Valentine’s Day Hamper


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Valentine’s Day Hamper

There is a Valentine Contract that binds the recipient to a set of rules mentioned in the contract. Nothing serious, don’t worry! There are also a few questions for your partner. The Magic Mirror Greeting Card lets the recipient know who is the cutest person in the world. The mirror inside shows that he/she is the most stunning, beautiful and loveliest person. There are 5 Love Recipe cards with romantically written recipes. Have fun stirring them up. The ‘7 reasons to be mine’ cards are 7 reasons why you both should be together forever. The ‘Mailbox for Valentine’ is a set of 5 postcards with super-cute messages to meet your loved one’s heart. The box of Magnet Mémoire is a set of customisable fridge magnets where you can write messages using the mini pen-marker and duster. The Love Journal is a collection of love letters with different themes – Vintage, Disney, Legal, Gamer, Foodie, Nerdy and Bollywood! The days leading to Valentine’s Day are exciting. So we have created 6 Countdown cards – Propose Day, Rose Day, Teddy Day etc. There is a unique Valentine Day Easel that you can personalize by putting in a photo. A Valentine’s Day photo frame and a pouch of chocolates can be found. The last thing of this humongous hamper is ‘Love in the Bottle’ – a tiny bottle filled up with a romantic message!



  •  Valentine’s Day Contract
  • Magic Mirror Greeting Card
  • 5 Love Recipe cards
  • 7 ‘7 reasons to be mine’ cards
  • 5 ‘Mailbox for Valentine’ postcards
  • Magnet Mémoire 
  • 7 letters of ‘Love Journal’
  • 6 Valentines Day Countdown cards
  • Valentine’s Day Easel
  • Love In the Bottle
  • Photo frame
  • Chocolates



  • 5 photos for fridge magnets
  • 1 photo for easel
  • 1 message for the bottle


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