is a scrapbook, of course, then few photographs, glue, and glitter pens.


  • Start with giving so fancy name to this book. They start sticking pictures here and there.
  • Write the date, place and time for this picture.
  • When and how this picture was clicked, what makes it memorable, and the bloopers behind these pictures.
  • Decorate this book with all the things that you would like to decorate it with.

There you go, you have a lovely birthday surprise for best friend.

The Homeplex (theater at your home):

 birthday surprise ideas for best friend

I love movies. I can spend my complete day watching them. I would just love to watch “the fault in our stars” over and over again. I know I read the book, but to anybody’s surprise, I also like watching the movie over and over again.

I’m sure your birthday diva or the birthday hunk would also have a favourite movie(s). So convert your house into a movie theatre. This is very simple to do. Block the light from the windows using thick and long drapers. Connect your TV to the home theatre and log on to the movie mode.

Place a sofa or a sofa-cum-bed in front of the TV and there you go, you have a “Homplex”. Keep a collection of all your friends’ favourite movies and start playing all of this one after the other.

Do not forget to put lots of snacks, cold drinks and ice cream ready!

There you go, enjoy your movie!

[I better suggest you watch a horror one!]

You’ve got a mail:

birthday celebration ideas for friend

This birthday surprise could work the best for your friend. This gift needs a little more planning on the beginning. Now for this kind of a surprise, you should also be good at writing. Naah! When you have an internet connection, I say you should be good at editing.

So yeah, try writing something new or find something new.

  • Now go to the nearest post office and drop this letter and write your friends place address properly and then ask to tell then the exact date of delivery.
  • Let your friend be surprised by this ideology and gifting thought.

This you’ve got a mail idea is a little difficult to execute, but then it works wonders.

Celebration at dusk!

Birthday surprise for best friend for evening time could be like a gathering or just with the two of you. Now that is totally your call, your choice. It is my duty to suggest you guys with some handsome ideas for celebrations at dusk. So here we go,

A chatty evening walk:

birthday surprise for best friend

A chatty evening walk along with your best friend is the best way to conclude their special day.  It could be a simple walk, but then if you want to fill this part of the walk with surprises as well, then you have a right to go all the way and plan a lovely walk with surprises.

  • You can decorate the arena with low glowing fairy lights or candles or lanterns.  Plan for a quiet dinner there or like an evening picnic.
  • Plan for evening lanterns event with your friend and there you go. You have a sweet, simple and sober surprise idea.

The Box of happiness:

ideas for surprise birthday party for best friend

Create a lovely box of happiness and put in some of his/her favourite things.

Make this box of surprises according to their age. Like for say you are celebrating your friends 19th birthday, then go could pick 19 different kinds of gifts all of their choices. This could a lot easy because you could already know their choice and taste better!

Your theme, my way:

birthday surprise gift ideas for best friend

Throw an evening theme party from your friends favourite novel or video game or book and then personalized it according to your taste. You can put this totally as a surprise from them and then just start gathering all different kind of props and snacks. Plan a few entertaining games and invite all your classmates over for this party. Hit some nice ear soothing music. And there you go, you have another lovely birthday surprise for best friend.[5]

A karaoke nite:

birthday surprise ideas for best friend
Karaoke has become way too famous these days. So plan a karaoke nite for you and friends and surprise your birthday bestie with this ballistic karaoke nite.

Plan this nite at your place, or at your friend’s place or at a club. This is totally your choice. Plan some interesting game and ways to conduct this karaoke night.

The PJ surprise:

birthday surprise gift ideas for best friend

A surprise PJ(Pajama) party with you and your girls could be a nice birthday idea. You can make this surprise happen when the birthday girl is already in bed after a wonderful evening and you suddenly bump into her room and along with your gang and then surprise her with a wonderful sleepover idea and plan an amazing PJ surprise party.

The pizza  Surprise idea:

birthday surprise ideas for best friend

This is the yummiest idea that I’d love to try. This could go like, blindfold your friend’s eyes and then get her into the kitchen. Put all the ingredients required for a pizza right on the counter and asked her to taste every ingredient and then spread of the pizza base. And bake final result and sever her that as her birthday own bake dinner.

These were my ideas and version of a birthday surprise for best friend. You could improvise these ideas or just use the same ones to have fun. These could be made little more interesting by adding your own personal touch to it.

Because every best friend deserves the best birthday surprise!

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