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Dedicate A Tree For Friend

Dedicating a tree to your mother will be an honourable way to show your appreciation and adulation. This is a gift which will stay on for very long. Whenever you dedicate a tree to your mom, she will get a certificate of the same in a tiny glass jar and a lovely big frame stating that she has been given the gift of nature by you and the place where the tree is will also be mentioned. All the things come parcelled in a simple and sophisticated brown box. This is a wonderful way of celebrating life events and so, it will make a lovely Birthday gift for your mom. Mothers are always giving, always nurturing. A tree does the same for the earth. We could not think of a more appropriate gift for mothers, whatever the occasion might be. Leave the done-to-death cards and chocolates this time and say thank you to your mother and mother nature through this generous gift.



  • Your mother’s name


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