Minions Coffee Mugs


A cute pair of minions coffee mugs for siblings. Set of 2 coffee mugs for elder and younger siblings.

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Minions Coffee Mugs

We love to fight with our siblings. Elder siblings like to boss over their younger sisters or brothers. While, younger ones like to do things in their own unique way. Well, whether you are the elder or the younger sibling, you are sure to like this pair of minion cups. No matter how much we fight with our siblings, we still love them more than anything in the world. Express this love to them with these cute minion mugs.

What could be cuter than matching coffee mugs? This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate your adorable relationship with your sibling through matching minion coffee mugs. 

This set of two coffee mugs comes with minion-themed illustrations. Also, there is no need for arguing now, because the elder one has their own mug while the younger one gets their own. So, mark your sibling relationship through these brother-sister coffee mugs. 


2 Siblings Coffee Mugs


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