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Every happy occasion demands a party. Long hours of thinking, brainstorming ideas, getting things done, and so on and on… are some of the steps you have to take when planning surprises. Sounds exhausting right?  Worried about time! Don’t’ be. We, Bangalore surprise planners — Bookthesurprise have got your back.

We organize every party, fulfilling all your ideas and wishes. We can make your dream party come to life. When it comes to organizing a surprise party, there are certain things that can be missed out and those small things could change the entire mood of your party.

Here at bookthesurprise, we have got a team that will make your surprise party the best. You don’t have to worry about a single thing and your dear one’s happiness is in our responsible hands. Our creative minds can make you and your dear ones a big day with happiness, joy, fun, and craziness. With our team, you can host a rocking surprise party in the rocking city of Bangalore. That’s why we are the best surprise planners in Bangalore, you have got!

Why surprises?

Surprises are the prompt wonderful moments in everyone’s life, if your special someone has a big day coming up, plan for the big events with our extraordinary party surprise ideas to convey your affection and attachment with the person. Our Surprise planners in Bangalore are referred to as the best in the town who offer thoughtful surprises and unique Surprise gifts to our guests anywhere & at any time and make their moments cherished with them for life. Book a beautiful Surprise Now.

Surprises for every happy moment in your and your dear one’s life

Find Surprises everywhere and at any time with all these great surprises for your loved ones. Looking forward to making your occasions memorable? No worries, we have the best team of Bangalore surprise party planners who are always there to assist you in endeavoring your surprise plan. Perfect moments add perfect happiness to life to make it blissful. We all tend to celebrate special occasions with our loved ones, so why not call for a change and celebrate each & every moment of life with beautiful surprises waiting at every bit of the occasion?

BookTheSurprise offers you personalized surprise plans for celebrations of all occasions. We render you the best of surprise party ideas and Plan for tons of mystery surprises with the professional team of surprise planners in Bangalore. We will make sure that your surprise party for your loved ones is as amazing as possible.

Choose from the Best Surprise Party Ideas in Bangalore

Choose by Occasion

Birthday Surprises

Are you seeking the best birthday surprise planners in Bangalore? If yes, then bookthesurprise is the perfect option for planning the most spectacular birthday party of your life. The birthday of your loved ones comes once a year, it is your time to win over their hearts with an extravagant surprise party. Make their birthday surprise in Bangalore a grand one, with some fantastic birthday celebration ideas that will take the breath away from the birthday champ. This once-in-a-year celebration is something you and your dear always anticipate and this anticipation prompts everyone to plan for the best. Here at bookthesurprise, the surprise planners in Bangalore, will cater to your every need, and idea. From decorations to Birthday cake, we can organize everything according to the birthday champ’s tastes. You can also enjoy the amazing surprises we have in store for you and your dear ones.

An expert team of birthday party organizers in Bangalore will be there to make sure that you enjoy happy and lovely moments of life with the birthday champ. If you are looking for some help in organizing a surprise birthday party then you can simply contact the surprise birthday party organizers in Bangalore.

Engagement Surprises

Make an ultimate declaration of never-ending love to the entire world on this big occasion. Are you looking for the best surprise idea to show your love and sincerity to your beloved, then bookthesurprise, the birthday surprise planners in Bangalore can lend you a hand! Engagement day marks the coming together of two loving hearts to declare their love and affection. They are taking the most important step in their long journey forward and that is the reason why engagement day is very important to every lovely bird. You can make this big day in your life a memorable and happy one with us, the surprise planners in Bangalore!

Express your unconditional fondness for your loved ones with our heart-winning engagement surprises. Honor their love and commitment to stay with each other in all highs & lows of life. So, celebrate the day that will bring joy and delight every day for the rest of your life. Start your life full of prosperity and happiness by sending heart-warming engagement gifts to the special one. Our broad variety and best quality of engagement surprise gifts are guaranteed to ignite the spark in your relationship once again. Reach the hearts of the engaged couple with stupendous surprise packages that comprise all the significant elements of love. Starting from flowers, and love theme cakes to personalized gifts for conveying your love most purely. Contact our surprise event planners in Bangalore and they will make sure that the two of you will have a great time. Don’t forget the best surprise planners in Bangalore are always with you.

Anniversary Surprises

There is no better way of celebrating your story of love than this. Feel Intense Love and magical connection in every part of our anniversary surprises. Every year, when you are celebrating your anniversary, it symbolizes the love, affection, and sincerity you have for each other. It proves the strength of your bond and the unending and unconditional love you have for your beloved. That’s why every anniversary is special, even if it’s your first or tenth, or twentieth. To make your anniversary a memorable one, bookthesurprise, surprise planners in Bangalore can join you. Join our most creative and talented team and make anniversaries, a big event in your life.

Remark this day of successful completion of the wedding anniversary with all the fabulous anniversary celebrations in Bangalore. Our anniversary surprises in Bangalore will surely be something that you will never forget. Plan for various anniversary surprise gifts on a special day and promise your loved one to always love them and take care of them no matter what. Show your unbreakable bond to the world and celebrate precious moments of togetherness. These unique anniversary packages for the couple will turn out to be great gifts to make the lovely couple feel blessed. These gifts will express nothing but the growing love between the two and the wish they made for each other to have a very happy anniversary.

Love You Surprises

Love- this four-letter word can create magic in everyone’s life. Love can change the course of every individual’s life in a better way. That’s why everyone believes in the magic of this word. If you are searching for the best way to express your love, bookthesurprise, the surprise planners in Bangalore are here for you. We can create a magical moment for you to express your love and care for your loved one. Sometimes we lack confidence or get scared to confess our love and feelings. That’s when organizing a surprise event helps you in conveying your love and affection to your beloved. The passion and love you can’t express through words will be expressed through the best surprise events we have got in store for you.

There is no other word that can express a strong passion towards someone other than love. If you love someone with all your heart but can’t find the right words to say them upfront or maybe waiting for the right moment then consider us your love guide. Express your feelings with some fantastic surprise party ideas for your dear ones and open your heart out to the special someone with a little assistance from us! Be it a casual or serious confession of love, come to us for all your love surprises. Place out some hidden hints in our lovely gifts like flowers, chocolates, or something lovely to convey your emotions.

Music Surprises

Music is the soul of every being. From the sweet humming to crazy rock music, music is the core of every occasion. Every happy occasion must have music and a party is not at all a party without music. We, at bookthesurprise, the surprise planners in Bangalore, have got a variety of music for every occasion and of course, that will suit your music taste too.

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Yeah, sure we all have different preferences in music- some love piano, some love drums but most of us love guitar music. Music is an essential element if you are looking to add a little extra grace to a special occasion. Almost every occasion revolves around musical melodies. Right from birthday music with joyous and delightful melodies to wedding anniversary music. Plan for a private candlelight dinner and find this awesome element of music that will fill the place with romantic vibes. We offer musical packages to not only enjoy the music but to also feel the beauty of songs and cherish the moments to their fullest. A once-in-a-lifetime experience to make the big moments last forever with the ones whom you admire the most. Fill your day with the magic of music with us, the surprise planners in Bangalore!

Balloon Surprises

What is a party without balloons? Balloons are always the best attraction in every party decoration. That’s why we have in store the best and most unique balloon surprises that will fill the air around you with the warmth of love and affection. When you hear balloon, don’t mistake it with cliché type ideas. The surprise planners in Bangalore, have got only the best, unique, and creative ideas for you. We can create magic with balloonsFthe th, and that’s why you have to plan your celebrations with our balloon surprises.

Do you want to give something fun and adorable to a special someone? Celebrate your big occasions with our team of skillful surprise party planners in Bangalore who will present them with some creative and exciting balloon gift surprises. Savor special moments with your loved ones with our balloon surprises that unfold one after the other most thrillingly. Surprise your dear ones by gorgeously decorating their room and by surrounding them with plenty of colorful balloons that would seem like a dream world to them.

Be it any occasion you can make it super special with innovative and one-of-a-kind balloon surprises that would be appreciated more than the ordinary gifts you have been sending each year. This creative is used by our birthday party planners in Bangalore to add to the grace of the occasion.

Sorry Surprises

‘Sorry’ is a special word that can mend many of our problems and relationships. Saying sorry to someone for the mistake you have done, is the best and most noble thing you can do in your life. What if we add some sorry surprises that will show your sincerity in apologizing? It will bring the best out of your heart, right? That’s why we, the surprise planners in Bangalore, have sorry surprises too.

It happens when there is a misunderstanding and miscommunication arises between two people that lead to conflicts. We have all experienced the bad times in our life when we unintentionally hurt someone’s sentiments. Although it might not be intended it will break the heart of someone close to you. The best way to apologize is to accept your mistake and admit your guilt to one whom you hurt. If you are unable to find words to express your heartfelt sorry then you should consider our sorry surprises. With the help of our empathic sorry surprises say ‘I am sorry in such a way that will make the hurt person understand your situation and open-heartedly forgive you. A surprise that will let them forget the past and start a new beginning.

Our team of excellent surprise party planners in Bangalore will reach the occasion and present your close ones with some heart-melting surprises that will get them to forgive you instantly.

Thank You Surprises

In our everyday life, we see many familiar and unfamiliar faces. A smile from a stranger can fill your day with hope and joy. Whether you know that person or meet that person doesn’t matter. What matters is the hope and courage you find in that simple smile. That’s why we should always be grateful. In our life, many known and unknown faces help in different ways. “Thank you” is a word that shows our gratitude and sincerity to others for their love and kindness. And showing gratitude is a humble thing to do with our life. Bookthesurprise, the surprise planners in Bangalore know the importance of gratitude and humbleness and that is why we have many surprise ideas for you to express your gratitude to others for their love, kindness, and generosity.

Do you want to say thank you in an extraordinary way? Consider our fantastic thank you surprise packs to express your profound gratitude to a great person who always stood by you and guided you at times you needed it the most. With the most talented team of surprise party planners in Bangalore, we bring smiles to the faces of our loved ones. Through our special Thank you gift ideas, make their every moment count as a true blessing.

Our thank you surprise packages are considered expressive emotions towards a heartfelt appreciation. Deliver the emotion of thank you with lovely thank you gifts that are considered a symbol of gratefulness and appreciation. Celebrate life and its special moments with some thank you presents that will bring great delight and happiness in the life of your well-wisher only from us — the best surprise birthday party organizers in Bangalore!

Surprise Your Loved Ones at Midnight

Want to know how surprises will be executed? There is a mysterious knock on the door of your loved ones at midnight they turn to open the door and they are taken aback with astonishment when plenty of surprise gifts are presented to them like flowers, chocolates, cakes, and many more surprises waiting for them. Bookthesurprise, the surprise planners in Bangalore can help you in giving this mysterious and funny midnight surprise idea. All the surprise party ideas are executed creatively and entertainingly. Our midnight birthday surprises will surely leave your loved ones happy.

Why Choose Bookthesurprise for Your Special occasions?

Bookthesurprise is dedicated to catering to the gifting needs for your big occasions along with elements of surprise and thrill added to it. We are committed to enhancing your special occasions and moments with memorable experiences to share & relive. Our team of trained party organizers in Bangalore will deliver extraordinary surprises on any occasion that you wish to be treasured. We have your back from arranging a private candlelight dinner in Bangalore to providing a team of birthday party organizers in Bangalore.


Consider the variety and quality of surprise packages to be beyond your expectations. Make your occasions memorable and capture all exciting moments of you and your loved ones with none other than bookthesurprise, the surprise planners in Bangalore.