Naughty Open When


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Naughty Open When

Those romantic love-making nights shouldn’t be the same every night, right?  You or your partner don’t always remain in the same mood. That would make the romance dull! So, we have created a set of ‘Open when…’ set of letters that she/he has to open according to the mood. Just these are not regular love letters, they all have a naughty touch to them. The five envelopes have quirky stickers on them saying – Open when you want to feel my lips, Open when you are craving for it, Open when you want to be the boss, open when you want a love game and open when you want a private strip show. The 5 envelopes have a ‘Are you feeling lucky?’ scratch card inside each one. Three options or treats have been listed. One has to scratch the box given on the left to know which sensuous experience she/he would be enjoying that night. Can’t wait? Order ASAP!


For any further details about this surprise, you can call us on +91 9000984662.



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