Name A Star For Valentine


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Name A Star For Valentine

You might have promised the stars to your beloved. On Valentine’s Day, act on those promises in this spectacular way. Take the opportunity of this special day to name a star after your soulmate. Can you think of any other equivalent idea which can make her feel giddy with joy? Send us his/her name and tell us which star you wish to name after her. We would do the rest. Your sweetheart will receive Valentine’s Day frame showing the star in the constellation which has been named after the lucky one. There will also be a certificate that certifies a private registration has been done. It is like a fact-sheet. Oh, can you imagine the bright smile and shining eyes of your beloved when she/he unravels this gift which says ‘A Star for My Star’? Yes, he/she is a star…an absolute rockstar at that who deserves nothing less than a star named after him/her.


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