Party Surprises In India

We have a dedicated team of surprise party planners in India who work all day on unique surprise party ideas for you. Out of those ideas, only the best ones are handpicked, so that we deliver nothing but the best for you.

So, get ready to explore the one that suits your requirements, and we make your celebrations – The greatest memory of your life.

How are our party surprises different from the other surprise event planners you ask?

We have dozens of surprise party packages you can choose from so that you can get your loved ones a surprise party that they will love. We will work around what you want in the surprise party rather than you just accepting whatever a party planner has in store for you. Once you’ve ordered the surprise party, rest assured you, your loved one and anyone who attends the surprise party will have the best time of their lives. 

Moreover, we give much importance to the memories you make rather than just delivering the surprise party you asked for. We make it a point to exceed the customer’s expectations and sometimes manage to surprise the customer who ordered the surprise as well!

We offer different types of surprise parties

We don’t only do birthday parties. As a surprise party planner, we do surprises for any occasion, anything from newborn surprises to retiral surprises. Want to surprise your valentine on Valentine’s day? We’ve got a surprise party for that as well.

Any type of surprise you can think of, we’ve probably already included it on our website, so that we can cater to the needs of anyone, anywhere in India.

Check out the amazing surprises we offer

Birthday Surprises:

We offer a wide range of surprises for your loved one’s birthday so that the birthday champ feels on top of the world on this special day. We must mark such milestones in our loved ones’ lives and have beautiful memories associated with them so that in the future we can look back and think of the good ol’ days.

Anniversary surprises:

Is your parent’s anniversary coming up? If so, don’t break your head thinking of unique ideas for making their day special. We already have surprise party packages for you. Get in touch with our surprise party organizers, give them a list of what you are looking for and we will give your loved one an anniversary surprise like none other

Valentine’s day surprises:

Make your valentine’s day with your loved one the best one yet. We guarantee you that the two of you will have a very romantic experience. Life has given you such a beautiful person. It is only fair that you make this person feel happy and special on this romantic day. This Valentine’s Day surprise will leave your loved one with tears of joy!

Surprise for kids:

Kids love surprises more than anyone else. Kids are very energetic and so they will surely enjoy the energy-packed surprises we have in store for them. There is nothing more joyful than putting a beautiful smile on a child’s innocent face and these surprises will surely help you achieve this task.

Mothers day surprise: 

A beautiful surprise for the one who gave you life. Mothers are the most underrated people. They do so much for us and ask for literally nothing in return. Make Mother’s Day special with this beautiful surprise that will make your mom feel proud to have a child that cares for her as much as you do.

Fathers Day Surprise:

People say superheroes exist only in comics and movies. They could not be more wrong. Our dads are the greatest superheroes. They make all our sorrows disappear and won’t stop till they see a smile on our faces. Sometimes this special one needs a special surprise party on Father’s Day. Let’s make this day special for your father together.

Teachers Day Surprises:

Can you think of a teacher who helped you out in school or college? Make this person’s day special with a teacher’s day surprise made especially for teachers who educated us and made us what we are today. This beautiful surprise is something your dear teacher will love.

Friendship Day Surprise:

Friends are family that we can choose to be with. Make your friends feel special on this beautiful day with your friendship day package. This surprise party will be jam-packed with all the things your friends will love.

This is not all. We have tons of other surprises that you can choose from. So, go ahead and choose the surprise online and make somebody’s day special. 

Ultimate surprise for infinite joy:

To make an experience as special as possible, choose from our Ultimate Surprises. As a surprise party planner, we look for new and innovative ways to give you surprises, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. So, these” ultimate surprises” take your surprise party a step further

Air surprise:

We have a one-of-a-kind “Surprise in the Air” package, where we will take you and your loved one on a trip around the city on a chartered flight so that you can make sweet memories with your loved ones in the blue skies above.

Surprise with balloons:

A surprise without balloons will always seem incomplete. So, we made a surprise where we bring a huge number of balloons for your loved one. We will fill the room that you plan to have the surprise in with balloons. Your loved one will surely be left open-mouthed with the number of balloons we have in store for them.

Musical surprises:

Music is an amazing way to relax and soothe your mind. Plan a musical surprise for your loved one where a musician will come to your house and perform your favorite songs This is a very unique surprise that your loved one will love very much. 

So, sit back and let the musician take you to another world. We have three different musical surprise packages, so choose the one that your dear one will love.

Surprise on wheels:

Give your loved ones a drive in their dream car or surprise them by giving their car a makeover. Whichever one you choose we can assure you that your loved one will have an amazing time. If your loved one is obsessed with cars and bikes then this surprise will leave them on cloud nine.

Gift a pug:

Gift your loved one a pug on a special day. Dogs are the cutest, most adorable things in the world. This gift will probably be the best gift that you would have ever given your loved one. Your loved one will forever thank you for gifting this adorable dog to him/her.

Welcome home surprise:

Is your loved one coming back home after a long time? Then isn’t this the best time to surprise them! We offer 4 surprises for welcoming your loved one. Your loved one deserves a surprise after being away from all of you for so long. Make them feel special as soon as they arrive and let them know how much they mean to you with this surprise party.

Mark every milestone in your life with these special surprises

Newborn baby surprise:

Do you know someone who recently had a baby or did you recently have a baby? You need to mark such milestones in your life, but where’s the time. You’re probably busy at the hospital. That’s when surprise party planners like us come to your aid. We will take care of everything and your little one will love the surprise as well.

Engagement surprise party:

Finally, met the love of your life? We will help you throw a surprise party for your loved one. As party surprise planners in India, we are equipped with all the tools for any surprises and we can assure you that your love will enjoy the party we plan for him/her

Baby shower:

Throwing a baby shower can be hard. There are so many things to plan and so many things to do. Leave all your worries to us. Surprise party organizers like us make sure that you can relax and enjoy the party while we take care of all the rest. So, welcome your little one by throwing this baby shower.

Retirement Surprise Party:

We will help you throw a retirement party for a couple who retired. They have worked hard their entire life and now it is time for them to sit back and relax. Such a milestone surely deserves a surprise party. Make them feel very happy on this special day.

Now that you know that we have expertise in an array of birthday surprises, go ahead and choose the one that suits you and we will be at your house at the time you want us to be there, anywhere in India. We also have a huge collection of gifts that you can find on our website. So, find a good gift that your dear one will love.

We have thrown a huge amount of such surprises and we surprise party organizers will make sure you will have a great time. We have a dedicated photographer who will capture every moment of the beautiful surprise so that years from now you can look back at those photos and videos and remember what a great time all of you had

Here at BTS, we don’t just throw parties, we make memories.

Checklist for a surprise party

Every surprise party needs a few essential components to work; without these, the party cannot be ensured. To be sure you’ve got the essentials covered no matter what, here is a helpful checklist:

  • Start by putting yourself in their position. Would they detest being greeted by a boisterous crowd of onlookers? If the answer is yes, then throwing a surprise party might not be the best course of action. Instead, consider planning the party with them and buying them a surprise cake or gift to give them on the night of the celebration.
  • Timing is crucial because you want to make sure that all of your guests arrive before the guest of honor. As a result, send your special guest a time slot that is at least 30 to 1 hour later than all of the other guests to allow for potential delays caused by traffic or childcare issues.
  • Be sure to place your order for birthday cards far in advance if you want everyone to sign one. Check out our advice on what to write in a birthday card for a surprise party if you’re stuck on words.
  • Verify that you have sent surprise party invitations to all of your loved one’s favorite individuals by checking their Facebook profiles. There is nothing worse than realizing you neglected to invite a favorite aunt or long-lost best friend!
  •    Whether it’s your home or a hired location, make sure you have adequate room for all of your visitors. A helpful piece of advice here is to avoid going too big with the venue because then it can appear as though not many guests showed up even if they all do!
  • Choose a DJ or a hot playlist. A playlist of all their favorite songs is guaranteed to go over well and keep the party spirit alive long after it’s time for bed. 
  • Having extra is always preferable to having insufficient supplies later. Both food and wine will be consumed, either by your guests or their families at home if there is a lot left over after the party, so make sure you have enough to share and everyone will be content throughout the celebration.
  • Subtly interrogate your loved ones to learn about their preferences in color schemes, party locations, and drink selections. You may use this information to secretly plan your ideal party. Try showing them photographs of celebrity gatherings and describing what you admire about them. You could also bring up prior friend parties you’ve attended and ask them about their experiences.
  • Do all in your power to avoid revealing any details regarding the celebration to the honored guest during your conversations! Weeks of preparation will be ruined if you reveal the secret beforehand, and you’ll regret not being more cautious.


Get them one of our humorous and cheeky personalized cards to give to them once you’ve surprised them to ensure you’re fully prepared for the big occasion. If you truly want to wow, you can also add a bottle of excellent champagne or some delectable chocolate to any of our hand-selected presents!