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A birthday celebration is always incomplete without a cake! A few years ago, we would travel from shop to shop in search of the perfect birthday cake for our dear ones. But with the increase in demand for e-commerce websites, you can browse through a variety of cakes of the best quality by just sitting at your home.

Get over the traditional designs or store bought cakes and indulge in a variety of flavours. Here is why you should opt for online cakes delivery.

Online cakes delivery is made very easy these days. With just a few clicks you can get your favorite cake delivered right to your doorstep. It is an easy and fast option of getting a delicious cake, full of flavours. Everyone wants a cake that not only looks appealing but is also of good taste and quality. Unfortunately, the local stores and supermarkets are filled with standard flavours and designs of cakes. Whereas, online cakes in Hyderabad bring to you unique and refreshing ideas for birthday cakes and cakes for special occasions.

Cakes are also designed especially depending on themes; for both adults and children of different age groups. While the common themes used for children cakes could be cartoon characters, animal, fantasy, superheroes, racing cars, Barbie dolls and so on; youngsters are interested in cakes of unique shapes, or a particular hobby or even age numbers.

 With a huge variety of special birthday cakes and good services, these online stores not only make huge customers but also have thousands of creative ideas in cake designing. There are many advantages of online cakes delivery when compared to cakes from a local bakery.

Advantages Of Opting For Online Cakes Delivery Over Store Bought Cakes

Doorstep Delivery - Too lazy to walk down that street or are you bored of standard cakes? Whatever of these two might be your reason, it is good enough for you to opt to place an online cake order in Hyderabad. Almost all stores of online cakes offer different delivery services like same-day delivery, midnight delivery, or next day delivery. Based on your choice, you can go for any of these services for a special birthday cake.

Customization - Personalised birthday cakes are a huge trend these days, ranging from options of various shapes, designs and types depending on your preferences. You could also opt for cakes with photographs and special messages with a particular design.

Time-Saving and Budget Friendly - Just by using or smartphone or laptop you can get going and place an online cake order in just a few minutes. Besides, there are many offers that you can avail in the form of discount coupons and special offers during festive seasons, making online cakes delivery a budget-friendly option.

Innumerable Options - Online cakes delivery is characterised by an introduction of new flavours that are a class apart from the traditional combinations. Having to match up to everyone’s choice can get a little tricky every time there’s an occasion of celebration. But if you place an order for online birthday cake, you get to choose from a really wide array of choice.

Never Forget a Birthday - You obviously don’t want to get into a fight with your best friend on his/her special day right. So don’t worry about forgetting their birthday and use online cakes delivery to pre-book their birthday cake. Book in advance and celebrate the occasion with your friends and family.

Idealize Quality - Online cakes delivery is an ideal option to choose as they offer a quality unmatched by the local stores. Even with their broadened alternatives of design and flavour, they do not compromise with the quality and taste as it would dampen their reputation.

Great Garnishing - Any basic cake can be turned into a work of art, worthy of celebration with lovely buttercream frosting and fresh raspberries to go with. Online cakes delivery gives a huge variety of cake garnishing to choose from; be it meringue cookies or edible flowers or animal figurines, it’s all covered.

Midnight And Same Day Delivery Options - One of the most sought after modes of birthday celebration is placing an order for online birthday cake that can be delivered on the same day or at midnight. This facility of online cakes delivery lets you enjoy a midnight celebration just as the clock strikes 12 and your friend or family member turns older. Alos, if you have remembered a dear ones birthday at the last minute and are looking for gifting options then placing an online cake order with same day delivery could just be the perfect choice to make up for it!

Make a statement of style by placing an online cake order in Hyderabad, bursting with flavors and irresistible from its very appearance. Do your homework well by doing a good research by going the company portals, seeing the items they deliver. Also check for their reviews online and choose a reliable company with a good online reputation to deliver cakes for your next big occasion. See if you can make that extraordinary impact by adding something special to your cake.

While placing an order for online cakes delivery there are certain tips to be followed so that the recipient can indulge in utmost delight and be super happy with the choice of birthday cake. A surprise is not said to be appropriate if it doesn’t serve the purpose of making the recipient happy, and there is no better way to make a person happy other than with a surprise online cakes delivery on the day of his birthday. To help you pick the appropriate service for online cake order in Hyderabad, below mentioned are a few tips that might seem to help.

Tips To Order The Perfect Cake For Online Cakes Delivery

  1. Keep In Mind The Taste Of The Recipient - This should be your basic thought process when you are placing an online cake online cake order for your dear ones. Order according to their taste of the recipient and to suit their style and personality. While considering an online birthday cake the different things that are to be kept in mind are age, the type of event, the gender of the recipient, and the theme of the party.

  2. Go For Something Unique - Ordering for online cakes delivery should be something unique. If you wish to make your dear ones really happy with an extraordinary cake then take the time and go through all of the extensive varieties of cakes and choose for the best, because a simple white cake with chocolate frosting can be bought from the local store as well.

  3. Appearance Of The Cake Is Equally Important - As much as you would want your online birthday cake to taste deliciously, you would also want it to look strikingly amazing. Look for cakes that are eye-catching and delectable at the same time. A simple and plain looking cake will simply not appeal to the recipient no matter how wonderful it tastes.


When you love someone and have a lot of affection for him, be it your boyfriend, your father, your uncle or your brother, you need to surprise him and make him happy by going through the effort to send cake online. You can use the several online cake order shops available in the area of Hyderabad so that you can surprise him with a cake and put a smile on his face. It can be a very rewarding thing to in terms of emotions. You can order several different types of cakes online and get it delivered to him in Hyderabad. Along with the cakes, you can also send flowers online so that it has a double effect in terms of letting someone know how much you care about them.

Surprise Him by Sending Cake Online in Hyderabad

Send Cake Online and Surprise Him!

Every single person on this planet loves it and get surprised when someone sends a gift to them. Similarly, sending cakes online can also have a very similar effect. When you love someone and have a lot of respect and affections for someone, it is very common to do something nice and surprise them. One way in which you can surprise him in Hyderabad is by online cake order and delivery. It is very easy to send cake online in Hyderabad if you follow certain simple steps. You can make use of the tremendous technology available to you regarding computers and smartphones paired with the awesome power of the internet. In the modern times of the internet era, every service and shop have an online presence, and similarly, most of the cake business now offer an online cake order facility too.

Therefore, all you need to do is log on to the device and search for cake delivery services nearby the area of Hyderabad, and you will see a huge list of options in a search engine. You will do well to pick out the top few websites which offer cake delivery services in Hyderabad. How this works is that the search algorithms place the most famous cake delivery services higher up in the search results and hence you can be comfortable knowing that the order you place will be delivered in time and with a good quality of the cake as well.

One more additional advantage of using online cake order services is that they are all reviewed by the people who have previously ordered from them. It will ensure that you see exactly how efficiently and satisfactorily they deliver the cakes that you have ordered. Based on these reviews, you can make a decision regarding which of the many services you should use. Because of these reviews coupled together with the competition from competing services, it ensures that each online cake delivery service does its best to give you the best service.

Therefore, it is very easy to send cake online and surprise him! You need to take advantage of the services available and send cakes to your loved one on special occasions such as birthdays and other special occasions. One thing you can try is bookthesurprise.com which is an online cake order shop. This is a very reliable cake delivery service which has seen thousands of happy customers. Their service is very reliable, and the cakes are of the highest quality and taste.

Mar 13, 2017 5:04:57 PM By bhavana reddy online cake order, cakes online, send cake online, online cake delivery, Online Cakes,

Life is all about ups and downs. It contains a lot of happiness and a little sadness, a lot of sweetness and a little bitterness. What makes life sweeter is a delicious, fluffy and beautiful cake. Cakes have the power to make even a heavy moment, light and even a dull moment, bright.  When a person sees delicious cakes oozing out an enticing aroma, every sad moment turns into a happy moment. What makes cake more special is the availability of delicious cakes online in Hyderabad. Online Cakes to Hyderabad for different occasions make any occasion more fun and special.

Have a look at the internet, and you will discover that the cakes are no more limited to the bakeries. They have taken the route to the online world, and now you can easily get cakes online. All the bakeries that have gone online not only offer delicious cakes but, ice the cake with their valuable services. They have made the cake experience even more delicious.

Order Delicious Cakes Online In Hyderabad


Services Offered by the Bakeries Selling Cakes Online in Hyderabad

The online cake bakeries have enhanced the taste of cakes by offering many services. These cake bakers not only serve a variety of cakes but, also a variety of services.

The best service provided by the online cake bakers is online cake delivery at home or anywhere. This service is a boon for the cake lovers that crave delicious cake all the time but, are quite lazy or maybe busy, to go to the bakery and get the cake. They can place online cake order and get it delivered at their doorsteps. This service also is a boon for the people who stay busy with work and cannot afford to spend their time in traveling all the way to the bakery to relish on their favorite cake. Also, people who complain about not having a nice bakery in their areas or locality can relish on the cakes by placing cake order online.

If we count the services offered by the bakers selling cakes online, it will take us forever to list all of them. But, the major services provided by the cake bakers include midnight online cake delivery at minimal rates. These are many online cake bakers that offer the service of online cake delivery. This amazing service comes handy when a person wants to celebrate the birthday, anniversary or any other occasion; the moment clock strikes 12. The online cake bakers become the part of the celebration by sending the cake exactly when the clock strikes 12.

Get Cakes Online in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, there are many cake bakers that have a well-established cake selling online portals. They enable the customers to order cake online and offer delivery anytime and at every corner of Hyderabad. These cake bakeries offer the cake delivery at very nominal rates and offer the best cakes.

They also serve the customers with many options like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mixed fruit, red velvet, black forest and much more. They bake the most delicious cake and decorate them with beautiful icing.

The customers can order these cakes in any flavor, size or decoration about the occasion. There are cakes for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, promotions, house warming, baby shower and many other occasions celebrated all round the year.

 Talking about the best bakeries offering cakes online in Hyderabad, Bookthesurprise.com deserves mention. This is one of the best online cake delivery services in Hyderabad. It offers the most delicious cakes at the best price. Bookthesurprise.com never fails to impress the cake lovers by offering them delicious and fluffy cakes topped by their amazing services. 


A lot of us around the world use cakes as a way to show our love and affection towards those who we care for. Cakes are a universal way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special and important occasions in life. With the advent of amazing new technologies such as the computers and the internet, it has become easier to obtain these cakes for people like us who celebrate special occasions with the use of cakes. With these technologies, we can send cake online instead of going to a shop and buying it. Sending cake online is easier than going to a shop in Hyderabad and buying the cake and delivering it yourself. Online cake delivery has revolutionized the cake industry. Buying cakes online has gained popularity in current times when the people do not have a lot of free time to go to the shop and buy the cakes and then deliver it themselves.

Send Cake Online In Hyderabad On Special Occasions

Send Cake Online Easily in Hyderabad on your Brother’s birthday

In the olden days, we used to go to the shops to buy cakes in Hyderabad, and there are several very famous shops for the same. But these days, new kinds of shops have sprung up in Hyderabad which is taking over the market of cakes. These new shops are specializing in sending cakes online to destinations specified by the person who is ordering. Because of these new online shops, it has become so much easier to send cakes online.

All you need to do is log on to your computer, laptop, tablet or just a smart phone and use the browser to access a search engine such as Bing, Ask, Yahoo, Google, etc. In these search engines, you can just look for the queries to help you find stores where you can send cakes to your brother on his birthday. Ordering cakes online for your brother’s birthday is as easy as just searching for it on one of the search engines above. Once you enter the query, you will see a list of results. Due to the way the search algorithms are made, it is usual that the best cake online companies are shown in the top of the search results page. It is always best to go for the top two or three links as these are usually the best shops to order cakes online in Hyderabad.

Therefore, you can order cake online for your brother’s birthday in Hyderabad by following what we have just discussed above in this article. You can also make use of the reviews that are present for the many different options available to order cakes online. It will ensure that you pick the best of the best when it comes to sending cakes online. It is mainly because the reviews have been written by real people who have used the services of these online cake delivery shops. It will ensure that these shops have been doing a good job in baking good quality cakes and delivering them on time and fresh.

Therefore, ordering cakes online for your brother on his birthday in Hyderabad has never been so easy. You can also try the website bookthesurprise.com when are you planning to send cake online. It is an excellent website and a very reliable one to deliver cakes online for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

What's superior to a group of chocolate cupcakes…?! A group of Dulce De Leche Chocolate Cupcakes! This SUPER wanton formula is certain to wind up distinctly another top pick. Welcome, my companions! We will introduce you to the most delicious and amazing cupcake and history of cupcakes— –> Dulce De Leche Chocolate Cupcakes and avail the online cake delivery!!!

This cupcake formula ought to be beautiful to commonplace to you at this point. It's a Greek Yogurt Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes, which are a riff off of Super Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes and wedding cupcakes. Little changes, yet essentially, a similar base formula. What would I be able to state…? When you locate a decent – no, GREAT – chocolate cupcake formula, you're set forever!

These rich, fudgy, ultra debauched cupcakes are loaded down with dulce de leche! Mmm! Give the record a chance to demonstrate Dulce de leche stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes are LIFE CHANGING! Stunning! EPIC!

History of Cupcakes - Dulce de Leche Filled Mocha Cupcakes

What exactly is Dulche de Leche – History of cupcakes?

In case you're pondering what in the hell dulce de leche is and what is the cupcake recipe… I'm here to offer assistance! Basically, dulce de leche is a sugary treat that is made by gradually warming sweetened drain until it changes to surface and shading and transforms into a most heavenly sauce. At the point when it's actually deciphered it implies something along the lines of "confection made of drain". It's thick, rich, and overpowering eager!

Dulce De Leche Chocolate Cupcakes I presume ideal about now you're pondering about the icing… am I right?

We should get into it! The chocolate dulce de leche buttercream is thick, unfathomable rich, and loaded with flavor and there is a lot of cupcake history related to dulce de leche.

A couple of tips to getting the ideal buttercream taste and surface with the following cupcake decorations:

Mix the confectioners' sugar and cocoa powder before adding it to the spread. It is a critical process since confectioners' sugar, and cocoa powder are uneven by nature, and no one needs to discover protuberances and knocks in their icing.

Be certain your margarine is VERY delicate before beginning on the icing. It ought to be milder than room temperature, yet not dissolved. I get a kick out of the chance to put my stick of spread out on the counter for 60 minutes in the cooler months, and for around 35 minutes in the hotter months.

Once the greater part of your fixings has been added to the icing, whip it on medium-fast for AT LEAST two minutes. This progression is the thing that truly gives the icing its light and vaporous surface. I enjoy it completely and set a little clock just to make sure I give it an entire two minutes.

If you anticipate channeling BIG, tall, high rise twirls (as I accomplished for my photographs), twofold the icing formula underneath. All things considered, the formula noted in the case will make enough for 12 unassumingly iced cupcakes.

What's more, the cupcake itself, well envision your most loved caramel espresso mystically transformed into a cupcake!

Mocha is a blend of chocolate and espresso. This cupcake has a mocha base, is loaded with a dulce de leche filling, finished with a debauched mocha whipped cream finishing and showered with somewhat more dulce de leche. You can use bookthesurprise.com for cupcake delivery.

Mar 13, 2017 12:55:14 PM By bhavana reddy online cake delivery, wedding cupcakes, cupcake recipe, cupcake history, Online Cakes,

Cakes and blooms are the key parts of each extraordinary and essential event. Fragrant and vivid blossoms give the best feel to an immaculate occasion fundamentally decorating a setting. Scrumptious and awesome looking cakes provide delicious enjoyment to the visitors. People these days can avail the service of online cake delivery to order cake online and get it delivered to their friends and family.

 In this manner cakes and blossoms are constantly looked for after for adding magnificence to occasions. When you wish to satisfy your visitors the most delightful route, arrange for fabulous cakes deliberately made particularly for your event and provided at your entryway venture in an exceptionally proficient manner.

There are numerous approaches for cake delivery. You can go to a neighborhood market and get a cake that has as of now been readied. However, that incorporates trusting that it is crisp and soggy at the season of procurement. You can enlist somebody to make you a new, wet cake, yet numerous nearby cake producers are a long way from innovative, so you will wind up with similar standard flavors that you have dependable eaten.

At that point, there is the choice to go on the web and avail birthday cake delivery that is more inventive. A hefty portion of these cakes will originate from gourmet nourishment and cooking administrations, and they may be more costly than the cakes you purchase at the neighborhood showcase. It may make them ponder whether gourmet is truly justified regardless of the additional cash.

Is Gourmet Cake A Contrasting Feature In Online Cake Delivery

What Qualifies as Gourmet Cake in Online Cake Delivery?

You will discover diverse thoughts of what "gourmet" cake is the point at which you glance around on the web since it is somewhat of a subjective name. Gourmet commonly implies higher quality. Instead of getting modest steak on a plate, gourmet nourishment and cooking administration may offer filet mignon and exceptionally costly cuts of steak.

When you are discussing online cake order, gourmet sustenance and providing food administration may offer flavor mix and outlines that are extraordinary to their specific administration. These cakes will regularly be more inventive, and the flavors might be significantly more gutsy than what you find at the neighborhood advertise or a nearby bread kitchen.

For instance, you can get strawberry shortcake sort cakes at any nearby market every once in a while, however, how regularly do you see a mango seasoned cake with heaps of crisp mango on top? There are many cakes with crisp strawberries on top; however, mango is a more one of a kind flavor that may just be found through gourmet pastry kitchens.

Is Gourmet Cake Better?

When you think about that as a cake from gourmet nourishment and providing food administration ought to be made with new fixings sans preparation, you can perceive how it could taste significantly superior to cakes that are not produced using new fixings.

If you need one of a kind flavors that are not offered different spots, then you certainly need to run with a providing food benefit. The accessibility of these novel flavor blends is one of the huge advantages to requesting from an online cake conveyance benefit all over the world.

bookthesurprise.com is a very popular website which provides cake order online, online flowers, gifts, cards and much more. 

The trend of ordering cakes online is on rise. More and more people are ditching the traditional bakeries that sell cakes and are laying their trust on the online bakers that sell cakes online. There are many reasons why people prefer to order cake online.

Things to Keep In Mind Before You Order Cake Online

Benefits That You Get If You Order Cake Online:

If you order cake online, you get n number of benefits. Here, we have mentioned a few of the benefits that you get if place cake order online.

 Online cake order is the most feasible way of buying cakes for any occasion. It is an absolute hassle- free. A person can place the cake order online from anywhere. The online bakers offer you the feasibility to place an order anytime from anywhere.

 Another good thing that comes with the pack and the parcel of ordering cake online is that you need not go to the bakery to pick up the cake that you order. The online bakers offer online cake delivery at the address mentioned by the customer. The customer needs not to go out of his home.

 The cake bakeries online sell cakes at very reasonable price. You can expect to see beautiful cakes in the most decent rates.

The online bakeries offer a wide array of options to the buyers. They offer cakes in all ranges, in all varieties. The customers get cakes for all the occasions ranging from birthdays to anniversaries, Father’s Day to Mother’s Day and all the other occasions.

As the online bakeries offer so many perks, it gets difficult for the customers to say no to cakes online.

But, several things must be considered before buying a cake from any online bakery. If you do not pay attention to the tips mentioned here, you might end up buying something not good enough.

Things to Keep In Mind before Buying Online Cake:

The first thing that you must pay attention to the website you have selected to buy the cake. Several websites lure the customers by mentioning superb services. These websites neither offer good services nor do they offer a good taste.

Imagine you have ordered a cake for a party. You are at the venue waiting for your guests. But, before the cake could arrive, your guests arrived. Now, you and your guests are waiting together for the cake. We are sure that you would never want to get into any such embarrassing situation.

So, before you consider buying an online cake for any occasion, check the customer review. You must trust only a reliable online service. As only, a reliable service can live up to their words. Only a reliable service will offer a delicious taste, beautiful decorations and on time online cake delivery.

Buy Cake Keeping In Mind the Occasion:

One important thing is to order the cake according to the occasion. The kids would never want to eat a fancy green tea cake at the birthday party of their friend. Also, ordering a strawberry cake for a bachelor’s party wouldn’t be an apt option.

The online cake bakeries have cakes for all the occasions. It would be apt to order a strawberry cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake, Black Forest or vanilla cake for the occasions like birthdays. You can opt for red velvet cake for weddings and occasions like anniversaries.

Always keep the occasion in mind before you buy cakes online:

The most reliable online bakery to order cake online for any occasion is Bookthesurprise.com. It is not just trustable for its services but, also offers the most delicious cakes.

Hyderabad has come up with the new cake paradise for the cake lovers. Every other street of this city is adorned with an amazing cake bakery. The aroma of cakes tantalizing the heart is spread in every street and every corner of the city. Also, the cake baker in Hyderabad is going hi- tech with their means of selling cake by offering cakes online in Hyderabad. Today, many online services deliver cakes at the doorsteps of the customer in Hyderabad.

Many cake bakers in Hyderabad have a bakery as well as an online bakery to sell cakes online while some solely rely on the online world for selling cakes. These cake bakers take the cake order online and then send the cakes to the customers.

How to Get the Best Cakes Online In Hyderabad

Cakes Online in Hyderabad: How to Order the Best One

As there are so many that sell cakes online in Hyderabad, the customers often get confused while buying cakes online. They want to buy something else but, end up buying something completely different. For the customers like these, there are several things to keep in mind.

If you are one of these customers who does not know the correct art of buying the best cake online, you must keep certain things in mind before you hit the buy button.

The first thing is to be very- very clear about what kind of cake you want to buy. The online cake bakers will flaunt a hundred options. They proudly showcase their huge collection of delicious cupcakes. You will come across many new flavors, and the pretty decorations are sure to woo you. But, you must know what you are buying. If you want to buy a chocolate cake, buy a chocolate cake. You will get many options is this single section. You can spoil yourself for choices in the category of chocolate cakes itself.

Online Cake Order for Specific Occasions

Also, pay attention to the occasion you are buying a cake for. You will see many options in this regard too. The bakeries which take cake order online put their cakes in various categories. Like, for Christmas, you will see many Christmas cake options, for birthdays, you will get another set of options and likewise for all the other occasions.

While you order cake online, make sure you explore the section to get the best cake for the occasion. The decorations of the cakes will make them best tailored for the events.

Do Not Get Floored By Any Online Bakery

Many online bakeries promise best services. If you look at the services sections, you will find many promises like online cake delivery, same day delivery, midnight delivery, fresh cakes, low price and much more to mention. Do not get floored reading the page full of amazing services. All the websites will claim to be the best but, not all are the best.

Trust only the most reliable online cake bakery to get the best cake along with the best services. Do not trust any cake baker just by the services they claim. For this, you can take help of the former customers. Before you buy the cake, check for the reviews from the ex- customers. Buy cake online only from the website that has positive customer review.

Bookthesurprise.com: The Website that Customers Trust

Bookthesurprise.com is the best online bakery that sells the best cakes online in Hyderabad. The bakery is trusted by all the cake lovers for its amazing services and of course the deliciously baked, aromatic, fluffy cakes in various flavors. 

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