How To Propose A Girl? 14 Awesome Ways To Make Her Say “Yes” To Your Proposal!

how to propose a girl

How To Propose A Girl? 14 Awesome Ways To Make Her Say “Yes” To Your Proposal!

There may be millions of girls waiting for you, but your heart only skips a beat when you look at her. Her smile makes your heart beat fast. So many lips utter your name each day, but your name sounds so special only when she calls you!

how to propose a girl

Does Her Absence Make You Feel Empty?

She is only one who seems to be always wandering in your thoughts because your life seems colorful with her being a part of it.

How To Propose A Girl

Life has definitely become much more joyful after she made a sweet entry to your heart without you even realizing when it all happened. Random texts and calls from her, long and meaningful conversations that are close to your heart, those special moments that you have spent with her have made you fall head and heels in love with her.

Your love for her has grown stronger and deep for each passing day and you have only realized this when you had to spend a day without her! Your heart craves to make any excuse to talk to her because all you want is to feel her presence around you. But how do you win her heart to marriage!? You definitely need some creative ways to propose.

Be Confident That You Are Going To Make Her Your Lady Love!

proposal ideas for her

The waiting has to come to an end now. The only thing that could be bothering you is how to let her know that your feelings are deep and intense for her. So, It’s time for you to take charge and go for the big step!

Here are some unique ideas to propose your love to her. You can opt for the simple yet appealing ways if you want to keep it a low key or you could opt for some magnificent ways if you wish to make it a grand event.[1]

Above all, you need some great ideas that will bring out the confidence that she will definitely say yes! So. here is how you make it.

How To Propose A Girl To Marriage? Romantic Ways To Propose A Girl

A simple text of “I love you” may seem ordinary. Choose any of these creative proposal ideas for her to let your beautiful love story begin!

A Small Treasure Hunt To Win Her Heart

Sweet and short heart touching messages and a little bit of suspense is what makes a girl go crazy! The first impression that you make with this is the efforts that you have put in to propose your love to her. Secondly, it is your cute little-handwritten messages that melt her heart.[2]

Write cute and little messages on each note and give numberings to each one. Specify the place where you have hidden the next note and let her stay curious and go crazy for the next message that you are going to write.

Your final message should confess your feelings and the message should be so touching, she shouldn’t resist from saying yes! The trick lies in what you write to her.

Let Her Life Journey Play On The Silver Screen

romantic ways to propose a girl

Who wouldn’t love it to have all of their life journey gathered in a single video!? If you have spent quite a few years with her, this one idea would definitely make her fall for you.

Gather all the pictures of each of her life stages right from her childhood to her stage right now from her friends or family and make a cool slideshow with a great background music. You can also record a voice message of your own (saying how much you love her) and let that play all throughout the video as a background music.

You can also implement this if it’s been only a few days you have met because It would leave her an impression that you have a complete idea of what is going in her life!

Make sure that you blindfold her before taking her to the big screen to keep her curiosity alive.

Prove Everyone That Love Is In The Air!

How to propose a girl to marriage
They say love is in the air. But no one has ever proved it practically. It’s your turn now to prove it. Make the big arrangement and take her to an open terrace. You can give her a whistle and as soon as she blows the whistle, the crackers go bursting high in the sky that altogether shows “I love you” in the sky with her name beside those precious words.[

Sky lanterns flying across the sky along with the message would add a special charm to the sky and this would be the most dramatic proposal ideas for her to fall madly in love with you.

Candlelight Dinner With A Romantic Music

You can take it to her birthday to wish her in the most special way by arranging a fantastic candlelight dinner. Make sure that the ambiance is dim and soothing enough to light up her mood. A soothing background music makes your attempts fruitful because of the special essence that the music adds to the ambiance.

Go down on your knees with a ring to make her feel special and overwhelming. Prepare a speech beforehand and practice it in front of a mirror so that you would not stammer and mess it up when you have to say it all of a sudden.

The Best Idea If She Is A Coworker

How to propose a girl to marriage

If you have been longing to impress your co-worker and wanting to propose her, here is how to propose a girl in a unique way!

Prepare a special video and dedicate it to her by sending her the link through your mail. Make sure that you sound really professional so that she assumes it to be a mail that is related to an important work.[4]

This will make her feel surprised to the maximum because she wouldn’t really expect a professional mail would contain a love proposal.

Make sure that the video is impressive to the best possible extent.

Propose During Movie Intervals

Creative ways to propose

This is going to be the most creative proposal idea that is going to bring tears in her eyes! Take her to a romantic movie or any routine movie for that matter would work.

As soon as the interval pops up, let the love messages get displayed on the screen with a final confession that expresses love from the bottom of your heart.

Make sure that your messages are so intense, they make her fall madly in love with you. This would be an awesome movie surprise as no one would really expect a love proposal amidst a movie.

How To Propose A Girl By Making Her Nostalgic?

what to say when proposing

Nothing can make a girl feel emotional than the nostalgia that she experiences all of a sudden. There could be a special hangout spot of you both or the place where you people have first met each other.[5]

Take her to the exact location and go down on your knees to confess your feelings. This would evoke her emotional side as she feels connected to the environment.

Make A Special Arrangement By The Beachside

Surprise for HerHave you ever seen a romantic location by the beach side that has been decorated with candles and flowers with a table for two placed at the centre?

Yes! Girls love such fancy locations because most of the girls are deeply connected to nature and its beauty.

Just imagine you inviting her to the beachside (blindfolded) and as soon as she opens her eyes, there it is. A wonderful location with a glimpse of a sunrise and scented candles arranged in the shape of a heart.

Prepare an awesome speech and go down on your knees to make her fall for your infinite love and I bet you, this is one of the most romantic ways to propose a girl!

Gift Her Something Special

simple ways to propose a girlIt is a general fact that most of the girls love expensive gifts. If your girl belongs to the same category, this is sure to make her cells dance out of joy.

As her admirer, you must be already aware of her deep interests about what she likes and what she dislikes. Try gifting her something really expensive or an inexpensive gifts that are really valuable.

The point here is, it should melt her heart. So, it should definitely belong to her deep personal interest. Though the plan needs a little bit of thinking, it is one of the simple ways to propose a girl and get her to say yes.

This is a wonderful gateway to her heart because she will get to know how well you have been knowing her and her interests.

Do not forget to add a special note asking her to marry you along with the gift and as a simple logic, your gift should be followed by your message.

Become A Poet For Her – Creative Ways To Propose Her

how to propose a girl

Most of the guys struggle with the question of what to say when proposing! If your sweetheart is an emotional and sensitive person, I bet she loves to hear some great emotional lines from you. But, the trick to winning her heart lies in how genuine your words really are!

The authenticity of your words shows how well you have understood her! Do not directly jump into the point. Start by describing how special and lucky you feel to have her in your life.

Describe how you love the spark in her eyes when she talks about something she really loves. Tell her how her lips curl out of curiosity when she is deeply immersed in reading your letter.

Describe her flaws and how you still love her despite her imperfections. Finally, give her a strong reason why you want to spend the rest of your life holding her hand.

Trust me, Genuineness never goes out of style! So, let your words reach her pure heart and evoke the love towards you.

Gift Her A Puppy – One Of The Simple Ways To Propose A Girl

best ways to propose a girl

If she is a dog lover, I guarantee you that this proposal idea would never fail. People who love dogs have a really big heart that gets melted when they are surprised with a special gift, a pug itself!

Attach a cute little note or a love letter along with the pug, that describes your deep and innate feel for her.

It would be much impressive if you get to know the exact breed of dog that she loves. Give her a pug that is delivered to her rather than showing up directly to make her feel astonished.

A Message Through Radio

proposal ideas for her

This unique proposal idea would work the best if she is a fan of a popular Radio jockey. Nothing can make her feel the best other than the radio jockey himself being a mediator to pass your love proposal message to your sweetheart.

Make sure that she has turned on the radio station on which the message is to be conveyed. The best thing you can do is to stay by her side and hold her hand while the message is being conveyed.

Wrap Yourself In The Box

romantic ways to propose a girl

This idea would definitely work if your girl already knows that there is something going on between you two and she is waiting for you to confess your feelings.

Wait for a good moment until things are all set between you two and you are ready to propose. Take the help of your friends and wrap yourself in the box. Don’t leave her a single clue of what is present in the box!

Take the help of your friends to go to her doorstep and knock on the door. Be ready with the ring! As soon as she opens the box, be ready to say those golden words in her ears and get ready to hear a “yes” from her side.

How To Propose A Girl To Marriage With A Banner?

How to propose a girl to marriage

Does your girl reside in a place where there is an open garden where you can hold a banner that says “Will you marry me?” You can ask her to come out to the balcony when you are all set to make this big move.

You can take the help of your friends by asking them to hold the big banner for you! This is definitely going to astonish her for all the efforts you have put in to propose her!

Give her a warm hug and tell her how much she means to you.

Here is to some more awesome surprises that will melt your heart ❤!

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