Lovely Long Distance Birthday Celebration Ideas Made Easy With Book The Surprise!

Birthday celebration ideas

Lovely Long Distance Birthday Celebration Ideas Made Easy With Book The Surprise!

Long Distance Birthday Celebration Ideas

long distance birthday gift ideas

Today’s event celebration is a bit different. The story revolves around long distance birthday celebration ideas. Okay, the celebration wasn’t long distance one it was celebrated in India but the person who planned for this event was the one stays at a long distance, away from his country, hometown, family, and friends.

A long distance birthday celebration ideas were planned for his girlfriend who stays back in India and her birthday was just around the corner. Like any other boyfriend, he could have surprised his girlfriend with a regular Whatsapp video call, where he would be standing there with a cupcake in his hand and then sending him a long message wishing her a birthday!

birthday surprise for girlfriend

But no, he did not do that, yes, there was a video call that was set up but to see how happy his girlfriend was after his saw and was a part of the surprise he planned for. He did not want any regular surprise birthday party for his girlfriend but he wanted to do something so special other than a surprise birthday party, that he planned for surprise birthday gifts for girlfriend and ordered for unique online birthday celebration ideas.

Online birthday celebration ideas

surprise birthday gifts for girlfriend

It is not easy for a long distance birthday celebration ideas to be done sitting in one corner of the planet and then organizing stuff at the other end. It is not too complicated as well if you have good and reliable helping hands.

long distance birthday gift ideas

Helping hands who not only would reduce your burden of planning but also the burden of executing and perfection. Now, a surprise without a perfect surprise plan is no birthday. And also like any other another guy he could have called his friends but if that was the case, he would have had to settle for something that they would have planned and could not even claim for what exactly he wanted.  

He was smart and this smartypants contacted us! Us, as in us Book The Surprise, the surprise party planner, organizers, executors, and much more.

Birthday surprise for girlfriend:

surprise birthday gifts for girlfriend

Let’s find out how did he do the surprise party planning for his girlfriend?  How did he actually plan a birthday surprise for girlfriend?

Well, the answer is quite simple, and like I already said he contacted us. So he emailed our number.  With a little mind in his mind of how could he surprise his girlfriend. But he still had no clue that we have been in this for years now and have been making long distance birthday celebration ideas for people like him.

long distance birthday gift ideas

So he spoke to our executive with a little knowledge of it could be done, but we were sure that before he ends the call he would have a completely new dimension of ideas with his for his surprise birthday gifts for girlfriend.

We knew that he was confused, but then that what we are for, guiding you with surprise ideas and making things possible. So, we had to make sure that he would for like our idea and our strategery of planning and execution. We would for leaving no stone unturned and left glad that he gave us the opportunity to show him what we could do!

Surprise birthday gifts for girlfriend:

surprise gifts

He selected the Red Beryl Surprise package from Book The Surprise for his long distance birthday celebration ideas. He read everything that was given in the description regarding the package and was partially impressed. We, humans, after all, are not completely satisfied until and unless we get to know and understand things. So with whatever confidence that he gained by talking over the phone call with us, he booked this surprise package as a long distance birthday celebration ideas.

Red Beryl Surprise package from BookTheSurprise – long distance birthday gift ideas

The idea was to surprise her on her birthday. This was the common part but what the uncommon and unknown part was that we had planned a birthday prank for her. A birthday prank followed by a surprise gift.

It all started with a knock at the door. The moment she held the door open, there was a guy standing at the door some cards in his hand and like anybody else, she was confused about what could that be.

surprise gifts for girlfriend

But then suddenly, she heard a pop sound and then suddenly there was another guy standing behind him with balloons in his hand, another person with a camera capturing all these moments. She felt a little strange. Then all of a sudden the first guy had all cards in his hand wishing her happy birthday. The board has lovely and sweet birthday wishes.

She still had a small clue that it was her boyfriend who had planned a long distance birthday celebration ideas with the help of Book The Surprise. Then in moments, there were party popper popping everywhere and a wish board with huge message wishing her a happy birthday. She got a little idea that it was her birthday surprise.

Then there was cake cutting which is the limelight of every birthday celebration, but this wasn’t any birthday celebration, but this was a long distance birthday celebration ideas and hence it has some other feature to add on to the limelight.

birthday surprise for girlfriend

She also had many other surprise gifts waiting for her. She has a bouquet of lovely roses and cupcakes to add on to the sweetness of her birthday, a personalised set of gifts including a beautifully printed mug with all her fantastic images and then a lovely picture frame with all her pictures.

And the best two gifts for that night were a lovely wish pot with a goldfish couple in it and a lantern lighting event to conclude the lovely birthday evening. Then came the most important part of the evening; the interaction session. After a long time spent chattering and laughing around, we called it a day. We also made a video call to the guy and the man behind all this!

And guess what? He was impressed with this long distance birthday celebration ideas!

And who are we? We are Book The Surprise!

We wish you guys all the best and hope that you keep surprising each other the same way!

With lots of love and luck!

-Team, Book The Surprise!

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