Box Full of Love for Valentine Hamper


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Box Full of Love for Valentine Hamper

This is not just another gift hamper filled with randomly assorted things.

It includes 7 cards on ‘7 Reasons to mine’, basically providing your lover with 7 valid reasons on why you two must be together. Each reasoning card comes with an individual envelope. It also has a fun ‘Valentine Contract’ which has some rules which your loved one has to follow.

 There are also some questions. There is the magic mirror card which is a greeting card with a mirror inside. The reflection of the mirror will let your special one she /he is the cutest one on earth. There is Magnet Mémoire which a set of 5 fridge magnets that you can get customised by sending 5 photos of your choice. A duster and a mini marker have been provided so that you can write your own messages. The ‘Sweet Somethings included is a set of 6 cards where 5 cards contain messages of appreciation for your partner and the 6th one is a certificate certifying him/her as the best.’ There is also a small red pouch of chocolates. 


We are certain the box will live up to its name. So go ahead and spoil your loved one silly.



  • 7 Reasons to be mine
  • Valentine Contract
  • Magic Mirror Card
  • Magnet Mémoire 
  • Sweet somethings
  • Pouch of chocolates



          5 photos for fridge magnets


          For any further details about this surprise, you can call us on +91 9000984662.



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