Are you looking around for planning a surprise party for a special someone in your life? With fierce competition among event planners and event organisers in hyderabad, it is a real task to find someone who is the best party planner.

We list down for you the top qualities that are to be possessed by top class party planners to create a day full of joy and spread happiness in your events.

Obviously, you would like to check for unbiased reviews of their customers and would want to see some of their sample work before assigning them as your event planner. 

With the level of creativity and themes of birthday parties being organised these days, you would surely want a birthday planner who would make your party exclusive!

It is always a good idea go in for a professional party planner who will add to the charm to your birthdays and other occasions. It helps to ease out things when you have too much to handle. So before you go ahead and hire a party planner for your next occasion; why don’t you check for the following qualities in them -

  1. Organisation Skills - Almost always, planning a surprise party is a sudden thought; and this means that you don’t have much time to organise your event. Organisational Skills come into play in such scenarios. To be able to organise successful events you would have to make umpteen number of judgement calls at once.there has to be smooth planning and perfect execution. There has to be a foolproof system of articulation and managing things.
  1. Good People Skills - A good party planner must be able to understand all your ideas for the occasion and incorporate them in his plan. Event planners should be easy to connect with and be pleasant in their way of talking. Active listening should be a very important quality possessed by skilled party organisers.
  1. Flexibility - No event goes perfectly as planned. Delays in schedules and abrupt changes in plans are bound to happen. So a good party planner better be flexible to work in all such situations and come out with a great event. They better have back up and ideas and a plan B incase of a mishap.
  1. Creativity - Striking the right cord and giving guests a feeling of astonishment is important for a successful party. Any event or party planner with high skills of creativity is sure to go a long way in this field. It is the job of a professional party planner to put a creative touch to your layman ideas.
  1. Time Management - Time is the most important factor in planning and organising events! An excellent event planner must create magic in the given frame of time.
  1. Multi-tasking - More like jugglers, party organisers have many jobs at hand. Their focus has to be distributed on these innumerable activities. Prioritising things and being able to do many small things at a time is a trait associated with successful event planners.
  1. Passionate - The job of a party planner or a birthday planner can be very stressful would surely require some extra hours of work. With the level of pressure involved with party organisers, they better be passionate and enthusiastic about their work. They must ensure that they excel in their field of work.
  1. Eye for Detail - The smallest of things matter the most to people. Getting into minute details of work is a key responsibility of a good party planner. Attention to detail and fitting the right pieces together is an art!
  1. Humility - A savvy event planner must have the qualities of honesty and sincerity with no hidden agendas on his list. Ego will only get in the way of planning and managing successful event.
  1. Leadership Skills - Nobody is a born leader. Having an innate quality for leading people shows that you are born with the skill of leading people. Working with a lot of people, building a team and managing it requires a lot of potential.

There are alot of benefits of appointing a skilled party planner for all your occasions in hand or arranging birthday party organisers. Some of the most important ones are -

  1. Hassle Free Management - A pro event planner will definitely reduce the stress in managing each and every aspect of your party organisation.
  2. Perfection - All you need to do is give small details in your head to the party planner and he will strive to get them to perfection.
  3. Budget Saver - A good professional party planner will always give you tips and ideas on how to can save your money and not go overboard with your budget.