Name A Star For New Year


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Name A Star For New Year

New Year is all about hopes and dreams. Stars represent hope to us because they shine when there is darkness all around. We all wish upon stars by looking at them. New Year’s Eve is one such night when we love to sky-watch to bid goodbye to the old year and ring in the new. Some of us like to do so with a close one. Are you planning to do the same or just simply want to gift a closed one something special? A Star for the Star in your life, maybe?

Yes, now you can make that special person go over the moon by presenting a star named after her/him. All you have to do is send in her/his name. You will be able to name a star. This marvellous gift consists of a Frame where the star which has been named has been shown in a beautiful manner along with a meaningful message. There is also a certificate regarding the name and the star. It is also the fact-sheet about the star and constellation. Start the New Year by giving a gift which is of a new kind.


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