Romantic Rooftop Cabana Dining at Hotel Sarang Palace

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If you are looking for places to surprise your special one, Hotel Sarang Palace in Jaipur is all you need. It is the ultimate destination for you and your loved one to spend a romantic evening together. So what are you waiting for? Get the best view of Jaipur with Hotel Sarang Palace!With a private garden decorated with bohemian style d├ęcor items like Teal Green, Golden & Blue trunks, Bird Cages, Hanging, Hand Crafted lanterns, Pink & White Roses, Exotic table decors, White Flower Chandelier, and Glittery Golden & Rose Cushions, Bohemian Cabana Candlelight Dining is the ultimate experience you need. Together with Customized Photography & Videography, the large area enables one to add a lot of high-end customizations to transform a simple celebration into a memorable one.

You can convey your emotions as you want with fully customizable intimate dining arrangements. A warm welcome on a red carpet covered in rose petals, a decorated wooden giant proposal heart, a starry moonlit sky, personalised floral arrangements, designer candles, and flavorful food and drinks are just a few of the special touches that may be found at a proposal. Let your loved one feel special with Hotel Sarang Palace!



  • Super-Romantic Decorations
  • Private Butlers
  • Personalised Arrangements
  • Flavorful food and drinks


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