Nowadays Wedding cakes are becoming very much popular and center of attraction for weddings. As of now if we see any wedding culture in the country Wedding cakes play a major role, Because without cutting the beautiful and tastiest cake it is not at all a full-fledged occasion as per current generation and culture. The tradition of cutting Wedding cakes came into picture from the western culture which is now

 Apart from the normal cakes, wedding cakes are very much costly, tasty, modern and sometimes traditional also, based on the status of the wedding occasions. Depending on the price list, Wedding cakes are classified into different categories like flavor, odor smaller cakes or individual cakes, frosted cakes, fruit cake, and cupcakes, etc. Traditional Wedding cakes are white, including decoration and icing varieties such as buttercream, almond, etc.

 In the earlier days eating wedding cake in the wedding occasion is the symbol of good luck which happens to be, The thought is like next may be our wedding cake. As of the devotional offering (prasadam) from God. Meanwhile, it has become the culture and tradition mostly in the Christian marriages and nowadays in every reception parties of every different culture Wedding. Because the wedding cakes are more demand they have become more costly and within no time we get the ordered cakes.

 Coming to the categories, designs, flavors we have a number of flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pineapple and so on. Designs like one tire two tire three tire max up to five tires filled with flowers and columns, simply called as layered cakes with decorative flowers, stars, columns, etc. And also we can see unique wedding cakes, Wedding cake toppers, different wedding cake designs and so on in the wedding cakes categories.

Why Wedding Cakes Are Important

 Wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers are said to be one of the decorative parts in the wedding cake, and also it shows the identical gesture or image of the bride and groom. Normally, Wedding cake toppers are placed on top of the wedding cake representing with different types of arts like Toy Bride Groom images with cream, normal pictures or names of Bride, Groom names made with cardboards, Traditional toppers for a formal wedding. There are comical wedding cake toppers or depending on the couple's interest.

Wedding cake designs

Wedding cake designs mainly show the status of the wedding, Because more design more cost of the Wedding cake which also shows the taste of the Wedding. Designs are made of Ribbons, Flowers, Toppers, Borders, Fruits, etc. And, of course, there are very good stunning designs in wedding cake trends like watercolor, metallic, and ombré to just flat-out gorgeous desserts embellished with the most perfect sugar flowers that will have you completely look like thinking they're real. The shape of the cake is very much a personal choice which will no doubt be influenced by wedding cake designs.

Unique Wedding cakes

In any Wedding, Wedding cakes play a major role at the time of marriage or reception. Because of that, so many couples think in a unique manner. To have a Wedding cake in different styles, different taste as to show their status of symbol. And most of the couples think out of the box if they want to be unique and even go for a hexagonal- or petal-shaped cake for a totally unique design. Unique Wedding cakes are in demand also because of selected designs like shapes, tastes, color, etc.

Cake for Wedding

Cake for Wedding sounds so good to hear as if we are going to cut the cake and celebrate. Wedding cakes are originally a luxury symbol shown in any Wedding and a sign of celebration and social status. The bigger the cake, The higher the status symbol. Wedding cakes come in a variety of sizes, depending on the number of guests the cake size may differ like small, medium, large.  Prices of cakes can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars and some time thousand dollars also depending on person or slice, and on the chef who is hired to make the cake. Decorations for the wedding cakes, in general, have become a symbol of certain pop culture in the present generation