Love Making Contract


Spice up your love-making with a naughty contract that is drafted with some intimidating terms & conditions to entice your partner! 

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Sometimes, love stories need to be refurbished and revamped, so as to bring back the novel and feel-good romantic vibes to your relationship and yes you can very well attain this by choosing not to step outside your warm and comfy home. The best idea is to give a make-over to your relationship by saying yes to wild and naughty games that will add some brownie points into your love basket. 

So, why wait? Get ready to add a little bit of spice and naughtiness to your romantic relationship with a naughty contract that comes with some of the funniest terms and conditions to be followed by the recipient and the giver. 

The eight fun-filled terms that the contract entails are to be signed and followed by the receiver of the contract. 

The six terms of the contract are as follows: 

  • The recipient should evoke a romantic mood by making one of the following arrangements 
  1. Scented candles & rose petals in the bathtub 
  2. Decorated bed with flowers and a romantic ambience 
  3. Slow and romantic instrumental music with night lights 
  • The recipient can demand to fulfil any of these dirty fantasies once every week to make the night sassy!! 
  1. Blindfold me for some real bedroom naughtiness 
  2. Give me a sensual massage that is erotic 
  3. Tease and seduce me with a slow stripping 
  • The recipient should initiate the first touch with 
  1. A direct french kiss (should be passionate)
  2. Whisper the dirty talk and enact the same
  3. An earlobe kiss followed by a wet kiss 
  • The Lovemaking should involve ALL of these 
  1. A Hickey 
  2. A Love Bite 
  3. An intimidating belly button kiss 
  • The recipient should use any of these dirty “Turn me On” objects to spice up the lovemaking 
  1. Handcuffs
  2. Icecream 
  3. Champagne 
  • The recipient should not miss on any of these rules
  1. Should ALWAYS let me undress with intense smooches
  2. Hookup with me on the days when it’s raining cats and dogs
  3. Turn me on with seductive acts and talks before making love
  • The lovemaking should end with one the followings
  1. Eating Pizza with me naked on the bed
  2. Telling me how much I mean to you
  3. Sip red wine with me with clothes barely put on 
  • The recipient should pamper me with any one of these every day
  1. Eskimo Kiss followed by a forehead kiss before leaving to work
  2. Cuddle up with me and make me feel warm in your arms every night
  3. Let me taste your 50 shades of kisses – not on lips!


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