Let Your Friend Enjoy Her Birthday With Some Birthday Surprise Ideas For Her.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

Let Your Friend Enjoy Her Birthday With Some Birthday Surprise Ideas For Her.

It has been rightly said that we don’t choose our parents and no matter who we become, no matter what kind of person we turns out to be; our parents and other family members always love us for who we are. It has been also said that no matter if we can’t choose our parents but we can always choose our friends which I personally love to call as ‘the other parents’. And it was in this month only that we helped a group of friends with celebrating their best friend’s birthday as all of her friends were searching crazily for a birthday surprise ideas for best friend!

birthday present for best friends 

Friends have a huge value in our lives, the company we grew up in shape a lot of our personality, the surroundings and the people around us has a lot to do when it comes to shaping the person we are today. Similar to our parents our friends always know what are we up to, most of the closest friends we have sometimes tend to complete our incomplete sentences even. Our school friends have seen us grow as a person, how we used to vine at low marks to how we handled tough career decisions. And when it comes to college life, our college friends have seen us learning everything new and how we handle our emotional self and how we grow as a person.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

As we already know that everyone needs friends because it is very important to have someone of your own age along with you, as many times your parents won’t understand you the way your friends does. Many times you tell your stories to your friends instead of your mom and dad. That is why there is a famous quote for all the mom and dads out there that “be your child’s friend!”

Well, I guess for the person with so much importance in our lives we need to pay them back for all kindness and love they have given you for all these years and one of the old traditional ways in which we can pay them back is by giving them a surprise birthday party!

It’s time to surprise your friend:

So, all of her friends were going through internet and books in the search of the best birthday surprise ideas for best friend, and in that moment we all thought for a minute that why  to do something different this time, this time we managed to arrange not just one but many birthday surprises for her. And then all of them were throwing so many surprise birthday ideas for her. And then we arranged all the birthday surprise ideas for best friend chronologically. And here is what we did firstly.

birthday surprise ideas for friend

Birthday surprise ideas for best friend

First birthday surprise idea for friend was to book a mall’s roof top for their surprise party. We gave the invitation cards to all her childhood friends and all her college friends along with some office friends for the surprise birthday party at 8:00pm.

best friend birthday gifts for her

Second we choose from our birthday surprise ideas for best friend was to bake her favorite chocolate cake with the write up of her most famous slangs on the top of it, to add humor to the birthday party.

Number third on the list of birthday surprise ideas for best friend was to have her favorite cuisine from the country she always admired. So, one of her friends booked that food from her favorite restaurant and this was his birthday present for best friend. And the look she had on her face on after seeing those yummy- yummy food was worth everything.

birthday present for best friend

Then we checked for the best friend birthday gifts for her, and all of the gifts were unique and amazingly presented and the thought behind the gift was pure and to top it all, we had the wonderful company of all her best friends.

The first gift was presented by her childhood friend, he had so many surprise birthday ideas for her that it was very hard for him to choose from so many options but then he settled with a custom made coffee mug, as we all knew she loves to drink coffee so he presented her with a beautiful coffee mug with her picture on it.

The second gift was presented as one of the best birthday surprise ideas for best friend as one of our friends gifted her with a reward of being the ‘best and kindest friend of all time’! the tears in her eyes were truly pure as she saw that reward. It is very often we applause the relations we have with someone, it is very often we get the award for being the best friend, and here it was! The best among the best friend birthday gift for her was truly this crystal award.

surprise birthday ideas for her

The third gift was made by her beloved college roommate, she put all her devotion and time into that gift. She made a hand crafted photo frame of their first picture of college. This handmade birthday surprise gift for her really stood out from all the other best friend birthday gifts for her as it was made with love and not bought out of money.

The unmatchable love from the friends:

While we were jogging our memories so that we find new ideas for birthday surprise ideas for best friend we laughed at the fact that we almost forgot to have those traditional birthday presents for best friend. And that is nothing but flower and chocolates and obviously balloons, so we rushed to the nearest store and presented her with a bouquet of flowers she like and with a bouquet of balloons and a basket of chocolates.

birthday surprises for her

They  started the party by tricking her to come to the roof top and there all of her friends  shouted in excitement “happy birthday!” with the DJ playing her favorite mix tape they all danced and enjoyed their evening in the presence of the person they care so much about.

We were searching for the best and unique birthday surprise ideas for best friend but in that moment when we found that the love and care and happiness they all were sharing at the very moment, with sharing old memories and creating new ones and taking pictures.  

birthday surprise for best friends

We thought that this was the best birthday gift presented for a best friend.

In the end they had some fireworks and called it a day well spent!

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