Balloon Gift Ideas to Add A Little Fun and Creativity In Celebrations


Wanting to break the stereotypes of gift giving with something cute and adorable? Here you go people, we have fun ideas that come with a balloon in a box that is loaded with creativity and excitement for the recipient. Make the most important occasions in the life of your dear ones even more fun and enthusiastic with extraordinary celebrations with a personalized balloon in a box. Plan ahead and order for these themed customized balloon gift box ideas that are exploding with love and lots of fun.

Made with a high amount of creativity and versatility, these balloon in a box ideas are the most unique surprises and trendiest ideas on the block. Even the most fabulous gift ideas will fall short of creativity in front of these balloon gift box ideas. Make every occasion turn to be the happiest with lovely goodies coming along with these balloon in box gift ideas.

Sounds cute, right? Balloons are already said to be the cutest and most colorful elements of celebration. Imagine combining the cuteness of balloons with unique surprises! Just pop them by your dear ones and let them enjoy a celebration filled with fun and frolic.


Balloon Gifts – Unique Surprises That Guarantee The Best Of Smiles!

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” ~ Winnie the Pooh

Balloon in a box ideas are the most unique surprises that are fantastic to present on special occasions. It is one of the most magical gifting concepts that come with gorgeous looking balloons packaged with love and brilliance. The recipient of this personalized balloon in a box will be startled with joy and will feel utterly delightful to have received this beautiful present. You surely will be applauded for your choice of gifting and will top their list of favorite gift-givers.

Deliver to them the best surprise that they could ever think of with these balloon in a box ideas that will add to the joy of special day. These specially designed arrangements of love coming in the form of a balloon gift delivery will be a creative gift that will cheer them in an unstoppable manner and leave them totally thrilled. This spectacle of creativity will leave a long-lasting impression on their mind and take their excitement and happiness to a whole new level.

Personalized Balloon In A Box – Ideas To Leave Your Dear Ones As Happy As They Could Be!

Coming in 4 exclusive variants, one better than the other, these unique surprises of balloon in a box will indeed be the best thing to happen to the recipient on their special day. Choose from these delightful options of a balloon Gift box and make them feel extraordinarily special.


1. Hug Me – Cuddlesome Balloon Gift

A huggable gift to make your dear one’s special filled with the warmth of love, this ‘Hug Me’ Cuddlesome Balloon In A Box will accentuate their enthusiasm of celebration taking it to new heights. Whatever might be the occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, welcome of a newborn, expressing love, or missing your partner, convey your heartfelt emotions across in the most exclusive manner with this cuddly balloon Gift box.

Upon receiving this adorable looking box, the recipient will be amused to see a soft and cuddly teddy bear placed in a lovely manner inside a gorgeous looking balloon. Also, the packaging of this balloon in a box revolving around the ‘Hug Me’ concept is so beautifully done that it will leave your dear ones completely mesmerized. The little teddy bear placed within this balloon carries a special message that reflects your love and care for the recipient in the form of a sash that the bear wears. Also, there are little personalized messages and notes that are placed alongside this Hug Me Stuffed Balloon In A Box that will make the recipient even happier. These little notes can be either best wishes for the occasion or messages that show your love and affection for the recipient.


2. Open Me –Enticing Bubble Treasure

Another adorable set of unique surprises to make the special day of your dear ones to be filled with love and excitement, these ‘Open Me’ surprise balloon in a box ideas give leave the recipient awestruck and overwhelmed with happiness. Coming in cute designs depending on the occasion at hand like birthday, anniversary, graduation, love, etc., these balloon gift ideas are truly one of a kind and will deliver just the right message of love to let the recipient know how important he/she is to you.

As the recipient is presented with this ‘Open Me’ surprise balloon in a box, he/she will instantly have a beautiful smile on their faces. This would happen just as they would follow the ‘Open Me’ instructions on the outside of this balloon box. As they open it, they will be mesmerized to see a beautiful looking balloon floating its way out with an adorable message on it. Themed around various occasions and concepts, these ‘Open Me’ surprise balloon ideas are sure to leave them beaming with happiness. The little notes of love and best wishes coming along with this balloon in a box will warm their heart completely and make them feel lucky to have you in their life.


3. Pop Me- Surprise Balloon Revelation

This exclusive balloon in a box gift idea that says ‘Pop Me’ will treat the recipient to a pop of happiness like never before. Make any special occasion extraordinary with these unique surprises in the form of a personalized balloon in a box and let them know that they mean the world to you. These cute little boxes containing personalized balloons themed around your occasion or celebration come with a WOW factor to leave the recipient stunned with joy.

This balloon in a box when open will instruct the recipient to pop the little personalized balloon that placed in a lovely and decorative manner inside a sweet little box. Also, when the recipient opens this ‘Pop Me’ balloon in a box, your little love notes will be something that they will definitely love for they will across as sweet editions to your surprise ideas. Once the recipient pops into the balloon, out comes a fancy looking card with your heartfelt emotions conveyed in the sweetest manner. This little surprise will make the recipient feel on top of the world. The best part about this ‘Pop Me’ balloon in a box is its creativity that will leave the recipient amused and happy to the core.


4. Blow Me – Exciting Balloon Wish Cards –

Now, instead of just showering your dear ones with love and surprises for their special day, why not make them work a little hard for their gift. This will make them even happier and they will treasure the memories of these unique surprises forever in their heart. This concept of making the recipient work hard towards their gift is what makes the ‘Blow Me’ balloon card to be all the more interesting. Depending on the occasion that you are celebrating, these little cards come along with a sweet little balloon that read ‘Blow Me’ The greeting cards that are placed in these unique surprises are designed with love for your dear ones and are each exclusive and of their own kind.

On reading this adorable greeting and receiving the balloon, the recipient will be taken aback by surprise. Just ask them to go with the flow for a delightful experience and blow the balloon. As the balloon is blown to a considerable size, the smile on the face of the recipient will seem to widen as they read a beautiful message coming on the balloon. Super cute, isn’t it?!

There you go people, these personalized balloon in a box surprise ideas are here for you, exclusively from BookTheSurpirse, to heighten your joy of celebration and make your dear ones lucky to have so much love around them. Add to the charm and uniqueness as you celebrate a special occasion with style and grandeur with these balloon in a box gift ideas. Let your favorite people in the world indulge some pure happiness that they totally deserve and be the reason behind their wide-toothed grin. Enjoy a celebration like never before with these out-of-the-world and exquisite gift ideas that are brimming with your love and a big dose of creativity to add brilliance to your special day.

A stunning and adorable experience for the people you hold close to your heart, brilliance personified, a cute balloon in a box!

Balloon gifts – A Fresh Approach to Make Your Surprise Vivid & Vibrant!

A gift is not just a thing, rather a gesture, an emotion that is wrapped in a shiny package. Having the charm of making the eye twinkle, this is one of the sweetest methods of telling your loved ones that their happiness is precious to you. In addition, the entity depicts the affection for your giftee and also shows the effort that you put in seeking the favourite stuff of your loved ones.

Gifts can take different forms. They can be the simplest of objects like any day-to-day commodity, a memento to remind them of those wonderful times or something that your dear one has been thinking to get their hands on for a while. What more,they don’t necessarily need to be objects. At times, an expression is a great approach to stun your dear ones and to express their importance in your life.

Another great feature of presents is that they are evergreen.They can be a part of some milestone, say, growing up a year older, congratulating someone,completing another year of togetherness and a retirement party. At the same time, they can also be given to people on any random day to tell them how incredible they are, as a gratitude gesture or to simply brighten their day. Moreover,presents act as a great conversation icebreaker after an argument or a  misunderstanding.

Thus, it won’t be an understatement that gifts can make everything better.They have the capability of catching anyone’s attention and turning any day into a joyous one.

Gifts and Balloons- The Terrific Pair

Talking about attractive items and festive feels , there is one more name that crosses our minds- the pretty and plump balloons.

Soaked in different bright colours and having an almost negligible weight, these air sacs are considered a must whenever there is a mention of birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers or any sort of radiant social gathering. Gone are the days, when the balloons were just perceived as a kids’ favourite plaything or used merely like a decoration prop only for birthdays.With various variations in the market, they can be moulded in unimaginable ways to elevate the charm of any occassion’s ambiance. Because of this versatile nature,  the air pouches have made a place in not only house parties, but in business functions too, such as corporate events, store anniversaries and shop inaugurations.

Thus, just like the gifts, balloons too play its part in bringing people together.

Taking up the joyous aspect of both- the balloons and the presents, our team came up with the idea of combining the air sacs with the gifts- the balloon gifts.

Unique and beautiful, these presents have been designed to bring the brightest smile on your favourite people’s face.

On that note, we suggest you go through the below description that would give you more details about these adorable gifts.This would make it convenient for you to select the right present for your loved ones on their significant days.


The happy times are truly a blessing. And fortunate are those who have their people by their side to share this ecstasy.Gifts have been known to multiply the happiness of any event and the bliss reaches to the next level when it is in the form of surprise.

So, on their upcoming awaited dates, make your people jump with surprise by gifting them something unique. Our store has an array of balloon gifts that are perfect for all sorts of occasions and promises to create wonderful memories that would stay with your people for a long time.

Gifts Balloons in a Box

A box covered in gleaming wrappers is sure to catch anyone’s eye and fuel curiosity in them. The moment they unbox it, those reactions are priceless when they find something unexpected and cute in them.

To give a similar experience to your dear ones, we would suggest you to check out our Gift balloons in a box products. Quirky and adorable, just like your people, these boxes have been developed by our expert team to make the recipients jump with joy.The lovely shades of the balloons are guaranteed to leave your people spellbound and the uniqueness of the present are ensured to take your people to cloud nine.

Helium Balloons Gift Box

Your people have always always motivated you and gave a feeling that you are on the top of the world. Such people on their awaited occasions deserve more than a gift- a gesture to tell them how amazing they are.

For such winsome conveyance, our store brings to you the Helium Balloons Gift Box. Comprising the fabulous floating balloons, this gift promises to add your endearing touch to your person’s day and also gives our word to take them to the seventh heaven the moment they will unbox it.

Good or Bad-Balloon Gifts Make Them Better

Have you been in argument with your favourite person recently or want to tell your special one how much they mean to you?

Then we have a fantastic approach for you that would be a great solution for both the scenarios- the adorable balloon gifts. Along with the splendid products of our store,you would be able to knock the socks off the feet of your favourite person. The balloons would also express how precious they are to you, thus making your relationship bond with them stronger than ever.

Balloon Gift Delivery

Searching the best presents for the best people is a mind boggling job. The filters of finding something unique and fresh makes the hunt more tricky.That’s why we are here to offer a helping hand to your search with our unusual balloon gifts. Whatever be the occasion, or the mood, our team would reach the doorstep of your dear people at your specified time to make their day brighter. What more, you can also customise the way you want to send your balloons to your best people.

Hence, with our balloon delivery services, you don’t have to worry anymore about gifting your people on the awaited annual dates or on those priceless memorable occasions.