Te Amo Garden Dining at Hotel Sarang Palace

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Do you enjoy the modern dating scene? Do you enjoy fancy international designer dates? Do you enjoy dining at extravagant restaurants? Do you favour romantic, dreamy celebrations that are worthy of Instagram? Our Te Amo garden dining experience is all you need! Te Amo Dining provides a very contemporary and very opulent intimate dining experience. Our most recent date idea was influenced by Spanish culture, traditions, and interior design trends.

Te Amo Dining is a lavish date that is set up in a lovely garden with air conditioning. With a handcrafted peacock chandelier, Ivory Rose cushions, and Fur, the designer handcrafted Canopy gives a cosy, soft round floor bed. A backdrop of Bougainvillea pink flowers, hanging lanterns, Instagrammable decorations, a pastel balloon tower, an ivory love balloon stand, a personalised message on a board, unique brass candle holders, Polka dots Bow & Donut cushions, a soulful romantic song being played in the background, chef-prepared delicacies consisting of your favourite foods and beverages, and tonnes of designer pictures for your Instagram feed all combine to create the ideal setting for enjoyment and creation of something special.



  • Customised Meals
  • Decoration (Customisation available)
  • Private Butlers
  • Soft songs
  • Spanish environment


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