Flowers.. An assertion of beauty, a natural covering of colors and fragrance on earth..!

 A flower is the most delicate and beautiful creation in this world. The appealing fragrance of fresh flowers can instantly lift up your spirits and enhance your mood.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Funerals, Special Occasions; we’ve got it all covered. Flowers say it all. Check out how to give different types of flowers for all your occasions.

Each type of flower has a uniqueness of its own. Flowers are related to an ageless expression of love and concern. Different types of flowers can be picked for a varied number of occasions. Choosing the right type of flower for an occasion can be a little tricky as many flowers can be used interchangeably for different reasons.

Every type of flower is symbolised and segregated into colors in a different manner. So while choosing flowers for your next occasion you may wonder.

  • What is the occasion?
  • What type of flower should you select?
  • What color should it be?
  • Is is appropriate to the occasion?

Types of Flowers for various occasions - Birthday and Anniversary Flowers:

The idea of gifting fresh flowers on birthdays and anniversaries should be relatable with the idea of celebration. Roses being a typical choice of birthday flowers or anniversary flowers can be replaced with Orchids, Dandelions, Tulips or Carnations. 

The color yellow is a symbol of friendship and good acquaintance. So irrespective to the type of flower, you could pick the color yellow, beautiful and radiant..!

For your partner, your significant other you could choose a bright red set of flowers by making a classy arrangement of different types of flowers. Red symbolises Love & Passion. Make an enchanting expression of love by giving your partner a bouquet of red delightful birthday flowers.

Flowers for a special day:

Say ‘Thank you, Mom’.. Wish your friend a friendship of a lifetime on Friendship’s Day..

Valentine’s Day is round the corner.. Express love and say ‘I Love You’ to your partner with an exotic setup of fresh flowers.

Occasion or no occasion, you can always send your loved ones an assortment of fresh flowers to add a little sparkle to their day.

There are thousands of florists and online flower vendors dealing in cheap flowers arrangements available on the internet. All you need to do is take out a little time for your loved ones. 

An elegant arrangement of various types of flowers, brightly colored and lively could bring happiness to anyone. Cheap flowers like daisies, tulips, lilies, roses, purple statice can be charming to gift and have their own flavor each.

 Sympathy and Funeral Flowers:

While selecting a type of flower to take while paying your last rites to a recently deceased family member or a dear one, you make a choice of white fresh flowers.

White Carnations, White Lilies, Chrysanthemums, or white roses should be appropriate to symbolise your love and respect for the deceased person.

Funeral flowers should be selected in lighter colors that signify peace and radiate calmness.

 Get Well Soon Flowers:

For a friend who is suffering from illness or is to recover from a recently met accident, the type of flowers to be chosen must be to cheer them up and uplift their spirit. A collection of radiant and fresh flowers could be used with red, orange and variants of greens.

Rose Flowers:

Feel like expressing your love to your partner.. Wanting to tell your mom how much you love and appreciate her.. Need to say Thank You to a friend for helping you out in times of need.. Your sibling needs you best wishes while going abroad for higher studies?

What better way could it be than giving them the Classic Rose Flower..! 

A vintage style of bringing a smile to your near and dear ones is to give them a rose..!

A rose instantly cheers up the darkest soul. The rose flower is the best representation of love and appreciation.

Different colors of rose flowers connote different meanings.

  • The Yellow Rose - Friendship, Joy of knowing, an expression of care
  • The Red Rose - Love and Companionship
  • The Violet Rose - Enchanting and Beautiful
  • The White Rose - Bridal and Long Lasting Love, Spirituality
  • The Pink Rose - Appreciation, Gratitude, Admiration
  • The Orange Rose - Desire, Fascination
  • The Black Rose - Death, Funeral

No matter what color of Rose Flowers you chose; their subtlety and splendid fragrance works wonders. While different types of flowers bring in their distinctive features, the Rose Flower carries an ageless legacy of expressing love and affection.