Double The Fun – Celebrate Your Dad’s Birthday With A Grand Surprise Birthday Gift For Dad On Father’s Day!

surprise birthday gift for dad

Double The Fun – Celebrate Your Dad’s Birthday With A Grand Surprise Birthday Gift For Dad On Father’s Day!

When you have two special occasions coming up together on one day, your father’s birthday falling on the occasion of Father’s Day this year. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Your father has been your guardian, provider, friend, protector, teacher, mentor, bank, chef, and everything else depending on the need of the hour. He is the one person in your life who you may find tough on the outside, but his heart melts at the smallest of things and gestures. A dad’s life is filled with the millions of things he has done and will keep doing for his children, loving deeds that are always very thoughtful. His whole life is based not only on the goals and dreams he has for himself but for his entire family. They have the strongest belief that their kids are the most well-mannered and decent human beings that he has raised with utmost care. They lead their children by example and guide them with patience and gratitude.

birthday gift for father

Just by being there, fathers teach us the most important things in day-to-day life. These things we tend to pick up just by observing them. So, fathers tend to be very careful in their approach towards life, to help guide their children in the right direction, instead of setting a wrong example. They say that a child spent almost his entire day around his mother, and the father comes into play just for a few hours after late evening. Despite the very few hours that a dad gets to spend with his children, these times teach the child some of life’s most important lessons. It seems like dads bring along with them an unspeakable power in the hours of darkness, and there is always much more to being a father than what meets the eye.

A Dad’s Heart – A Masterpiece Of Nature!

For every child, their father is the best person in their life. Right from holding your hand at the fare to guiding you through life’s biggest decisions, he assures you that everything is going to be ok. He’s always been a true gentleman, sophisticated and wise, filled with invaluable advice from his life that is full of experiences. Being a father is the noblest trait that any man can possess. There are truly no words to describe the heart of a father, they are always giving and filled with unconditional love, and places the needs of his children always above his needs. Every child needs a gentle hand and some guidance to grow well in life, and the love of a father is the most influential thing that helps a child to have a positive mindset and outlook towards life. A dad truly has a heart made of gold!

Birthday Gifts for dad

It is such a wonderful coincidence when you get to celebrate and honour your father for two very important reasons on the same day, celebrating his birthday and Father’s Day on the same day. Double the reason to shower him with praises and show your gratitude to him for have always been there by your side. Today we have a loving and dearest father to all his children, and each one of them admires him to a great extent. This father is blessed with the love of three daughters who have married abroad and a son who is pursuing his education. All of them wished to have a grand birthday bash for their dad this year with the most amazing surprise birthday gift for dad.just by doing something as simple as getting in touch in with our team of surprise planners, they plan for some of the best birthday gifts for dad on Father’s Day. They wanted a special surprise birthday gift for dad to thank him for all the love he has showered on them since the day they were born.

It Takes Someone Really Special To Be A Dad!

birthday gift for father on father's day

Once the plan for their dad’s birthday celebration was set as a unique surprise birthday gift for dad, all of these kids eagerly awaited this double celebration day. On the big day, as we knock on the door of their house, and as the loving father comes to open it, he is taken aback by surprise to see such abundant love from his children and birthday presents for dad. As we all know that dads are men with few words, and thus, he was unable to express his happiness with these best birthday gifts for dad on Father’s Day, which in turn reflected all over his face through a wide smile. We begin the celebration by presenting to him some brightly colored balloons, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and a blast of party poppers as some small and special birthday presents for dad from daughter.

Birthday surprise for dad

There is a delicious cake that is presented as a surprise birthday gift for dad which has wishes for both, his birthday and Father’s Day. For the very thoughtful person that he has always been, he brings in his father, the children’s grandfather to cut the cake as an ode to his father. With a sweet little cake cutting ceremony, he got to know about the abundant love his children had for him. Each one of them had a few special words as a birthday gift for father on Father’s Day, their hero. They were:

birthday presents for dad from daughter

“I am very fortunate and blessed to have you as my father. Happy Birthday and Father’s Day, Dad!” -Rachana

“I am as lucky as I can be. World’s best dad belongs to me. Wish you a very happy birthday and Father’s Day Dad!” -Monika

“I am where I am today because of you. It’s not always easy to find time to spend together or talk on the phone, but I want you to know that you’ll always be my hero, and I’m always thinking of you, near or far. I know you don’t always like my choices or agree with me and vice versa, but I know we will be both there for each other to support no matter what. Happy Birthday and Father’s Day, Dad!” -Nikitha

“Dad one day… I will make you proud. I promise. Happy Birthday and Father’s Day, Dad!” -Abhinav

birthday gifts for dad from daughter

All of these special words and love from his children were much more precious than any surprise birthday gift for dad. Nonetheless, there were some brilliant birthday gifts for dad from daughter that was arranged for. There were two very special personalised and surprise birthday gift for dad, a beautiful photo collage of memories that the entire family made together and a cute little photo mug for their dad. He loved them from the bottom of his heart and thought each of them to be a unique surprise birthday gift for dad. There was also a mason jar that was filled with numerous reasons as to why all these kids loved their father with all their heart. This, most of all the gifts was a literal surprise birthday gift for dad. He had a heart-melting moment to receive so much love and affection!

best birthday gifts for dad on father's day

Abundant Love And Blessings For Their Dad, Their Hero!

birthday presents for dad

By sending each one of the surprise birthday gift for dad, these children wanted to express to their father the highest form of gratitude thanking him for every little sacrifice that he has made for them. They know that any gift would not be able to replace his love, but all of these surprise birthday gift for father on Father’s Day is like a token of their love and appreciation for him.

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