Bring on a special surprise for this anniversary; the one that brings you closer to each other. The best way to have an anniversary surprise is to spend lots of time each other and do something new and different. New experiences make up new memories and flourish the togetherness you have. Just think of the memories you have with each other and imagine about the new ones you can make.

Surprises are the best way to show up your love to the person. Anniversary surprise would show up your love for your spouse, these are few ways to celebrate it.

Make the plan of the day such that he or she will feel the very most king or queen for that day. Put all your fights aside and celebrate the day to the fullest. Here are few suggestions for splendid wedding anniversary ideas.

    Together forever

Stay home you alone and spend time together. Plan things like cooking food together, have a no gadget day. Spend the whole day with lots of love and care for each other. Recollect all your sweet memories, look at your marriage CD or photos. Play some random games and have happy times. This would be the best romantic anniversary ideas.

    Mover around

Plan up to a trip or tour to his favorite place or a place you both love to go. Anniversary surprise ideas would come up with this simple list of things. Have a scenic picnic with some wine and barbeque. Anniversary surprise would be complete with lots of beautiful memories and love that cherished for a lifetime.

    Try on something new

There are lots of adventurous things in this world which we try on once in our lifetime. Make that special thing to happen on this special day. Plan up things like skydiving, hot air balloon ride, banji-jumping and many would be adventurous anniversary surprise.

    His favorite list of things

You know all his likes and dislikes, so make a cheat day, there are no rules and regulations, you won’t object him to anything he will do. Plan a surprise gift  of something he is dying to have. Something like a golf-kit, baseball bat, shoes or any branded watch. This would be a good list of wedding surprise ideas for him. Most of the guys like things which can be used on a regular basis than something fancy or just a showcase piece.

You can also plan up things like the age-old but the most romantic anniversary surprise i.e., a romantic candlelight dinner. Plan up it a rooftop or a fancy hotel, it might seem a bit costly but we don’t do it daily so plan it accordingly. Spending on time together is the best way to show up love for each other.

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