All About Me Coffee Mug


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personalised coffee mug that displays you or your dear one’s key features.

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All About Me Coffee Mug


How should you show your loved one that you love everything about them?

Through the “All About Me” coffee mug for certain. 

This purely customisable coffee mug comes with a picture of your loved one, along with everything that makes them unique, be it their personality, their home or their strengths, 

There is no better way to remind your dear one that they are perfect the way they are, and that you appreciate and celebrate every single thing about them. 

This creative gift will make them feel loved and happy,


2 photographs

The following details:

  • Birthday
  • City he/she hails from
  • Favourite food
  • One strength
  • Something this person says very often
  • Nickname
  • Favourite Adda
  • Favourite game
  • And three other characteristic traits of this person.


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