Netflix Contract

The Netflix Contract is a one-of-its-kind way to give someone a surprise. The unusuality of the gift would make one really delighted to receive this gift. The contract cover pages look really bright with the use of white and red on black. The contract binds the recipient of the contract with the given terms and conditions to the client. Needless to say, the naughty and lucky client here is none other than you. ‘Netflix and Chill’ is a valid phrase now and what chilling denotes depends on two people chilling while watching things on the streaming platform. You also must be having a Netflix watching partner whether it is your spouse, your roommate or a buddy with whom you share the subscription. It is generally seen that when two people watch Netflix together, there are already some unspoken rules which both partners expect the other to follow. Still, they cannot help but suspect if they are being deceived. This is an adorable problem. If you also experience the same issues which sometimes lead to mini-fights, bind him/her with this contract now so that you don’t lose sleep over Netflix. Examples of the funny rules are: Delete the Netflix app on your phone and You cannot Netflix at work. Hey, we are sure you know why such rules had to be included, now just get your partner to sign the contract for your benefit!


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