Giving flowers to the loved ones on special occasions is something that everyone does all the times, therefore, there is nothing special about it anymore. In order to be better than others and make a lasting impression you have to do the same thing that everyone else is doing but in a unique and special way. Hence, instead of giving your loved ones routine flowers that they see every day, make some efforts and get hold of Hyderabad Flowers that are not only precious to look at but are also comparatively a little expensive, but breath-taking beauty of these flowers and that exquisite fragrance that they have will make us feel that the price is worth it.

When you give these flowers to your loved ones, your efforts are seen, and your loved one is definitely going to appreciate the fact that you went an extra mile to make him/her happy. That happiness you get from making your loved ones smile with happiness is the best feeling you can ever get, you will forget all the efforts that you had to make to find these flowers. But what if you can get these flowers without putting in many efforts into it? Wouldn’t it be the best? Hence, although all the hard work is appreciated, we thought to give you some tips about these flowers to make it a little easier for you to impress your loved ones. Hence, here is

A list of such beautiful and breath-taking exotic Love flowers and where they are found:


Roses are grown across the world and well known universal flowers. Roses signifies symbolic meanings. Love, respect and care. Roses varies in size and shape and even available in unique arrays of colours like white, yellow, orange, pink and red. Roses are the best popular choice of flowers for the purpose of gifting. In addition from a bunch of roses as a gift, to the home decoration and Roses Arrangement.


These flowers are grown in the African, Asian and Australian regions. It is easy to be grown in India as it needs high humidity in the air for proper growth and also sunlight is essential, but it has to be seen that direct sunlight doesn’t fall on the flower. These flowers are the best option if you want to declare your secret love to someone or during any joyful occasion. As the temperature here has enough humidity, meaning these flowers can be grown here with a little bit of care.


Calla lily is one of the most beautiful flowers with a touch of uniqueness within. They come in various shades of colours such as green, pink, purple, orange and yellow. They belong to the family of Araceae and are called with various names – arum lily, Zantedeschia Ethiopia, trumpet lily, miniature calla lily, pig lily. These flowers signify magnificence and beauty.They are mostly found in African regions and are grown in many areas. They are blossomed during late spring. If made sure that water is regularly provided, and the plant has access to direct sunlight, growing calla lilies is not a difficult job.


Carnations are one of the most loved unusual flowers which makes it the finest gift to give to your near and dear ones. Mainly on special occasions, mainly Anniversaries, Mother's Day and Weddings. There are unique range of colours for carnations like Light red, dark red, White, Purple, Pink, yellow and orange. Carnations are usually found in Eurasia. Each colour of Carnations represents typical symbol of beauty.


There are various kinds of orchids, one so different from another that it is hard to tell that they belong to the same family. Orchids are one of the most loved exotic flowers which makes it the best gift to give your loved ones. You can usually find them in tropical regions. Buy and send magnificent orchids through best Orchids Florist Hyderabad


Gerbera are native of steamy regions of Asia, South America and Africa. Gerbera daisies are the exotic flowers for their cheerful and bright colours. Gerberas are usually come in a wide range of colours like light to dark yellow, pink, orange, deep red, white and more. Mainly represents innocence and purity.


These flowers tend to stand out due to its bright colours. They seem to be rigid and have a waxy kind of feel and are thick in appearance. The bright red colour of it attracts people and is the reason why it is one of the most liked flowers. They are usually found in places where the climate is mild and the soil is moist.


Amartllis are the flowers that have beautiful shaded colours. They are usually seen in the colours red and scarlet, but they are also available in pink, white, salmon, apricot, rose, etc. they need cool climate for growing. Hence, they are usually grown during the period of mid-winter.

These are a few of the exotic flowers that are the favourites of most of the people and also are not very difficult to find. Instead of giving your loved ones routine flowers that are seen everywhere, making some efforts and getting hold of exotic Love Flowers that are not only precious to look at but are also very rare will not only make your loved ones happy but also make them realise how special they are.