Cake Decoration Ideas With Chocolate In The Most Subtle and Creative Way

Cake decoration ideas with chocolates

Cake Decoration Ideas With Chocolate In The Most Subtle and Creative Way

To add to the glory with chocolates:

Cakes and chocolates were brought into existence to because to give the utmost pleasure to mankind. They are a heavenly combination. Imagine a world without chocolate, it would be a real disaster. Chocolates are a tree product, produced from cocoa beans. They are then roasted, cleaned, separated and ground into a fine powder. The actual chocolate which is unfinished and a raw powder is very bitter in nature and cannot be just eaten. The chocolate that we all are a fan of is made by adding different ingredients like butter and milk and then packed and sold.

simple chocolate cake decorating ideas
Chocolates have many health benefits as well. They release a hormone called dopamine, also called the hormone of happiness. Another benefit that chocolate holds is they are good for the heart and also acts as an antidepressant. Imagine you giving all these medical benefits explanations whenever you are asked not to have one. Now coming to the types of chocolates, it has many varieties, it also has many flavors. Flavors you and I are not aware of. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, compound chocolate and many more. These days you can also find these in molten and desiccated forms. They are available on every corner of the earth and just very tasty.  

When you order a chocolate cake you definitely must be expecting a chocolate frosting or chocolate decoration on your cake. But you can also learn to make your own chocolate frosting or icing for your homemade chocolates with cake decoration ideas with chocolate.

Cake Decoration Ideas With Chocolate

chocolate cake decoration

When you bake a cake, baking is not only the art you need to master but you also need to master the art of icing and decoration. Because the first rule of by any chef is that you eat the food with your eyes first and later with your mouth. So for it to be appealing and tempting icing or frosting or decoration is the art that you need to master.

Cake decoration ideas with chocolate are actually the simplest things. Today I will help you learn a few basic, simple yet the most tempting ways in which you can use these cake decoration ideas with chocolate with ease.

Simple chocolate cake decorating ideas:

birthday cake decorations

Whenever you bake a cake and then ice that cake with a regular icing or a butter icing, then you can decorate such a type of cake with chocolate powder. All you need to do is take a strainer and add two to three chocolate spoons of the chocolate powder in the strainer. Then carefully place the strainer on the top of your cake and start dusting that powder on top of that cake. Once you see that you see that most of the area is cover with powder. Then you can alternatively dust it using caster sugar. And on the sides of the cake, you could just stick a handful of choco chips and there you go you have the most simple chocolate cake decorating ideas. Just to avoid the mess, place a few newspapers on the table. Isn’t this a lovely cake decoration ideas with chocolate that is lovely and simple at the same time simple.

Chocolate Ganache:

how to decorate a cake at home easy

Ganache is generally a molten thick chocolate syrup poured on chocolate cake. These are generally made fresh and will not take much of your time to prepare one. It does not require a direct heating method. The method is known as a double boiler method. Where firstly take a deep vessel and fill with water, approximately fill the vessel with a ¾  amount of water, let the water boil. Then after that, take a glass bowl that fits exactly on the top of the vessel and in the chocolate. I suggest you cut the chocolate in small cubes so that it will be very easy for you to mix them and handle them. Now in a separate pan, add fresh and heavy cream. Then get it to a boil. After that let the cream cool down a little and then add the cream in the molten chocolate and mix it with a light hand using a cut and fold method. There you go, you have superb cake decoration ideas with chocolate

Chocolate cake decoration:

cake decoration at home

Chocolate cake decoration is very simple to make these days. This could be even used as birthday cake designs for kids or as cake decoration at home. It is a very simple cake decoration at home and also a very easy cake decorating ideas with chocolate that is simple. All you have to do is with the help of a double boiler method just like the previous method, melt chocolate. Now line a tray with parchment paper and now dip a spoon or a fork in the bowl of chocolate and drop zig-zag patterns on the tray and the let it undisturbed in the freezer for 2 hours or until the chocolate sets. You can do this with two different types of chocolates like white and regular chocolate if you want to use this as to birthday cake designs for kids. Once this set is ready, then carefully peel the chocolate off the paper and use it as a decoration. You can also do various types of cake decorations at home with this method. Isn’t this a simple yet elegant cake decoration ideas with chocolate.

Didn’t I tell you that cake decoration ideas with chocolate are actually are very simple, it is only the name that sounds difficult? Now a birthday cake decorations and how to decorate a cake at home easy is very simple with these birthday cake decorations ideas. Cake decoration at home is very simple and easy. All you need to know is the method that it follows.

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