Swipe your Wife off her feet and Give her a Moment to Treasure!


Swipe your Wife off her feet and Give her a Moment to Treasure!

It’s a tough life; priorities take shape where work tops the list. And the reason is not difficult to guess; Money! Money is important in almost all facets of life. But, as they say, ‘There are some things money can’t buy.’ and money for sure cannot buy ‘Love’. It can be really tricky to balance money and relationships.

Money vs Relationships:

The most precious thing to you is the smile of your love. The relationship you share with your spouse is beyond any amount of money because money cannot buy the little things like sincerity, dedication and care towards your partner. There’s a very meaningful quote; “Security doesn’t come from Money, it comes from Relationships.” You can go to any extent to maintain that smile of your love. Again, as life takes its course, it becomes difficult to win over time and be a part of the most important days of your loved ones.

We, the surprise event planners, came up to the place with everything arranged in the bag of surprises along with most valued memories to be created.

Surprise Birthday Celebrations

Here is where we come into play! To make life easy for you and make you part of the special occasions in the life of your beloved despite the distances. It is what we do; plan birthday surprises for her and make your presence felt while your partner doesn’t lose the charm on his/her face. We must say, we are lucky enough to be a part of one such occasion for our happy customers because each of our customers brings us a lesson of life and all of us realise that nothing in the world can replace the love we get from our dear ones.

Special Greeting CardsBusy with many commitments on the work front, a renowned businessman gives us a call. He says that he would be missing out on the occasion of his wife’s birthday. He would be in a different city keeping up his professional commitments. On the other hand, it was his beautiful wife’s birthday. She was the love of his life, his reason for existence. All his hard work and everything that he did was just to keep that smile on her face. The gift of time is no doubt one of the exclusive gift ideas for women!

Surprise CelebrationsSo he hurried up with his work and decided to join in with us to surprise his wife! This is surely one of the best surprise ideas we have ever had. Let’s roll, here we come, making a grand entry as always with hundreds of heart-shaped balloons to brighten her mood. The look of amusement on her face was a sight to watch! And how she loved the balloons presentation. Her face turned as bright as the red balloons.

Balloons Surprise

She gave us a warm welcome and introduced to us her family members. Overwhelmed, we make all of them part of our celebration. We handed one of them the wish board which was excellently penned with love from her husband.

Surprise Surprise!

Once she read the wish board, she started guessing that something was fishy! The message was so full of expression, it easily leads her to guess the man behind the birthday surprises for her! Her charming husband!

Flowers and MemoriesNow he walks through the door with a smile full of love and containing a beautiful bouquet of roses. Handing them to her with the utmost affection, the two of them have quite a romantic moment. Adding to the celebration of birthday surprises for her is a yummy cake, bursting with flavours.

Birthday CakeEach of her family members came down with carefully chosen gifts for her. These gifts only brought about an extraordinary effect and made the occasion all the merrier. With every gift that she opened, she had a different level of excitement. And obviously, she fell in love with the surprise ideas and choice of gifts. Even something as small as a greeting card had a delightful effect on her.

Surprise for Wife

Having an adorable son, cute as a button, we gave him a box of chocolates to gift to his mother. As he handed it over to her, she realised that her little son is not so little anymore. He came bearing gifts of joy for her! That box of chocolates gifted by her son would have been on top of her list of birthday gifts. Even the little boy was in a state of surprise and was wondering in his innocent mind what everyone else was up to. All he knew was that it was his mother’s special day!

Choosing the path of ‘FREEDOM’

There is a very wonderful saying ‘The Secret of Happiness Is Freedom.”

We bring to her that happiness; giving her two pigeons to set free and make them fly. Stunned looking at those pretty little birds and getting a chance to do her bit in granting freedom to a living being, she really felt very happy and proud.

Freedom for Birds

The next exciting element to her birthday ideas; we carried along to add to the glamour of the occasion were sky lanterns! Pretty little things to light up the night sky. As she fondly lit those lanterns to leave them high up in the air she had a feeling of contentedness. She couldn’t ask for more and felt truly blessed.

Lantern Surprise

If you think that was it, then your absolutely wrong. The most captivating part of the celebration of unique birthday ideas arrived when the sky lanterns lit by her reached their maximum, followed by stunning firecrackers by us. She was so thrilled and excited to see the sky lit up with stars just for her! It really made her feel on top of the world; in its true sense.

Still spellbound with her husband’s birthday ideas for her, she talks through and thanks each one of us and her caring family members for a great time that she had.

Surprise Event Planners

Happy Customers!

Appreciating our hard work and involvement in the birthday ideas, she expressed her gratitude to us saying that this was the most special birthday celebration with the most extraordinary birthday ideas she ever had and that she would remember it all her life. Going above and beyond our customers’ expectations is what we aspire for always and we try to give them much more than they expect.

We bid the lovely family farewell by capturing a moment for them with the funny and unique party props that we took along. Each member of the family adorned a slightly different look from their usual to increase the fun quotient in the picture taken.

Family Celebrations

So here we go again, as an event planner team, we had another set of happy customers to join the club! It brings us immense pleasure to be the One stop spot for all your celebrations. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the occasion.

We’ve got everything under our hats; even the most minute detail that might not seem significant is important to us. Because it is the small things in life that make the most difference and take up the most room in your heart.

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