Chocolate Jar

This is an airtight glass jar with delicious chocolates kept inside them. The jar has a very quirky look because of the witty play of words and cute images on its wrapping paper like You re Teariffic (You’re terrific) and I love you a Latte (I love you a lot!). The glass jar can be reused later after its content gets consumed as it is a multipurpose jar. The delicious chocolates are wrapped in golden and silver foils. The whole jar is packed very creatively with a transparent printed wrapping plastic with a ribbon tied around it. This makes the jar of chocolate look as sweet as the chocolates inside. It is a gift that can never fail to make the recipient happy. The homemade chocolates are high in taste with a smooth and rich texture. Make a beautiful bond stronger by gifting this exclusive jar of chocolates. When words are not enough, express your emotions with these chocolates. 


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