Pillow For Long Distance Love

Pillow For Long Distance Love


Product Overview:

A set of two pillows for couples. It will display a funny fact about each of you and also show where you are from. It will also contain photos of the two of you.



These pillows are probably the best pair of pillows you have ever seen. You will have one pillow each displaying some fun facts and pictures about the two of you. It will display which state each of you is from along with your photos. This is a nice gift in case you have to live away from your loved one for some time. The couple pillow will remind the two of you of each other and make the separation feel less painful. Where you are in the world your loved one will always be with you in your heart.   


2 personalized couple pillows


The name of the states you are from

Photos of the 2 of you

2 fun facts of each of you


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