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We all love surprises, don’t we? Sometimes even though we have this amazing plan in our head but somehow we just can’t execute the way we imagined……This is where we come into your beautiful plan and make it work like magic. Who are we? "Bookthesurprise" We are your personalized minion force to create an everlasting and enchanting surprise for your special someone. Bookthesurprise is all about helping you in making your surprise work. We literally specialize in making your loved one feel most SPECIAL! Okay, so it goes like, you just weave a dream and we will execute it just the way you want it! We are a team of highly skilled organizers and we make sure that at the end of our work, we see a big smile on our customer’s face. Just give us a call and we will help you to the best way we can. Oh so you don’t have a plan? No worries, we can help you out in planning too. Be it a birthday party, anniversary, proposal, or any occasion which matters to you, live music, Flash Mob and candle light dinner. To sum it all we can execute every plan you've ever seen in movies! be it a grand one or just a lovey dovey setup. We will do it for you. We promise to make it larger than life!

Amazing Surprise Party Packages for you.