Rakshabandhan Celebration Ideas 2020 To Enjoy This Auspicious Day To Its Fullest!

Rakshabandhan Celebration Ideas 2018

Rakshabandhan Celebration Ideas 2020 To Enjoy This Auspicious Day To Its Fullest!

Raksha Bandhan Celebration Ideas 2020

Rakshabandhan Celebration Ideas 2020
Block the date, 3rd August 2020. Rakshabandhan is a day to celebrate the most beautiful relationship on this planet. Despite it being a love-hate relationship it is the sweetest and purest of all relationships. Rakshabandhan is the ultimate day to celebrate this ultimate sibling bond. As the sister ties a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist and prays for his well-being, her brother makes her a promise that she will always be loved and protected by him. He gives her an assurance that he will always have her back and she will not have to face any problems in life alone. Such is the love that these two souls share true to their heart. Let us now look into some unique Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas 2020.

Before we get into the celebration mood, let us look into what makes the heart of our wonderful brothers. You love them, hate them, scream, yell, laugh, and do everything else with them, but you just can’t seem to ignore them.

At one day you find God’s world to be so wonderful, filled with cheer and happiness. Right when you bump into your sibling who irritates and teases you to bits and suddenly all your happiness comes to a halt.  This is the true world of siblings. No matter how much you fight and despise each other for that moment in time, you find your way back to one another. Your siblings are those friends that you don’t get to choose, and no matter how many friends you have, none can replace your brother/sister. There is no breaking to your bond.

Each brother-sister bond is unique and special in its own way. We have generalized the category of siblings into the following just to make the Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas 2020 a little more interesting.[1]

The Informer

How To Make 2020 Rakshabandhan special
This sibling of yours is like your parents’ private detective. He/She makes it a point to go and update your parents with each thing that you do or say. Somehow, they manage to get to know everything about you and at some point begin to blackmail you at the drop of a hat. They are like a mean bully. They just love to get you into trouble and watch the fun as your parents take your class.

The Parents Pet

Ideas To Celebrate Raksha bandhan
Parents are said to love all of their children equally. The parents’ pet sibling is like a puppy that keeps wagging its tail in front of his owner. Your sibling too loves doing that. They keep wandering in and around your parents and tell them every single thing that you do, say, or even think. They are supposedly never at fault. The parents’ pet is most often the youngest of the siblings and the older ones just cannot wait for him/her to grow up.

The Bully

Gifts For Raksha bandhan 

The bully sibling is rude and mean. They are capable to accuse you of just anything and everything just to enjoy the pleasure of getting you into trouble. They may be sweet sometimes, and that is very rare of course, but once you even try your slightest to mess with them they will not think twice and throw you right under the bus. They love to get you into trouble.

The Third Parent

Raksha bandhan Celebration Ideas 2020

This sibling is just the perfect one! Though they are sweet, they take the place of your parents with just a blink. Sometimes it gets annoying because you don’t really need another parent, especially your sibling to be your moral police. They act like they can solve any problem for you. These are mostly the older ones in the house. They have a say in everything that you say and do, like an expert opinion!

The Sneaky Little Brats

How To Make 2020 Raksha bandhan special

Yes, these siblings are exactly what you are thinking, the ones who act like the purest and most innocent souls, but deep down they are maniacs. These siblings are like the sweetest kids around but only you know their true colors. They are the evilest people in your life, complete brats who know how to escape and talk their way out of any given situation making everyone else believe that they are innocent and feel sorry for them.[2]

The Bestie

Ideas To Celebrate Raksha bandhan

They are like your best friends and the two of you have many things in common; common friends, common parties, you watch the same TV shows, etc.. All of this is quite rare, but when it happens it is simply amazing. You can totally confide in them for anything. These kind of siblings are the one that always looks out for you and have your back, no matter what.

Suddenly you find your brother to be adorable and fun-loving as time approaches for this very special day. The lifelong connection that you share with your sibling suddenly has an outburst of love and affection. It does not matter which category your brother falls into, to you he definitely is the best in the world! Your sibling makes your life complete with the most wonderful memories, secrets, inside jokes, and fights. Tell them that you love them.

If you are wondering how to make 2020 Rakshabandhan special then we have for you some unique Rakshabandhan celebration ideas that will surely strengthen your bond with your sibling and have a good time.

Unique Ideas On How To Make 2020 Raksha Bandhan Special

With changing times, we have noticed that a lot of roles that were gender specific are now being neutralised. Yet, the essence of Rakhi is more or less the same, depicting the love between a brother and sister. To make 2020 Rakshabandhan celebration unique this year we have for you some special ideas. Make it an affair to remember and bring a smile to the face of your siblings with our ideas to celebrate Rakshabandhan.

Enjoy A Food Spree

Raksha bandhan Celebration Ideas 2020

Rakhi is an occasion that is celebrated with a lot many festivities and some mouth-watering delicacies that are prepared as part of this tradition. And after all, who doesn’t love food? Go on an unlimited food spree with your sibling as ideas to celebrate Rakshabandhan. Pick a restaurant that is a mutual favorite and go and gulp down all the yummy food that the two of you can. You could also go to some new place and try something new to eat. This idea can be tweaked a little to make it even more special. Organise for a self-made lunch as Raksha bandhan celebration ideas 2020 and make it memorable for your sibling.

Do Good Together

How To Make 2020 Raksha bandhan special

If you have that caring and compassionate charitable streak in you then make your sibling a part of it too. This is one of the purest of ideas on how to make 2020 Rakshabandhan special. Help all the needy young kids to celebrate this auspicious occasion with equal enthusiasm and love. You could go to the orphanage with some sweets, yummy food, small gifts, sweet and simple rakhis, etc., and make this day special for them. This surely is one of the most unique Raksha bandhan gifting ideas for 2020 and the thrill and delight on the face of these kids will give you a very good enough reason to rejoice and feel happy. Sometimes all you need to feel good about life is by spreading some joy and love.

Make It A Larger Than Life Celebration

Ideas To Celebrate Raksha bandhan

One of the coolest ideas to celebrate Rakshabandhan is by planning a surprise for your sibling that is truly larger than life and will bring him/her the widest smile. You can plan for this surprise by taking your sibling out to his/her favorite place or favorite mall once you are done with the rituals of tradition Rakhi celebration ideas at home. Arrange for strangers to bring surprise gifts for your sibling along with some small messages written on banners and posters. Let your sibling know that he/she is valued and loved. These Raksha bandhan celebration ideas 2020 are sure to be the most memorable because of the effort you put in to make your sibling really happy.

Disown Your Sibling Temporarily

2018 Raksha bandhan Celebration Ideas

Pretentiously fight with your sibling on the very day of Raksha bandhan and be at your angriest best. This will surely put them off and make their day dull. Let him/her continue to have that feeling for while that you have disowned them. Meanwhile, you plan for some of the best gifts for Raksha bandhan that your sibling is bound to love. Surprise your sibling by barging into their room with all of these special Rakshabandhan gifts and tell them about your silly prank. All of these special gifts for Rakshabandhan are sure to melt his/her heart and bring lots of happiness. Though these Rakshabandhan celebration ideas 2020 may make you feel awful, once you see that smile on their face, the feeling will have vanished in a jiffy!

Dig In Your Childhood Memories With Your Favorite Board Games

Raksha bandhan Gift Baskets

Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Carrom, Chess, which one these was your favorite childhood board game that you and your sibling spent hours playing together? What a pain it was to reach 98 and get bitten by that deadly snake and having to start your game all over again, right? Bring out all of those lovely memories try your luck to win your favorite board game once again. Wrack your brains and challenge your sibling to win it this time. Bring back those good old times and enjoy these ideas to celebrate Raksha bandhan and make it special this year.

Another set of ideas on how to make 2020 Raksha bandhan special is by preparing a Rakhi gift hamper for your brother. If you are bored of reaching out to your brother with the simple thali, a rakhi and a box of sweets, then our Rakshabandhan gift baskets are sure to make your brother’s happy and let you have some fun in the process of assembling it too

Raksha Bandhan Celebration Ideas 2020 With Rakhi Gift Hampers

A Sweet And Divine Hamper

Raksha bandhan Gift Baskets

Prepare Rakshabandhan gift baskets with the perfect blend of sweetness and divinity. Fill in this gift basket with his favorite sweets and chocolates along with your hand-picked rakhi and also present to him a lovely idol of Ganesh that marks his well-being and prosperity. Show your brother your love and affection with this wonderful gift hampers as special Rakshabandhan gift in 2020.

Best Brother Hamper

Gifts For Raksha bandhan

Rakhi gift hampers for all those brothers who love you with all their heart and can turn the world upside down just to watch you smile. Make these Best Brother Rakshabandhan Gift Hampers for such an awesome brother and have a joyful celebration. Include a trophy that tells him that he is the best brother in the entire world along with some of favorite snacks and sweets and a beautiful Rakhi. He is sure to be overwhelmed to have received this beautiful and thoughtful gift hamper from you, his beloved sister.

Grooming Kit Rakhi Gift Hamper

Rakhi Gift Hamper

This is the perfect choice of Rakshabandhan gift baskets for your stud brother. This gift basket contains just everything that will make him look and smell great. For that smart and handsome brother of yours, let him cast a spell on all his lady friends with this grooming kit as special gifts for Rakshabandhan. Pick for him a beautiful Rakhi to suit his personality and include all of his favorite sweet and savory delicacies to complete this Grooming Kit Rakshabandhan gift baskets. He is sure to appreciate your choice of Rakshabandhan gifts and will love you even more.

Use all of these brilliant Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas 2020 and make some new and precious memories with your sibling. All of these unique ideas to celebrate Rakshabandhan are sure to bring in a special touch to your sibling bond and make your love for each other shine through.

May your bond with your sibling grow beautifully with time and strengthen with each passing each day. Bring lots of happiness to the one that carries a reflection of your childhood and for the one that means the world to you.

Here’s wishing a very Happy Rakshabandhan to one and all – May this festival fill your lives with lots of love and happy memories!


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