Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls Made So Simple You Can Try As Well

birthday gift ideas for girls

Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls Made So Simple You Can Try As Well

For a perfect  Crazy birthday

A perfect birthday is a myth. But a crazy and fun one is never a myth. Staying up till 12 in the midnight, just to wish your friend Happy Birthday, then planning for a hangout, fun, cake cutting, lunch treats, partying, birthday bumps. Birthdays are always fun, but then at the same time incomplete without gifts.

Gifts are the most wonderful part of any birthday and yet at the same time are the most complicated part of any birthday. A birthday gift is a legacy in itself. It is your own way of showing your friends that you are willing to gift a person everything and expecting nothing in return.

Birthdays in itself are very complicated. You just don’t understand that should you sit back and grieve about the year lost or should you celebrate about the fact that you could make it through the year, through all the ups and downs that life has thrown on your way towards glory.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Nobody ever understands what a girl ever wants. I guess the scientists with the highest evolution of technology would be able to discover life on Pluto or could plant trees on Saturn, but they would definitely fail to explain correctly what a girl actually wants.  Birthday gift ideas for girls aren’t very difficult and will need a brain to think straight like a girl. It isn’t as cliche as they show in all those Bollywood rom-com movies. It is very simple to gift things to girls and at the same, the process of judgment and selection would take a little extra time and effort.

best birthday gift ideas for girls
Birthday gift ideas for girls, so as to suggest could be like; you can always get to know the things that she likes and then buy something appropriate and something similar to that, and there you go you have actually made your girl happy. Wondering how? Okay, the analysis goes like, firstly you gave her something that she likes, now that counts to say 10 points and secondly, the most important thing is that it shows that you were actually paying attention to her. And now, for that, it could give a perfect 100 my young friend. Bingo!

Gift for Girl Best Friend:

My bestie is my bestie, none of your bestie(hahaha 😀 ). Okay, I get it that was silly, but something that’s not silly. If she is your best friend then she is definitely expecting that her present from you is something really out of the box. Wherein she could just flaunt them in front of her group of friends.  Birthday gift ideas for girls are the simplest, you could always gift them a watch, a nice card, a flower bouquet or you could just take her shopping and give her the freedom to buy things that she likes. It always feasible this way. Trust me a gift for girl best friend is the simplest.

21st  Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls:

Teenage is golden, but adulthood is just the apple to the eye. It gives you many different experiences in your life. Unlike the hormonal imbalance that your teen has for you. 21 is the time when a not so perfect girl is molded into a fine lady. It gives you the wings to soar higher and higher in life. It in its utmost and subtle way gives you confidence that you can make it anywhere you want.

21st birthday gift ideas for girlsAnd finding a perfect gift for such a fine lady could be a little difficult task to accomplish, but surely not impossible.  21st Birthday gift ideas for girls for 21st-century girls is very simple, they do not like it very cheesy or very cliche. It is as simple as they show or live. So, I would suggest you could always give her a fine perfume, a dairy, a watch, or anything that could fit in her easy-going life that could be a perfect 21st  birthday gift ideas for girls.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Let’s come to the actual point of the best birthday gift ideas for girls.


gift for girl best friend

A simple pair of antique or traditional types of earring would be a perfect gift for her if she is just crazy enough to go bananas over jewelry.  Something that is a lot more than eye-catching and finely crafted could do as a perfect birthday gift ideas for girls.

Girls and jewelry are a match made in heaven. They cannot deny the fact that girls of all age groups just love jewelry.

Simple Coffee Mug:

birthday gifts for girlfriend india

When in stress, always try drinking coffee. But when you are stressed out about what could be gifted, you can always try and give a coffee mug. It is very handy, very sober and most of all you find them in many sizes, shapes, designs, colours. It could be just a perfect  birthday gift ideas for girls.

They are also very easy to spot. They give a look and feel of warmth. There are many trendy coffee mug options available these days like, a magic mug, a mug with pictures of the person imprinted on them. This could go on your list for the best  birthday gift ideas for girls.

DIY Cards:

birthday gifts for teenage girls

21st century or 18th century, birthdays cards never run out of trend. A birthday is just incomplete without a birthday card. You can go buy the regular card available or you could just let your creativity flow and make a nice and lovely DIY birthday card.

A personalized cushion:

A personalized cushion with her pictures on it could be just be a very happening birthday gift ideas for girls. Adding a personalized touch to the gifts is always very different and also considered as a good birthday gift ideas for girls.

A personalized Initial name frame:

gift for girl best friend
A personalized initial name frame with her pictures could be the perfect gift for her. This could not only act as a gift but also could reflect your creativity to a very great extent.

A DIY glowing lantern:

birthday gift ideas for girls diy

A simple and creative DIY lantern could be very attractive and creative. It is very simple to make and also very handy. You do not need to buy anything extra, just a little more effort. Yet another good idea for  birthday gift ideas for girls DIY.

Birthday gifts for teenage girls

It is very interesting and actually quite simple to gift anything to a teenage girl. When it comes to birthday gifts for teenage girls you could just expand your creativity to any extent and work on any kind of idea.

DIY earring:

diy earrings

DIY earring is simple, easy and handy. They could top the list of perfect gift for birthday gifts for teenage girls or for as a birthday gift ideas for girls.

A personalized handbag:

birthday gifts for teenage girls
A personalized handbag is very simple to buy. You just to find a perfect combination of colour, price, and quality. Teenage girls would just love to flaunt their bag, and could become the star of their group. So you could always this idea on your upcoming supermodel and add a personalized handbag on your  birthday gift ideas for girls list.

A makeup kit:

21st birthday gift ideas for girls

Oh! Yes, they are definitely going to love it.

Teenage is all about lame jokes, lots of food and a thick makeup. You could always gift a teenager a makeup kit and they would love the idea as  birthday gift ideas for girls.

Birthday gifts for girlfriend India

Lucky you that you have a girlfriend!

Who would know her choices better, her likes and dislikes, better than you. So there isn’t much to say about that, but it is always better to gift your girlfriend a rose, followed by a few chocolates and then take her to a fine candlelight dinner. Birthday gifts for girlfriend India, are quite unusual, unlike the other girls they would really appreciate anything you do for them with love.  

Happy Gifting! 😉

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