Pencil Art


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Pencil Art

Want to surprise someone with a gift that will make a statement in itself? Look at this idea. A gift with an artistic touch because this personalised handmade pencil carving is a form of micro art. A small pencil lead is carved to write the name of the recipient and maybe an emoji too. An exciting gift to make your special person feel more loved. This tiny gift has the power to spread a lot of love and happiness. Professional artists dexterously carve out the recipient’s name. Once the name is elegantly carved on the thin pencil, it will be put inside a little glass bottle. This is a very uncommon gift which makes it all the more special. The recipient will definitely wonder how such neat carvings are made in this small area.  But a gift is not about the size, it is about the emotion surrounding it and how much thought has gone behind it. This artistic gift has been made with a lot of patience and passion so everyone will appreciate a gift like this.



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