Friendship Day Celebration Ideas That Are Fun and One of a Kind

2018 friendship day celebration ideas

Friendship Day Celebration Ideas That Are Fun and One of a Kind

Friendship Day Celebration Ideas 

Happy Friendship Day! #BFF #FriendsForever #F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Friendship Day celebration ideas
As we all gear up for Friendship Day, these and many more of such kinds of hashtags will flood all of our social media space for the next few days to come. With Friendship Day just around the corner, there will be a different aura altogether. You will simply hear every second person planning for some exclusive Friendship Day celebration ideas and coming up with special ways on how to make Friendship Day special from the rest this year.

friendship day celebration
It is absolutely true when they say that there is no life without friends and friendship. Friends bring comfort to our souls and are like our safety nets in this chaotic world filled with humdrum. Let us help you with ideas on what to do on Friendship Day and how to make Friendship Day special. Commemorate your very special bond of friendship with these innovative Friendship Day celebration ideas and make it be a memorable one. The main idea behind all of this is to simply have fun and enjoy the feeling of being together with the most cherished people in your life.[1]

Here, the model of how to celebrate Friendship Day is not important, but what matters is the mood. As long as you have your besties by your side, all of your Friendship Day celebration ideas will end up in lots of fun. Party or no party, these ideas on how to make Friendship Day special are simply awesome.

Friendship Day Celebration Ideas To Have A Blast With Your Besties!

friendship day celebration party
Friendship is all about celebrating the small things of life and turning them into the best ever memories of your life. Getting together over good food, a little funk, and some fun music is a great idea when it comes to how to celebrate Friendship Day. Some unique and significant things that you could do for your friends to show them that they are important are categorized as below.[2]

Simple Ideas About What To Do On Friendship Day 

Lovely Greeting Card For Friend:

friendship day celebration ideas
Write a lovely card for your friend with the best and most expressive lines. Tell them how much you appreciate their friendship and wish them a very Happy Friendship Day!

Online Gifts:

happy friendship day gift
If you are away from your friends then make the best use of technology by sending them online gifts such as cakes, flowers, chocolates, or some wonderful gifts that your friend will surely appreciate. You could also leave the gift anonymously for additional intrigue.

Local Radio:

friendship day surprise ideas
Dial the local radio station and dedicate them a special song wishing them Happy Friendship Day!

Food And Enjoyment:

happy friendship day
Have a good time with your friends with some good food and enjoyment.

Outdoor Fun:

friendship day celebration
Go for some quick outdoor fun activities like bowling, snooker, or billiards and have a great time out.

Sophisticated Party:

friendship day celebration ideas
Go all formal, arrange a sophisticated party with all of you dressed to your best with a coordinating dress code. Enjoy some fine wine and a luxurious meal.

Beach Fun:

friendship day celebration party
Bring out the child in you and plan to go to a theme park or to the beachside.


friendship day celebration
Write some beautiful friendship day poetry by awakening your creative skills. You could also write a blog dedicated to your friend and the bond you share and send your friend the link. Your friend will surely be baffled at your writing skills.[3]

Back to Back Movies:

friendship day  gifts
Go for movies back-to-back and enjoy some delicious popcorn and goofing around with your buddies.

Old Days:

friendship day surprise ideas
Hit your all-time favorite joint and relive your good old days.

Warm Hug:

friendship day surprise gifts
Go out and give your friends a warm hug and thank them for always being there by your side.

Catch Up On Time:

happy friendship day
Give a call to all those friends that you haven’t met in years and catch up on time.

Special Message:

happy friendship day  quotes
You can send each one of your friends an online Happy Friendship Day greeting cards with a special message. These could be very thoughtful Friendship Day celebration ideas.


friendship day celebration party
Plan a picnic with all your friends. Enjoy some adventure and have a great time.

Cool Pajama Party:

friendship day  surprise ideas
Host a friendship day party at your home, order some food, let your friends sleepover and have a cool pajama party!

Heartwarming Activities And Friendship Day Celebration Ideas –

Focus On Positivity, Take In The Good:

friendship day celebration
Simply thinking about your friends brings you the best smile on your face. Sometimes you also may have a tiff with your friend that leaves you annoyed and angry with them. But the bond of friendship is way beyond grudges and disagreements. So focus on the positive emotions and keep at bay all the disagreements that you have. Mindfully make a choice to enjoy having a great time with your friends. Weave all of your positive experiences and make the most of this happy occasion.

Express Gratitude:

friendship day messages
There is not a single day that passes by without us appreciating our friends in our minds. Go out loud and express gratitude to your friend. Hug them and tell them that they are loved and appreciated for all their care and concern.

Foster Your Connection:

friendship day images
Reflect on how your friends have positively influenced your life and how happy they have made you feel by simply being them. Let them know that they are valued and cherished. Invest emotionally in such friends as they always enhance your well-being.


friendship day celebration
Connect to all your friends, especially the ones who were very important to you once upon a time, but your bond withered away with time. Catch up on all the time that you lost and plan for a sumptuous lunch or dinner. Tune in your mind and get to know how far they have come in life.

Gift Your Friend:

friendship day gifts
Make your friends special and loved by presenting them thoughtful gifts on this very important day and show them your love. Pick the perfect gift that describes their style and personality and make them happy.

Special Friendship Day Celebration Ideas For Your Besties 

Celebrate Together With Your Besties:

friendship day surprise gifts
Strengthen your friendship ties by celebrating with all your friends together. Make home in their hearts like no other, plan a night that all of you will remember for years together. Stockpile some good movies, popcorn, and other snacks, beverages, and organize some other fun stuff to hook up with your bests buddies as the perfect celebration ideas on how to make Friendship Day special this year.

Make Prior Or Instant Party Plans Accordingly:

friendship day surprise gifts
If all your friends are in the same city then it is possible that you plan instantly for a party with some really interesting Happy Friendship Day theme. You could also plan well in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. No matter what might be the type of celebration, the main aim is to have fun. All of your ideas on the Happy Friendship Day theme should revolve around spending some great time with your friends and taking your friendship to a new level of awesomeness!

Plan A Road Trip:

friendship day surprise ideas
Out of hundreds of ideas on how to celebrate Friendship Day, this one is the most interesting. If planned well in advance then this road trip on Friendship Day will bring you some of the best memories of life. Sharing a journey gives you an awesome chance to get closer to your friends and strengthen your ties.

Bring Friendship Bands Back In Style:

friendship day gifts
Remember the days that we used to go hunting for all kinds of friendship bands days in advance of this fun occasion, and always kept the best one for our BFF. So if you are caught up in the thought of what to do on Friendship Day this year then rewind to those lovely days and go hunting for friendship bands and bracelets for all your friends. With online shopping picking uptrend and popularity in the last few years, you can now select some unique bands from stores all through the world. An even better idea would be to make one with your own hands. This idea on how to celebrate Friendship Day this year will surely be appreciated by your group of friends.[4]

Long Drives And Camping Trip:

friendship day celebration ideas
Create some timeless memories with your friends with these unique Friendship Day Celebration Ideas on long drives and camping. Set out on some cool adventures like fishing, hiking, and go exploring nature in the company of your best friends. It is not so often that you get this wonderful opportunity of spending such a fun time with friends. Group up and have an action-packed and fun-filled day. Seal this special day with this special trip to a nearby destination.

Recollect Happy Memories: 

friendship day celebration party
Check your social media accounts or your phone gallery to find some really old pictures of your budding friendship and reminisce those wonderful times. Relive those memories by having a hearty chat with your bestie about those good old days. Look how far the two of you have come and felt proud of each other’s achievements.

A Decent Dinner Party: 

friendship day surprise ideas
It is quite possible that you might or your bunch of friends be really busy throughout the day due to your professional commitments. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t get to celebrate your bond of friendship. Plan for a decent party at your favorite fine dining restaurant in the city and make the most of this little time you get to spend with your friend. These few hours with your best buddies could really freshen your mind and soul giving you a good and much-needed change!

Unique Friendship Day Gifts: 

happy friendship day gift
Here we have for you a few amazing ideas for friendship day gifts. Presenting your friends with a cherished gift is one of the perfect Friendship Day celebration ideas to make it special this year. These small yet thoughtful ideas on Friendship Day gifts will have a huge impact on strengthening your bond.

The best picture of the two of you about a moment that has significance in your lives could be one of the perfect ideas for Friendship Day gifts. Frame such pictures and present it to your friend so that they can savor your friendship.

Bake a treat for your friend. Or simply order for the favorite cake and chocolates and give it to them as a surprise gift.

A handmade gift like maybe a scrapbook; fill it with your best pics and thoughts about your friendship.

Personalized gifts like mugs, bracelets, pendants, etc., that signify how strong your bond is, could also be some cool ideas for Friendship Day gifts.

Reach for the stars by naming a star exclusively for your best friend. Use this gift as one of many unique celebration ideas to let your friend know that he/she is surely the superstar of your life.

At the end of the day, whatever gift you give, or whatever might be your Friendship Day celebration ideas, just never let go of your friends. Always try and make time for them in the daily grind of life. Make the utmost use of this special day and let your friends know how important they are to you. They are the ones with whom you share just about everything, people whom you are the closest to and will ever be, much more than your parents, siblings, and spouse. Keep this spirit if friendship budding throughout the year and keep nurturing your friendship with love and care.

Resolve any issues that sprout up at the earliest and leave no space for any grudge of any kind. Friendship Day comes as a reminder of how friends add sparkle and happiness to life. It makes us realize that being in the company of friends is very important to lead a happy and healthy life.

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