Gifts For Raksha Bandhan 2020 That Will Strengthen Your Brother-Sister Bond

Gifts for Raksha bandhan 2018

Gifts For Raksha Bandhan 2020 That Will Strengthen Your Brother-Sister Bond

Gifts For Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan, also popularly known as Rakhi is an auspicious Hindu festival that is centred around the special bond between brothers and sisters. This festival is celebrated with a great grandeur all through the country with brothers and sisters wishing and praying for each other’s good health and happiness. The festival is named with the ideology stating ‘bond of protection’ to celebrate the love and duty between brothers and sisters. With each passing year, it has become a huge trend to celebrate this festival with a variety of gifts for Raksha Bandhan.

To mark this auspicious festival, the sister ties a sacred thread on the wrist of her brother that symbolises her love and good wishes for him. Followed by this Rakhi tying ceremony, the brother brings rakhi gifts for sister as a token of love and appreciation and a promise to protect her always. This festival is also celebrated between friends who have a deep bond of understanding similar to that of a brother and sister.[1]

Happy raksha bandhan messages

Rakshabandhan is said to fall usually on the full-moon day of the Shravana month as per the Hindu calendar. Due to the waxing and waning of the moon, the exact date of this festival keeps fluctuating every year. While this festival is celebrated by Hindus in almost all parts of the world, it is seen that the celebrations begin early in the morning in the presence of the entire family. While the sister ties the Rakhi to her brother, she prays for his well-being and happiness, and in return, her brother showers her with love and surprise gifts for Rakshabandhan.

The Brother-Sister Bond!

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The lovely siblings that grew up together like two peas in a pod have come across a lot many circumstances of life together. Right from their childhood the two of them have been companions and friends to one another, they had each other to rely on at any point in time. Although they were often seen squabbling and gently teasing other, and at other times reaching a point where they could pull each other’s hair off, they eventually get back together with love because they know what they mean to each other. These memories of their love-hate relationship might fade away with time, but their love only multiplies over the years.[2]

They may have been a nuisance to one another, they still choose to stick by one another. Pulling each other’s hair, snatching the TV remote, aping manners that end up in needless squabbles, there is umpteen number of ways in which they can trouble each other. But despite all of this, your brother or your sister is always your go-to person.

Special And Unique Surprise Gifts For Raksha Bandhan 2020:

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Make this beautiful and treasured festival to be even more special this year with gifts for Rakshabandhan that are truly out-of-the-world. Celebrate this day of countless emotions between a brother and sister by showering them with special ideas on a unique gift for Rakshabandhan. Raise the bar and give thoughtful rakhi gifts for sister and return gifts as special Rakshabandhan gifts for brother and make Rakshabandhan 2020 special. Ditch the routine and regular sweets and chocolate boxes and pick one our most creative Rakshabandhan special gift ideas

Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Sister – Your In-House Drama Queen!

A wise man once quoted ‘A sister is a gift to the heart that adds meaning to life!’, even though you share a sweet-sibling rivalry, she is the best person you can have. She truly deserved to be pampered and spoilt for silliness with some unique Rakhi gifts for sister to bring an instant cheer on her face.

Queen Gift Set

gifts for sister raksha bandhan

Every girl deep down has hidden royalty in distinct ways. It is time that you crown her queen this year with this beautiful queen gift set. Bring out her inner royalty with this ultimate choice of gifts for Raksha Bandhan 2020 that includes an inflatable queen crown, a queen jewellery holder, and a mug that states her to be the ‘Queen Of Everything’. This wonderful queen gift set is just as alluring as she is!

Infinity Mirror Lamps

best gifts for sisters on raksha bandhanWhich girl on planet earth would not wish to have a quirky mirror of her own with an exclusive design? The beauty and uniqueness of these rakhi gift ideas for sister lie in the mirror lamps doubling up to be beautiful lamps when switched on. These infinity mirror lamps are said to come in lovely designs that as pretty as ever and would enhance the beauty of your sister’s room. Give these as Raksha Bandhan surprise gifts to light up her face and her world.[3]

Girl Boss Stationery Stand

raksha bandhan gifts for sister Welcome the change of guard with this cool and unique ‘Girl Boss’ stationery stand. Let her use her undying girl power to solve her biggest problem of stationery organizational needs. For a sister who is always engaged in crafty ideas or busy with different college projects, this is the best choice of gifts for Raksha Bandhan 2020. With the phrase ‘Girl Boss’ carved on the front, this is a great choice of gifts for all the strong-willed ladies out there.

Crystal Jewellery

raksha bandhan gifts for sister online I must tell you that girls love to dress up!! Experimenting with looks, trying out new trends and styles, it all runs in their blood. So if you have a sister like this then let me tell you that presenting to her crystal jewellery in the form of surprise gifts for Rakshabandhan could just be a perfect choice. Depending on what she prefers most, you could opt for Swarovski crystal jewellery in the form of earrings, rings, pendant sets, or even a studded bangle. She will love you for this!

Luxury Skin Care Set

gift for sisters on raksha bandhan Give your sister the opportunity to pamper herself and feel even more beautiful with these luxurious skin care sets as Rakshabandhan gifts for sister. Let her indulge in some self-care and love. She is sure to appreciate your choice of gift and will love you even more after receiving this thoughtful Rakhi gift.

Engraved Plaques

gift for sisters on raksha bandhanA sure shot way to tell your sister just how special she is! Give her meaningful plaques with personalised messages engraved on them to let your sister know that no matter what happens you will always have her back. Give these engraves plaques as special and personalized gifts for Rakshabandhan and leave your sister with some sweet memories for her life.


raksha bandhan gifts for sister ideas Another popular and favorite pick of surprise gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020. Perfumes! Give your sister her favorite perfume as Rakshabandhan special gifts that have a calming aroma. Something that is not very strong neither too sweet. Find her the apt perfume with a mild floral blend and there you are, ready to go, make the festival of Rakshabandhan special this year!

Smart Wearables

raksha bandhan gifts for sister ideas Most girls these days are seen to be freaking about their fitness. Give her a fitness band or a smartwatch as special gifts for Rakshabandhan that will surely leave her impressed. Let your sister know that you care for her with this thoughtful Raksha Bandhan special gift that will help her keep track of her health and fitness and also level-up her accessory game.

Rakshabandhan Gifts For Married Sisters 

Rakshabandhan Gifts For Married Sisters 

Your elder sister is the one who has always been supportive and kept all your secrets safe. She has always had your back and has saved you many a time from the wrath of your parents. This Rakshabandhan, let her know that she loved and appreciated. Show your gratitude and how much you value her with our handpicked list of Rakshabandhan gifts for married sisters..

A Stylish Watch

best gifts for sisters on raksha bandhan

A classy watch that suits her style and personality is the perfect choice of Rakshabandhan gifts for married sisters. Give her a stylish watch of her favourite brand and receive all the appreciation for the thoughtful idea.

Classy Footwear

gifts for raksha bandhan

Give your sister a pair of cool and casual footwear that she can use to wear on a regular basis. Opt for her favorite brand and check for the comfort level. Pick a pair to suit the likings of your sister and give her these beautiful gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020.

Make-Up Kits

raksha bandhan gifts for sister ideas

Give your married sister this superb opportunity to enhance her beauty and flaunt her style with a gift combo made out of the most popular makeup items. You can either make this kit all by yourself by picking items of her preferred brands or you can directly go to the local stores and buy a gift combo. This is one of the very handy ideas for gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020.

Tea Box

raksha bandhan gifts for sister online 

If your sister is the one who just cannot do without her daily dose of chai then this is just the right choice of gift for married sisters. Give her a gift box that contains an assortment of exotic teas. This beautiful tea box that contains a range of flavours like masala chai, floral teas, herbal options, and many more could just make her appreciate the thought you put into buying her this Raksha Bandhan special gift.

Hanging Storage Organizers

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If you have heard your sister always ranting while she is unable to find small and trivial things and tends to lose her mind due to this, then help her out by giving her this very handy set of gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020. An all-things storage organizer comes with different compartment pockets of different sizes in which she can keep all her much-needed things without creating a havoc. She can hang this storage organizer on the wall and place all the things that she needs on a daily basis in a neat manner. Problem Solved!

Return Gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020 – Rakhi Gifts For Brother

Return Gifts for Raksha bandhan - Rakhi Gifts For Brother

Whether he is little or big, your brother definitely deserves the best of gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020. Show your unconditional love towards him with a special Raksha Bandhan gift for brother. While you look forward to receiving a unique gift from your brother, why not give him surprise gifts too.

SuperBro Decorative Plate

gifts for raksha bandhan to brother

Your brother is your best friend. Regardless of how much the two of you fight, at the end of the day, you know that you just cannot do without each other. Show your love for your brother with these cool Rakhi gifts for brother. Let him know that he is no less than a superhero in your life.

Astronaut Mobile Stand

gifts for raksha bandhan to brother

This adorable mobile stand features an astronaut who is trying his best to communicate with the aliens on another planet. Give your not less than an alien brother this fun and quirky mobile stands as gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020 and make him feel special.

Batman Rakhi Gift Set

raksha bandhan gifts for brother online

If you have a brother who is an ardent fan of Batman, and just like Batman saves the city of Gotham, your brother too had been your watchful guardian, this is the perfect gift for him. Give him this exclusive Batman gift set that contains a Customized Rakhi, a Batarang Keychain, and a Mug that is designed in 3D in the shape of Batman and let your brother know that he is just what you need him to be.

Power Nap Pillow

raksha bandhan gifts for brother online

Just the perfect rakhi gift for brother, especially the one who can go to sleep just anytime and anywhere. This unusual and creative rakhi gift for brother is a travel essential with a compact cushion designed perfectly for him to rest his head against. Give him this cool pillow and let him get his share of sleep and quality rest wherever he is.

Travellers Laptop Bag

Best Gift For Rakhi 

This brightly coloured and cool looking laptop bag could be just the apt choice of Rakhi gifts for brother, the one who is always ready to leave to work. Having just the right blend of utility, style, and comfort, this laptop gives quite a trendy look to its user.

A Trendy Backpack

raksha bandhan return gift for brother from sister

Whether your brother is studying or earning, a backpack is something that he will always need. Gift him a trendy backpack as gifts for Rakshabandhan this year and help him keep all his essential things handy. A nice and spacious backpack that suits his requirement could be the best rakhi gift for brother.

3D Thor Hammer Mug

raksha bandhan return gift for brother

Let him enjoy sipping on his favourite beverage in a larger than life manner. Inspired by Thor’s iconic hammer from the Marvel series, a customized mug is a cool and collectible gift for a die-hard Thor fan. It gives a sense of power and worthiness like Thor to your brother who will surely love to have one of these as gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020. A brilliant choice of gifts for the ultimate Thor fanatics!


gifts for raksha bandhan

If your brother is always on the go because of his professional commitments, then a power back could be his true companion. Give him a nice power bank as gifts for Rakshabandhan this year and see to it that he never misses out on an important call due to low battery.

Sports Kit

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Be the best sister in the world, give him a sports kit as a Rakhi gift for brother this year and let him carry forward his passion for his favourite sport. Let me tell you, you are sure to receive a tight hug once you place this gift in the hands of your brother. So make this Rakshabandhan special by picking this sports kit as the best gift for your brother.

Best Brother Certificate

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It may sound a little weird, but this best brother certificate is surely one of the most thoughtful gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020. Get your adorable brother a personalised best brother certificate and get it framed for him. Gift it to him on this auspicious day and let him know how special he is to you. This is definitely one of the most special and unique gifts for brother.

We hope that you love all of our gifting ideas. Go ahead and make the right choice of gifts for Rakshabandhan 2020 and make this day to be even more memorable.

Happy Rakshabandhan!!

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