Special Surprise For Husband On His Birthday

Birthday Surprise to Husband

Special Surprise For Husband On His Birthday

Your life partner is probably one of the most important people in your life. He/She is someone who is there for you in every step that you take. Having a good spouse makes your life a lot easier. Life can be hard at times, but having someone along your side helps in easing the difficulty.

Married life can be hard, especially if both husband and wife are doctors. But that does not apply to this family. Here we can see a perfect balance between the work-life and personal life of a couple. The wife wanted to give the husband an amazing surprise for his birthday. She does so every year, always coming up with new and innovative ideas for his birthday surprises. She knows how much her husband means to her and settles for nothing less than the best for her husband. This is when she gets in touch with BookTheSurprise for giving her husband a wonderful birthday surprise on his 41st birthday. 

So, on the husbands birthday, the team arrives at their house with the birthday surprise. He opens the door and finds the BookTheSurprise team with a huge bunch of helium balloons and lots of other surprises waiting at the door. He welcomes them in with a beautiful smile on his face. He and his family were wearing cute matching white t-shirts.

Birthday Surprise for Husband


The team then gives him a wish board with a message from his family. It reads the following 

”Our family … a bit of loud, a bit of crazy

a bit of chaos but a whole lot of love

We may not have it all together but together we can have it all.

Happy birthday to the one…because of who we r all ONE! Lots of love….UR crazy Family”

I think this message sums up everything we need to know about this beautiful family, who came up with this beautiful message. We can see from this message that the husband is the glue which holds the entire family together as one unit. In all the craziness and chaos that occurs on a normal household, they find a whole lot of love and togetherness and that is probably all that matters in a good family. 

The husband then receives a beautiful bouquet of roses from his wife. Roses manage to always lift anyone’s mood and it sure did lift his. Any party is incomplete without a birthday cake. Next, was the birthday cake cutting ceremony. He cut the cake along with his enthusiastic little boy. He and his family fed each other the cake and someone managed to put some icing on the birthday boy’s face as well!

Birthday Surprise


Moving on now it was time for opening all the gifts that his wife and the team had planned for him. First, was the Customized Wooden Chocolate Box. Everyone loves chocolates, it brings out the child in all of us. This was not just any chocolate box, the wife added her own personal touch to it with a cute message and photo on the lid of the box. While opening the presents he shares with the team, old memories when he and his wife were in college. He explains how they met in med school. He tells the team funny incidents in their lives like when he wanted to take his wife(then girlfriend) out on Valentine’s day to surprise her and he had to ask her dad’s permission for that. He tells the team that both sides of the family were, for the most part, supportive of their relationship. He fondly recollects how the grandmother was the one who took the first step in asking his wife’s family for the wife’s hand in marriage with her grandson.

He continued to open the other gifts in store for him. During the gift opening ceremony, we can also see that the family shares their thoughts and wishes for him. The parents of the wife, as well as the husband, are present at the party and they too share a few words. The qualities they mentioned about him are very heartfelt and they are very proud of him. 

Next in line with the gifts was an led pillow customised by his wife with a photo and a thoughtful quote. That was followed by his sister gifting him a plant.

Birthday Gift


Then his beautiful wife reads out a very thoughtful love contract for him. All this while the smile had not gone out of the birthday boy’s face. 

He then reads the thoughtful QR code messages from his family on his phone.

Here are the messages they shared for him on this special day.

“You are for the man you’ve become now and the precious son you have always been”-parents

“We shared a home, parents, celebrations, secrets in different directions, yet one route, separated by distance joined by love. You are the best sibling in the world”-siblings

“Husband and wife is physiological one is psycho other is logical you know who is who”-wife

He was probably very overwhelmed by all the love and thought that had gone into planning all this. The last among the gifts was a photo in a bottle of him and his little family.

The surprise ended with some beautiful sky lanterns and fireworks that lit the night sky. That was the end of his little birthday surprise. He did expect his wife to surprise him on his birthday but not to this extent. As the team left the building the sky lanterns flew far away into the night sky and the wife was happy that she could give her husband a good birthday surprise.

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