A Surprise to your Partner in Crime – Your Sister, A Special Kind!


A Surprise to your Partner in Crime – Your Sister, A Special Kind!

Ever heard of ‘Soul Sisters’ or ‘Soul Brothers’? They are special beings on this planet who truly understand you. Not related in blood, but a profound connection that bonds the two of you. Someone who can read your mind and find the smallest trouble bothering you, they could move mountains and go to that extent to see you happy.

So is one of our happy customers. A beautiful girl graced with simplicity and innocence. Her soul brother wanted to throw her a birthday surprise and swipe her off her feet.

Joy of Birthday Surprise

Now that we know what a soul brother means, we could also understand how difficult it might have been for him to plan this surprise as his sister knows him in and out. She knows exactly what is going on in his mind. Away from her on her birthday, he didn’t want her day to go missing him.

He contacted us and gave us his idea of giving a birthday surprise to his sister. He told us that they share this unique bond of deep understanding and affection. And it’s no secret that we love this emotional connection with our customers and are more than happy to bring happiness to their friends and family.

Surprise with Balloons
We gear up and head out on the mission of this birthday surprise for his sister. This time we weren’t going to her house; instead, we planned an outdoor surprise for her, amidst nature, in a lovely, refreshing park, with serene surroundings.

We got to know from her brother that she loved balloons and chocolates. So how could we miss them in our execution of this birthday surprise? She had no idea what she was in for!

Beautiful Roses for Birthday
Contacting her close friends we ask them to bring her to this outdoor venue with some excuse. We give them special instructions to keep up secrecy on what we were up to as it would ruin all the fun and excitement. Her friends then deck her up and bring her to this wonderful park.

Surprise Birthday Cake
While she and her friends walked around in the park enjoying the beauty of nature and indulging themselves in gossip and chatter, we were on our feet to give her the best surprise of her life. Each of her friends was given a special task to do at different points of times. They had to carry out these tasks keeping them completely secret.

Let the fun begin!

One of her friends first came running up to her and handed her joy-filled balloons. Like any other teenager would do, she started jumping with excitement to see those lovely balloons. Not aware of what’s going to happen next she gets busy in admiring the balloons. So next we send another friend of hers to give her a big box of chocolates she loves! And again she has that big wide smile. You see, this is the effect of yummy chocolates on people. Unable to resist, she immediately opened them and popped one in her mouth.

Surprise Get Together
Highly elated she started thanking her bunch of friends! And they accepted her thankfulness as if they were the ones behind the entire set up. And they did this for us. Because a slight hint to her that they were not the ones behind surprising her would spoil the mood!

Now we make a grand entry; with a beautifully written wish board for her on one side and a delicious birthday cake on the other side. More than surprise, she was in a state of happy shock!

Love from the Best Friend
Because she couldn’t figure out that her brother could go this far in fooling her to give her this sweet birthday surprise. She began singing and dancing with joy.

As soon as she saw the wish board, she could not help, but snatch it from us; to know what message her brother has sent to her. As she read through it, we could see what it meant to her. Happiness radiated on her face like the morning sunshine and she was so happy that she kept talking and talking about her brother and how special is the bond that they share.

Joyful Day Filled with Love
She immediately gave him a call and as expected she was short of words to express her feelings. So all she did was constant jabbering! How lovely it was to watch their interaction. Though we’ve known the two of them for a very brief period their relationship was so relatable to all of us present there. We all got engrossed in listening to her stories.

Partly shy and partly outgoing, we gathered all her friends to sit down for the most remarkable moment of the day, Cake Cutting! We got to know her favourite flavour of cake and took her the same. As she made a wish to blow out the birthday candles we all cheered her and clapped for wishing her a very happy birthday.

Day of surprises with friends
Next, her brother had chosen for her the most special set of gifts. Each one picked and packed with the utmost care, making sure that every gift she received would remind her of how important she is to her brother. As she unwrapped each of them, nostalgia gathered her, but she was aware that all this effort was made by her brother to see her happy; she couldn’t let his efforts go waste. So she maintained her aura and didn’t let her spirit go low.

She loved being clicked for pictures. So she made sure that she posed well for the camera all the time with a smile so beautiful that it reflected her soul. A beautiful smile always makes a beautiful picture. And after all, she also had to show her brother how much she loved and enjoyed his idea to surprise her. She did not miss out to click pictures of all the elements that were part of her birthday surprise; even the smallest of things!

And we end on a happy note!

It has always been important for us to maintain the essence of relationships in our surprises. So each gift option that we offer you with is specially designed in a way that it would bring down a rush of memories even with a single glance. They remind her of all the mischief that they have done together. Every little thing she told us about them was so very important to her.

Express your Love
Enjoying the entire surprise idea she and her friends suddenly felt like dancing! So they put on their dancing shoes and started off. It was such a pleasure to watch them have fun! One of our longest timed events; filled with fun and frolic, definitely makes it to our list of best surprises planned.

Memorable Birthday Celebrations
Like we always say; it is our prime motive to spread joy and happiness in the life of your loved ones. We love to plan surprises and double fun for all your occasions.

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