An Amazing First Birthday Gift For Wife After Marriage With An Excellent Surprise Party!

First Birthday Gift for wife

An Amazing First Birthday Gift For Wife After Marriage With An Excellent Surprise Party!

First birthday gift for wife after marriage

To all the married couples have you ever imagined what a beautiful thing it could be to give a birthday surprise to your better half? Have you ever had a thought of how could you give a first birthday gift for wife after marriage?

surprise birthday gift for wife
It is all such small and little thing that matters the most and also at the same time, it is the only way in which you can give a new and memorable start to something that is absolutely new for both of you.

I think it could be the way to tell your wife that you actually care for. And so is our today’s event story. It was an amazing and yet a subtle First birthday gift for a wife after marriage.

first birthday gift for wife after marriage
It was chaos to being with. No idea and no thought as to where could he give it a start. Of course, he was a husband and also that he had no idea what could be his wife’s choice.

So he just as any other layman could be is to start planning things accordingly for a surprise himself. He just wanted to give his wife the best birthday surprise for wife with like every surprise party have a lovely surprise party followed by beautiful surprise gifts. He wanted to leave no stone unturned to make his wife’s birthday surprise the best and memorable.

Surprise birthday gift for wife

birthday surprise for wife
If you are curious to find out what did he do and how could this event finally happen, then please hop on and read on!

So, our poor Mr Hubby had no clue and has in desperate need of a helping hand or I would rather say desperate need of helping hands and an executive brain. So was helpless and weary.

One fine morning, like any other morning he showed himself to work with the same tsunami of thoughts in his mind. As to how could give the best birthday gift for wife after marriage!?

birthday surprise party
Then it was his sheer luck that he then happens to learn about BookTheSurprise. I would rather say that it was his lucky day that he found us.

And then, as usual, he dialled the number given on the screen. Yes, I would say that was the turning point for his first birthday gift for wife after marriage and surprise to be brushed and polished.

surprise gifts
Mind that we explained to him the complete concept, about how we are not an event management company but a company that makes events happen. We execute events but then it is not just any event for us and that we pay close attention to every event, as ever is different.

Birthday surprise party – first birthday gift for wife after marriage

first birthday gift for wife after marriage
The chapter of confusion hasn’t ended yet. After we explained to him everything, the next the big challenge that he has to overcome was to visit our website and select a package of his choice.

But as usual, he was confused! So, yeah, we helped him here to select a package to his choice, which he thinks his wife would like.

He selected the Helium 3 Birthday Surprise pack!

Come let us find out how was the celebration executed!

The surprise party – first birthday gifts for wife

first birthday gift for wife after marriage
It was the most awaited day for all of us. He wished her birthday at midnight and acted aloof like he hadn’t planned anything at all. It was later when the sun shone bright and when she actually thought that it was just a regular birthday that is where her boring and dull birthday took an amazing turn.

birthday surprise for wife
A sudden surprise prank at the door, with a guy standing with lots of balloons and a card that had something written on it. Not aware of what that could be. The moment she opened the door there was a huge pop sound and they were glitter falling from the sky.

She was shocked. Then there popped up a card that had all lovely birthday wishes written on them, she started reading one by one as we made it continent for her to read. Then there was cake cutting followed by the bouquet of flower presented by him to his wife as his first birthday gift for wife after marriage.

birthday surprise party
There were chocolates, personalized which included picture collage mug and a picture collage of their lovely memory. There was a photographer capturing every moment without even missing a single one. There were cupcakes to add on to the sweetness.

This lovely event concluded with lighting the sky lanterns. There was a lovely photoshoot by us for them.

It was a lovely event. It was an amazing event. And how were we? I just forgot to say, we are Book The Surprise!

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