Choosing the right flowers for weddings are exceedingly important as these flowers tends to set the mood for the wedding event and they tend to enhance the wedding décor. Though one might have his/her preferences, there are several factors on which the choice would depend on. The following are the things which one needs to keep in mind while taking a call on choosing the flowers.

Choosing the Right Flowers For Weddings

Finalizing the theme:

This gives an idea about the flowers one can opt for based on the topic. For example, if the wedding is going to be a traditional Indian wedding, the flowers which might be used for the decoration would be mogas or marigolds. Similarly, if the wedding is going to be a beach wedding, the flowers used may be tropical flowers. Thus, the choice of flower would largely decide on the theme selected.

The size of the venue:

The flowers for weddings usually depend to a large extent on the venue size and the areas to decorate. The choice of flowers also depends on the place, whether it is indoor or outdoor, as some flowers cannot withstand the heat and the harsh sunlight. For example, Mograstend to turn black when placed under the sun for too long. At locations where the flower is going to be exposed to a significant amount of sunlight, roses would be an ideal choice.


Allocating a budget while choosing the flowers for weddings is extremely important. If the flowers on the list are exotic flowers, then their cost would be high as they might not be easily available. One way of tackling this issue would be to identify the places where one needs to incorporate the flowers; like man daps, or entrances or centerpieces and then one can work their way in the backward direction. If the cost is high, then budget flowers can be chosen to keep the costs under check

Choosing a reliable vendor:

A reliable vendor needs to choose when one is making flower arrangements for the wedding. If the supplier is not reliable, delivery of the flowers might be an issue and so would be the exotic flowers if one needs them. The reputableprovider would ensure that the flowers required are not only supplied on time, but also in the right number.


There are some flowers which look good only when they are used in an individual season; the reason being, these flowers are available fresh in the market. Hence, flowers should be selected, based on the season. Frozen flowers, just because they are exotic, won’t make sense when it comes to the decoration, as they might not look fresh and also may not be that aromatic as compared to a regular local flower.  Frozen flowers also tend to cost a lot more, adding to the cost needlessly.

Choosing the right color:

Choosing the right colors for the flowers can be quite a tough task. The lighting tends to affect the color of the flowers, specifically in the case of evening functions. The best solution for an evening surprise function would be to go for subtle and light colors such as white as they tend to take the color of whatever light that falls on it. Another solution would be to work with complimentary colors like pink and purple, i.e., pink flowers under purple lighting or vice-versa. Colour of the linen, outfit and the course of the theme are the things, which needs to be kept in mind while making the selection for the color palette.

The fragrance of the Flowers:

Sometimes fragrance of individual flowers is so strong that it tends to overpower the occasion. If these flowers are kept near the food area, they tend to blend with the aroma of the food, which is not the right situation to be in. Hence, one needs to make sure that the flowers which are chosen are subtle and gentle and not dominating.