Treat your loved one and yourself with a joyride with a surprise in air

When we see birds flying in air, we often wish that we had wings like them that would enable us to get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of our favorite places within the city. When you need to go somewhere, you travel on a plane and get a ‘bird’s eye view’ if seated next to a window. You are airborne for the duration till you reach your destination.

How about a joy ride over your favorite city, something of a surprise in air. It certainly sounds good and looks thrilling too! Occasions like this that involve you enjoying a chopper ride do not come every day. It is not easy to find one and if you do find one, there may be a catch. With us, you can get a joyride over the clouds in our aircraft. The actual flight time depends on the package and is for about 45 minutes and covers all the places that are listed on the package.

A joyride can never be boring because whatever the duration of your joyride, you get to see for yourself at a great height, all the views that make your city or place so popular. You can witness the skyscrapers, glance over places of importance and get a glimpse of sub-urban hot spots and other interesting things that will be coming on your way.

You may wonder if the joyride is high on the price, which it is not, and that the surprise in air is limited to family fun. Well, you can go book chopper ride or a flight ride for any occasion that you want to make memories with your partner.

Plan a grand tour across the city in a helicopter ride in Hyderabad

Why not? With us, it’s time you ignore the common routine surprises and replace it with an out of box idea. A surprise joy ride for somebody who you think should be a part of, whatever the occasion, is sure to paint some unique memories. Use this surprise in air for so many different moods, some of the ideas that we have in our mind may fit into your thoughts are listed below.

-A surprise party that would make the person young, adult or old amazed. A surprise involving joyride where you get to see locations within your city is not an everyday affair and may not happen again and again. A surprise like this mid-air is one of the unique surprises ever to strike anyone’s mind.

-A birthday surprise that would make the birthday boy or girl spellbound. Bring in your pals and have a great time viewing mid-air along the scenic route.

-A surprise party on the day of the anniversary that would please the audience and get the 45 minutes of experience etched in their memory that would last for a long, really long time. Make the joyride an anniversary gift or just a surprising anniversary for your loved ones,

-A wedding anniversary generally involves dining out. An anniversary surprise joyride package would turn out to be idle for couples who would like to spend some time with each other and forget their busy lives for 45 minutes.

A gift to your near and dear ones, sure to be cherished for a lifetime. Not everybody gets this kind of a gift where one have fun mid-air! A surprise in air can definitely be considered a perfect gift including yourself. In this way, you get quality time with your family members and also get to enjoy and view a splendid tour of the city above and across. This is perfect for a family who intends to experience the joy of chopper ride throughout the city.

If you are a bit skeptical about the way things are run and organized in the joyride surprise packages offered by us, please feel free to have a look at our website and check the policy and guidelines. Safety is the first and foremost check we stick to follow rigorously. Our pilots are professionals who know their job quite well and they have been in this profession for quite a long time.

There are not many surprise planners in Hyderabad like us, so don’t let this opportunity pass. All the slots available to book joyrides are subject to availability. Contact us to help you make a plan that suits your surprise in air joyride with your friends, families or partners.

Please note that we may offer refunds only for the joyride surprise packages that get canceled due to circumstances created as per the wishes of Mother Nature. We also provide you with the option of rescheduling to the date of your choice, if you do not want the refund.