The valentine’s day, earlier known as Saint valentine’s day which is the celebration of the saint named Valentinus. There are various stories behind this celebration, the most believed one being that Saint Valentine was imprisoned for getting young soldiers married in secrecy as Emperor Claudius had banned them from getting married. During his prison time, Valentine met the love of his life, the daughter of the jailor who used to visit him in the prison. It is believed that right before he died, he wrote a letter to her and signed “from your Valentine.” This is how the journey of the most romantic day of the history began. From that day February, 4 is celebrated as Valentines day, i.e., ‘the day of love’.

There has been a transition from Valentines day ideas to Valentines week; right from February 7 which is considered as rose day to February 14, the Valentines day. This is our way of making sure that the love in the air remains for a longer time with more to look forward to. The days followed by the rose day are; propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day and, at last, the Valentines day. Now if you observe, you will find that the order of these celebrations is placed in such a way that it would the best way to start a relationship with the one you love; a new beginning. And all of these days have gifts that are perfectly suitable for the occasion and the feelings that you want to convey.


Online Gifting in Valentine Week - Each day perfect gift

Here are the things that would make perfect gifts for the given occasion:


Now rose day can be an opportunity for you to show your love that they mean something to you are how precious they are to you. And as the name itself suggests, this day is meant for giving flowers to the love of your life, that too roses and there is nothing more romantic than a bouquet flowers or roses. Though red is the preferred colour, you can opt for other colours as well, if you want to.


The next thing that comes to giving a rose is proposing. By now, the person might have figured it out. Hence, there is no element of surprise. But you can propose to her/him in a way that will be memorable forever with the help of gifts like a collage of your pictures together or anything that the other person loves.


As the name suggests, this day is the day of giving chocolates to your love. Though chocolates seem to be cliched, one can never go wrong with them, and they are the ultimate gift one can give. Now these chocolates can range from dairy milk to Swiss chocolates, here is no limit. Also giving a bunch of balloons along with the chocolates makes it more cute and romantic.


Again as the name suggests, it is a day of gifting teddys(soft toys). Usually, whatever might be the age of the girl or irrespective of the no. of soft toys she already owns, she would always love a new one. Hence, buy a teddy bear of any size or color, or even any other soft toy other than a teddy bear, it will make a perfect gift.


Everyone needs an assurance when they are in a relationship that it will last or that their partner will be there with them no matter what, this day is the perfect way to make them that promise that you will always be there with them through thick and thin. The best gift you can give is a promise ring that shows your commitment to the relationship, a letter with a sweet message, etc.


Now there is no specific gift that you should give to your love on this day, but you can give her something that will remind her of you every time she sees it as a ‘hug me’ pillow, a coffee cup with a picture of you both, etc.


Even on this day, there is no specific that is supposed to be given, you can give her something like cute cupcakes, scented candles, or figures of couples.


It is normal that you are clueless as to what to get her/him for the most awaited day valentines day as you have given almost everything during the last week, but this day can be saved for something special like; jewelry, dress, watches, a plant and also more chocolates! Buy valentines day gifts through and surprise your loved ones .

Go ahead, fall in love all over again!