Open Area Special Candle Light Setup at Ellaa Hotel

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If you love nature and want to plan a candlelight dinner with a natural green blue, then you can go with this. The garden’s simplicity, wild trees, flowers, and natural environment will thrift your heart.

You can go with candle lights and flowers. You can use a blanket pillow and cushion to make it more attractive. Chocolates are forever loved. For a classy dinner date, you can use chocolate dessert, some chocolate with strawberries. Good music videos always end up your dinner date well.

The best place for candlelight can be just an open space, also known as an Open area for unique occasion Candle Light Setup. Therefore, you can search for the options and choose the one that suits you best. Search for a nice restaurant with a cozy environment, breathtaking ambiance, and good food; make your bookings in advance. Make sure the restaurant complements your meals with beautiful fragrant candlelights, soothing music, and exotic cocktails or wine. But with us, you need to take any tension; we will plan everything for you.

If you plan a candlelight dinner age do garden, you can set up your table behind a tall tree that will make you feel like it is your private Paradise. You can plan the dresses for the special evening and shop together. The love in a relationship will increase manifold if you can surprise your partner with something special.

We understand you have a busy work schedule due to which you can’t organize such things for your loved ones, and this is why we Are here to help you manage the best cabana candlelight dinner in Ellaa Hotel Gachibowli.


About the activity:

Open area special occasion Candle Light Setup

Inclusions :
5 Course Meal for 2 People + Mocktails + Decorated Table.

Location : Ellaa hotel Gachibowli



What meals will we eat in the Open area, special occasion Candle Light dinner in Gachibowli?

The Exotic Rooftop candlelight dinner in Gachibowli offers 5 Course Meals for 2 People + Mocktails + Cake (250gms) + Decorated Table as shown in Pictures /Videos. The meals will be served from Continental cuisine, allowing you to choose between veg and non-veg options per your need.

The 5-course meals will be served to you on a decorated table. The table decoration will include flowers and candles, making it a perfect romantic night with your couple in order with an Open area special occasion Candle Light dinner. Moreover, apart from the 5-course meals, the package includes a welcome drink served when you reach the rooftop restaurant.


Are vegetarian options available in the open area candlelight dinner in Gachibowli?

Yes, the open-area candlelight dinner package includes a vegetarian option. It depends on the guests to choose from vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals will be based on continental cuisine.

As this Exotic open-area candlelight dinner is suitable for couples. Therefore, a couple is needed to book the package as it is applicable for 2 guests only. The package is a private activity and includes everything that can make the dining experience of a couple romantic and unforgettable with all the options of food served.


How much does the Open area special Candle Light dinner in Gachibowli costs?

The Rooftop Candle Light Dinner In Gachibowli costs around 12000 per couple without any stay in a hotel. The package includes a welcome drink, 5 Course Meal for 2 People + Mocktails + Cake (250gms) + Decorated Table as shown in Pictures /Videos. You will get options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian continental cuisine.

Apart from the dining benefits, we offer you the best price guarantee to enjoy your dinner with your loved ones without putting much burden on your pockets.


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