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Plan A Surprise Dinner at Mondo Fine Dine

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A place that often finds a place in our best places for candlelight dinner in Mumbai listicle is the Mondo Fine Dine. At the Mondo Fine Dine, it is time to spend some quality time with your significant other. Sterling Mac Candlelight Dinner is the best of all. You will have the best Mondo Fine Dine Candlelight dinner. Even just sitting at a table with decorations with your significant other is memorable and romantic! Your table will be elegantly decorated with candles and rose petals. People will admire the area’s serenity. You can visit this location for lunch or dinner. You will have the best candlelight dinner in Mumbai.

Drinks will be provided as part of the greeting. A private butler will serve a unique 6-course meal prepared by the chef to go with it. The restaurant offers top-notch Indian cuisine. This is the ideal approach to rediscovering love with the best candlelight dinner in Mumbai. Come for a Birthday and Anniversary candlelight dinner here. 

Was it the first time you caught a glimpse of her eyes that made you realise it? Or was it the first time you spoke to her? Or was it the moment you asked her to marry you? The lasting, committed love is what we yearn for, regardless of when it occurred. Deep down, the hopeless romantic in all of us isn’t going to give up either. On that important day that we want to share with our loved ones, we need the candlelight experiences more in our lives. Sprint for it because you run for your one and you battle for your one because the personal touch of the surprise will take your love to unthinkable heights. This Private candlelight dinner in Mumbai is the best experience for those looking for wholesome candle light dinner for couple experiences. This Romantic candle light dinner in Mumbai will be a great experience for you. 


This package for the lovely couple costs Rupees 3499.

This Candle Light Dining Experience includes a Table set up inside the restaurant, Welcome drinks (Two Mocktails), a 6-course menu (Best Non-Veg), and Table decoration with rose petals and candles. The dinner duration is for 2 hours. 

You also get a butler to serve the food. 

Place Exclusivity: Along with you, few other reservations will be there.


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